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Report on Stocks Trending Up By 15 Days Moving Average For Hong Kong Stocks

NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysPrice Gain Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
SingAsia Holdings Ltd8293View In Charts21.621/11/20176012.0055.56More Patterns..
C Cheng Holdings Ltd1486View In Charts4.005/12/2017501.7042.50More Patterns..
Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Company Ltd839View In Charts8.3612/12/2017456.7080.14More Patterns..
SMIT Holdings Ltd2239View In Charts8.119/12/2017404.6056.79More Patterns..
Freeman Financial Corporation Ltd279View In Charts2.0319/12/2017401.5978.57More Patterns..
Zhong Ao Home Group Ltd1538View In Charts0.9628/12/2017350.28029.17More Patterns..
Landsea Green Properties Co Ltd106View In Charts1.128/12/2017350.35031.82More Patterns..
KSL Holdings Ltd8170View In Charts3.228/12/2017350.66020.63More Patterns..
One Media Group Ltd426View In Charts1.1928/12/2017350.36030.25More Patterns..
MMG Ltd1208View In Charts5.5428/12/2017351.6629.96More Patterns..
Millennium Pacific Group Holdings Ltd8147View In Charts0.25528/12/2017350.09436.86More Patterns..
Yee Hop Holdings Ltd1662View In Charts1.8128/12/2017350.80044.20More Patterns..
FDB Holdings Ltd8248View In Charts2.0728/12/2017351.5273.43More Patterns..
Peking University Resources (Holdings) Co Ltd618View In Charts0.4528/12/2017350.20044.44More Patterns..
Sage International Group Ltd8082View In Charts0.2328/12/2017350.08938.70More Patterns..
Huajun Holdings Ltd377View In Charts0.5828/12/2017350.27046.55More Patterns..
China Qinfa Group Ltd866View In Charts0.29528/12/2017350.10535.59More Patterns..
China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Ltd2877View In Charts11.228/12/2017353.8734.55More Patterns..
Zhongyu Gas Holdings Ltd3633View In Charts9.2528/12/2017354.2545.95More Patterns..
China Mining Resources Group Ltd340View In Charts0.08712/01/2018250.01314.94More Patterns..
Hailan Holdings Ltd2278View In Charts4.9112/01/2018250.83016.90More Patterns..
Gudou Holdings Ltd8308View In Charts2.2912/01/2018250.41017.90More Patterns..
Branding China Group Ltd8219View In Charts18.512/01/20182515.8285.51More Patterns..
Branding China Group Ltd863View In Charts18.512/01/20182515.8285.51More Patterns..
Top Form International Ltd333View In Charts1.7419/01/2018200.19010.92More Patterns..
Intel Corp4335View In Charts349.019/01/201820149.0042.69More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysPrice Gain Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Capital VC Ltd2324View In Charts0.05619/01/2018200.00712.50More Patterns..
S E A Holdings Ltd251View In Charts16.3419/01/2018203.7022.64More Patterns..
Sun Century Group Ltd1383View In Charts0.7119/01/2018200.24033.80More Patterns..
Heritage International Holdings Ltd2924View In Charts2.819/01/2018201.4050.00More Patterns..
Hengxing Gold Holding Company Ltd2303View In Charts10.119/01/2018202.0920.69More Patterns..
Carrianna Group Holdings Company Limited126View In Charts1.1319/01/2018200.17015.04More Patterns..
On Time Logistics Holdings Ltd6123View In Charts6.2219/01/2018201.7728.46More Patterns..
Kader Holdings Co Ltd180View In Charts1.6719/01/2018200.36021.56More Patterns..
EPI (Holdings) Ltd689View In Charts1.0219/01/2018200.39038.24More Patterns..
Oriental Unicorn Agricultural Group Ltd8120View In Charts0.14719/01/2018200.04731.97More Patterns..
China Environmental Resources Group Ltd1130View In Charts0.319/01/2018200.13143.67More Patterns..
Group Sense (International) Ltd601View In Charts0.36526/01/2018150.0102.74More Patterns..
Maoye International Holdings Ltd848View In Charts0.8926/01/2018150.0707.87More Patterns..
China Success Finance Group Holdings Ltd3623View In Charts1.626/01/2018150.0503.12More Patterns..
China New Energy Power Group Ltd1041View In Charts0.4926/01/2018150.09519.39More Patterns..
Lee & Man Chemical Co Ltd746View In Charts6.1926/01/2018150.4306.95More Patterns..
Quali-Smart Holdings Ltd1348View In Charts0.5726/01/2018150.0203.51More Patterns..
Art Textile Technology International Co Ltd565View In Charts0.44526/01/2018150.0357.87More Patterns..
Hebei Yichen Industrial Group Corporation Ltd1596View In Charts6.426/01/2018150.4707.34More Patterns..
Wing Tai Properties Ltd369View In Charts5.9926/01/2018150.3906.51More Patterns..
Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Co Ltd2298View In Charts3.4126/01/2018150.41012.02More Patterns..
Shougang Fushan Resources Group Ltd639View In Charts2.1326/01/2018150.34015.96More Patterns..
ENN Energy Holdings Ltd2688View In Charts63.726/01/2018151.201.88More Patterns..
China Primary Energy Holdings Ltd8117View In Charts1.026/01/2018150.0909.00More Patterns..
Star Properties Group (Cayman Islands) Ltd1560View In Charts1.0726/01/2018150.18016.82More Patterns..
NameSymbolView In ChartCurrent Price Trending Since Trending for DaysPrice Gain Since start of TrendGain/ Loss In %Other Recent Patterns
Ding He Mining Holdings Ltd705View In Charts0.04926/01/2018150.01122.45More Patterns..
Zhuguang Holdings Group Co Ltd1176View In Charts1.2126/01/2018150.0907.44More Patterns..
Ports Design Ltd589View In Charts3.126/01/2018150.52016.77More Patterns..
Z-Obee Holdings LTd948View In Charts2.326/01/2018150.25010.87More Patterns..
OTO Holdings Ltd6880View In Charts1.9726/01/2018150.25012.69More Patterns..
China Mobile Games and Cultural Investment Ltd8081View In Charts0.04126/01/2018150.01536.59More Patterns..
Guangdong Join-Share Financing Guarantee Investment Co Ltd1543View In Charts1.926/01/2018150.33017.37More Patterns..
Great Water Holdings Ltd8196View In Charts4.3926/01/2018151.7940.77More Patterns..
Shun Wo Group Holdings Ltd1591View In Charts0.17726/01/2018150.07240.68More Patterns..


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