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Bullish MACD Signal Line Crossover With High Volume - Hong Kong Stocks

NameCurrent PriceMACD MACD EMA 9 Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
SHK Hong Kong Industries Ltd 0.175-6.87336E-4-8.62614E-4510 K245 K
Fountain Set (Holdings) Ltd 1.01-0.00767268-0.009117991108 K532 K
Silverman Holdings Ltd 0.99-0.0255203-0.02586611068 K590 K
Shimao Property Holdings Limited 12.4-0.107937-0.1430077668 K4007 K
Agile Property Holdings Ltd 7.1-0.0245535-0.065309735518 K17973 K
KWG Property Holding Ltd 5.8-0.00922681-0.023377523416 K12174 K
Junefield Department Store Group Ltd 0.315-0.00179746-0.004903812736 K1110 K
I.T Limited 3.28-0.0286512-0.0366143478 K188 K
City e-Solutions Ltd 2.91-0.0414381-0.0490163164 K68142
Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd 2.41-0.00840892-0.0084836517691 K7558 K
Chia Tai Enterprises International Ltd 2.08-0.017703-0.01801168470033035
Hydoo International Holdings Ltd 0.830.0130683-0.0017241519086 K5476 K
Ground Properties Co Ltd 2.1-0.015267-0.01880049540 K3055 K
Xinyi Glass Holdings Ltd 7.360.04610280.021849523385 K8381 K
China Rongzhong Financial Holdings Co Ltd 1.23-0.0248311-0.0363674215 K56428
AKM Industrial Co Ltd 1.080.02871130.02336869732 K3192 K
Golden Power Group Holdings Ltd 1.330.0679610.06384162804 K967 K
L'sea Resources International Holdings Limited 0.11-0.00128339-0.0023480848670 K12457 K
Natural Beauty Bio-Technology Limited 0.85-0.00270579-0.004172351430 K334 K
Bank of Jinzhou Co Ltd 8.91-0.0368197-0.0380033165 K37714
Coastal Greenland Ltd 0.233-0.00138236-0.001569625465 K2336 K
Emperor Capital Group Ltd 0.66-0.00712928-0.008895928734 K8183 K
Luks Group (Vietnam Holdings) Co Ltd 2.7-0.0080794-0.00986324662 K178 K
China Renewable Energy Investment Ltd 0.239-0.00460744-0.004903454000 K872 K
Peace Map Holding Ltd 0.088-0.00750333-0.00804982221 M36205 K
Burwill Holdings Ltd 0.188-0.00162924-0.001882939580 K7447 K
NameCurrent PriceMACD MACD EMA 9 Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Sincere Watch (Hong Kong) Ltd 0.19-0.00153293-0.0016901130890 K5187 K
dbxt MSCI WORLD Shs -2C- Capitalisation 40.90.2561070.252861173753328
Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd 2.89-0.00960464-0.0136325612 K64035
dbxt CSI300 RE Shs -1D- Distribution 14.0-0.245552-0.2536695000475
Ever Smart International Holdings Ltd 0.450.005973017.85177E-424150 K2098 K
C-Sh CSI Health Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter- 16.70.05360310.03562962000457

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