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Bullish Bollinger Band Breakout with High Volume - Hong Kong Stocks

NameCurrent PriceUpper Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd 2.522.4585318916.507695.36
Goldin Financial Holdings Ltd 4.153.7411252420.5319002.81
Co-Prosperity Holdings Limited 0.2180.20446368252.0027470.00
Sinco Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd 0.570.5699421844.00742.28
U-Home Group Holdings Ltd 0.3850.378852774.00304.28
Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd 1.411.4008766574.2426847.26
Differ Group Holding Co Ltd 0.880.81841117854.007089.48
Harbour Centre Development Ltd 14.7614.627433.0016.75
Jiu Rong Holdings Ltd 0.260.259613220.001116.84
L.K. Technology Holdings Ltd 0.620.6006486490.502293.11
Opes Asia Development Ltd 0.360.3446942346.00758.78
Meitu, Inc 9.839.5085832413.5011384.23
China Water Industry Group Ltd 1.581.549529460.803823.94
Denox Environmental & Technology Holdings Ltd 0.770.7401161122.00439.07
Ko Yo Chemical (Group) Ltd 0.2550.24790657680.0017005.71
AIA Group Ltd 49.048.500162851.4024853.97
Finsoft Corporation 0.2050.1942193305.001030.16
Dragonite International Ltd 1.911.8102911676.503033.36
International Entertainment Corporation 1.751.684976474.001666.38
Southgobi Resources Ltd 2.062.009134062.001042.73
Reorient Group Ltd 5.65.472461594.20465.74
Allied Properties (HK) Ltd 1.851.803312895.27737.58
Wanda Hotel Development Co Ltd 0.80.7784272484.00625.18
Beijing Jingkelong Co Ltd 1.681.677631476.00394.44
dbxt MSCI EM AS Shs -2C- Capitalisation 32.7532.2276600.0135.0
Lee & Man Handbags Holding Ltd 1.811.769384738.001131.50
NameCurrent PriceUpper Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
National Electronics Holdings Ltd 1.051.03822782.82218.34
Taung Gold International Ltd 0.0910.0902991228640.0052352.63
Runway Global Holdings Company Ltd 1.081.0115352259.0011339.07
Runway Global Holdings Company Ltd 1.081.0115352259.0011339.07
Central China Securities Co Ltd 4.354.3286722732.275324.45
Goldlion Holdings Ltd 3.233.21222536.00144.31
Ngai Shun Holdings Ltd 0.1710.15176235921.607754.48
Emperor International Holdings Ltd 2.052.044558921.662216.15
Astrum Financial Holdings Ltd 0.4950.4933671975.00398.93
China Mobile Games and Cultural Investment Ltd 0.0970.0968263434057.9284046.42
Winto Group (Holdings) Ltd 0.030.0293659182240.0035886.28
Lianhua Supermarket Holdings Co Ltd 3.223.058386258.401301.40
Sun Art Retail Group Ltd 8.78.367144804.119690.87
Sunshine 100 China Holdings Ltd 3.293.25818290.0071.71
Sino-Tech International Holdings Ltd 0.0420.0409083106390.0020473.57
Dragon Crown Group Holdings Ltd 1.551.525341824.00361.43
China 33 Media Group Ltd 0.1250.124844106230.0017704.86
S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd 1.761.6912956.00188.86
Allied Group Limited 48.047.9203249.0043.41
Winsway Enterprises Holdings Ltd 1.291.2310786407.5018171.66
Unity Investments Holdings Ltd 0.1670.16329919985.002883.82
Wai Chun Group Holdings Ltd 0.0420.040973130332.0017379.57
Maoye International Holdings Ltd 0.840.80861621600.003325.52
CMON Ltd 0.2550.23537666460.008270.00
China Zenith Chemical Group Ltd 0.0760.0713777220555.0027838.78
NameCurrent PriceUpper Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
International Standard Resources Holdings Ltd 0.0510.0478489671768.4480008.41
China Financial Leasing Group Ltd 0.2550.25029730660.003083.28
LUZHENG FUTURES Company Ltd 1.921.7897321996.002049.28
HS RMB Gold ETF Units Exchange-Traded Fund CNY 23.523.42795.00571.0
China Nonferrous Mining Corporation Ltd 1.451.34148516.0046.86
Holly Futures Co Ltd 1.861.821981948.00156.57
Tian An China Investments Co Ltd 5.084.83969107447.687800.98
Bank of Qingdao Co Ltd 5.875.7327540042.502862.05

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