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Bullish Bollinger Band Breakout with High Volume - Hong Kong Stocks

NameCurrent PriceUpper Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Towngas China Co Ltd 5.225.116138537 K3491 K
Oriental Press Group Ltd 0.950.931576632 K360 K
China Resources and Transportation Group Ltd 0.260.24473289735 K47941 K
Consun Pharmaceutical Group Ltd 5.745.726331231 K616 K
China Foods Ltd 3.313.2808713906 K6945 K
Ming Fung Jewellery Group Ltd 0.870.847156084 K2639 K
Chongqing Iron & Steel Co Ltd 1.161.136634052 K1921 K
Bank of Tianjin Co Ltd 5.785.71509258 K85285
Gold Tat Group International Ltd 0.10.090796777872 K28749 K
ENN Energy Holdings Ltd 46.2544.93785400 K2529 K
Shinhint Acoustic Link Hldgs Ltd 1.211.184959624 K3162 K
Fujikon Industrial Holdings Ltd 1.171.14991294 K127 K
Yihai International Holdings Ltd 4.774.607091772 K2288 K
S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd 2.092.017681438 K495 K
Lippo China Resources Ltd 0.2650.2587757806 K2642 K
Wealth Glory Holdings Ltd 0.390.36618128860 K9435 K
China Gas Holdings Ltd 14.9814.241621306 K7418 K
Labixiaoxin Snacks Group Ltd 0.410.4089441686 K468 K
Smart-Core Holdings Ltd 1.831.793972638 K702 K
Q Technology (Group) Company Ltd 6.956.6993218635 K6122 K
China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Ltd 0.370.3652636294 K1628 K
Yau Lee Holdings Ltd 1.31.26097176 K40785
HL Technology Group Ltd 0.460.42272753658 K25208 K
Far East Hotels & Entertainment Ltd 0.520.49437714584 K3101 K
On Real International Holdings Ltd 0.2390.236084170 M35670 K
China Properties Group Ltd 1.871.824992096 K459 K
NameCurrent PriceUpper Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
NewOcean Energy Holdings Limited 2.572.52355036 K1277 K
dbxt CSI300 FIN Shs -1D- Distribution 11.311.2958170002980
Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd 0.910.8982361390 K325 K
China Resources Gas Group Ltd 26.7525.826415139 K4023 K
Yeebo (International Holdings) Ltd 3.63.428863404 K935 K
dbxt CSI300 MAT Shs -1D- Distribution 4.024.00312180003021
Telecom Service One Holdings Ltd 2.01.96203626 K108 K
dbxt CSI300 RE Shs -1D- Distribution 15.215.0099341485791
Willie International Holdings Ltd 0.1130.10848230557 K6018 K
Tai Ping Carpets International Ltd 2.292.28939147 K22428
Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Holdings Ltd 0.3950.38337412674 K1681 K
Bauhaus International (Holdings) Ltd 1.761.529521172 K110 K
Madison Wine Holdings Ltd 2.011.9930722792 K1773 K
Lee Hing Development Ltd 5.835.81458100071

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