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Bullish MACD Signal Line Crossover With High Volume - Hong Kong Stocks

NameCurrent PriceMACD MACD EMA 9 Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Jujiang Construction Group Co Ltd1.180.005417580.00412238396 K178 K
Automated Systems Holdings Ltd1.02-0.0059397-0.00671861285 K644 K
Continental Holdings Ltd0.1220.002554590.002526651100 K541 K
Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd1.920.020090.016009449380 K30453 K
V1 Group Ltd0.27-0.0027119-0.003845513295 K5330 K
Dongfang Electric Corporation Ltd8.06-0.100543-0.1062231581 K790 K
CITIC Dameng Holdings Ltd0.56-3.25228E-4-0.0022936810228 K4272 K
Shanghai Qingpu Fire-Fighting Equipment Co Ltd0.75-0.0278551-0.029000980002571
HC International Inc6.43-0.0200997-0.02125267447 K3052 K
Yueshou Environmental Holdings Ltd0.208-0.00127331-0.001566332460 K1441 K
Come Sure Group (Holdings) Ltd0.69-8.82963E-5-8.44275E-4522 K240 K
Cowell e Holdings Inc3.81-0.0425003-0.057853751113 K18754 K
Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co Ltd1.360.002438350.0023936714870 K5696 K
PNG Resources Holdings Ltd0.3050.005536070.004595891260 K623 K
China Environmental Resources Group Ltd0.194-2.95547E-4-0.00115951244 K73768
G.A. Holdings Ltd0.690.02976240.0296945552 K299 K
IRICO Group Electronics Co Ltd0.750.0164710.01558135788 K3758 K
Hong Kong Jewellery Holding Ltd0.08-0.00555037-0.00574295680 K230 K
Sunlink International Holdings Ltd0.305-0.00830876-0.00841253550 K196 K
Huiyin Household Appliances (Holdings) Co Ltd0.81-0.0122166-0.01236324664 K1560 K
Hop Hing Group Holdings Ltd0.221-0.00162548-0.0020213427400 K5919 K
Harbour Centre Development Ltd14.940.02147410.01621146600015714
Altus Holdings Ltd0.360.001656437.18596E-5350 K72857
ELL Environmental Holdings Ltd0.315-2.62536E-4-0.001106841175 K222 K
BMO As HDiv ETF Shs Exchange Traded Fund9.790.03420790.0282784424006857
Next Media Ltd0.50.01597150.0065451621738 K3464 K
NameCurrent PriceMACD MACD EMA 9 Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Founder Holdings Ltd0.520.005566860.004083287918 K1313 K
ETS Group Ltd1.30.0070255-0.0112259342 K59714
BMO As USD IGB Shs Exchange Traded Fund15.6-0.03289-0.0345264166 K31265
China Lotsynergy Holdings Ltd0.2250.007951140.00688196416 M54781 K
A8 New Media Group Ltd0.490.008525130.0064403122782 K3581 K
Pegasus Entertainment Holdings Ltd0.2750.00419472-0.0019792482712 K11795 K
CCID Consulting Co Ltd0.335-0.00387953-0.00409054160 K20714
China Assets (Holdings) Ltd6.660.0390040.0380381825 K147 K
China Energy Development Holdings Ltd0.0965.51062E-43.3256E-456680 K6092 K
dbxt MSCI RUS C Shs -2D- Distribution19.960.3357890.3142831036 K95955
Sino Credit Holdings Ltd1.10.00443716-0.007976258156 K740 K
Xiwang Property Holdings Co Ltd0.60.02818160.0068615201 M14604 K

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