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Overbought Stock With Falling Stochastic With High Volume  

Price Below Bollinger Band with high Volume - Hong Kong Stocks

NameCurrent PriceLower Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Koradior Holdings Ltd 8.579.075.0035.16
Qingdao Holdings International Ltd 0.961.0412.00156.78
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd 6.977.09213.004243.47
Four Seas Mercantile Holdings Ltd 3.954.010.008.00
China Financial Services Holdings Ltd 0.681.04916.002501.47
New Universe International Group Ltd 0.81.0440.00194.45
New Universe Environmental Group Ltd 0.81.0440.00194.45
Tic Tac International Holdings Co Ltd 0.611.02500.00951.14
On Time Logistics Holdings Ltd 2.873.01504.00543.71
Differ Group Holding Co Ltd 0.881.017854.007089.48
Good Friend International Holdings INC 1.722.076.0027.00
Ten Pao Group Holdings Ltd 1.692.05056.002440.71
Tiande Chemical Holdings Ltd 1.962.0220.0074.86
Smartone Telecommunications Holdings Ltd 10.611.03353.931517.75
Pak Tak International Ltd 0.71.0450.00220.00
Mobicon Group Ltd 1.882.024.0014.91
Le Saunda Holdings Limited 1.72.0360.20155.12
Lifestyle China Group Ltd 1.862.01935.50648.26
Oriental Press Group Ltd 0.881.01226.00429.86
Denox Environmental & Technology Holdings Ltd 0.771.01122.00439.07
Earthasia International Holdings Ltd 0.991.0678.00359.71
Luen Wong Group Holdings Ltd 15.817.01320.00387.14
Time Watch Investments Ltd 0.851.05638.001794.43
Lenovo Group Ltd 4.75.0269463.4388926.03
China Huirong Financial Holdings Ltd 0.991.0868.00256.94
Takson Holdings Ltd 0.81.05456.001644.86
NameCurrent PriceLower Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
QPL International Holdings Ltd 0.551.028580.507781.54
Pak Fah Yeow International Ltd 3.594.088.5029.04
Pokfulam Development Co Ltd 15.916.034.009.86
Trinity Ltd 0.581.05034.001575.00
Magnum Entertainment Group Holdings Ltd 1.592.0202.0068.68
Emperor Entertainment Hotel Ltd 1.82.03820.001041.50
China Oil And Gas Group Ltd 0.631.015003.964066.30
Allied Properties (HK) Ltd 1.852.02895.27737.58
Wanda Hotel Development Co Ltd 0.81.02484.00625.18
Beijing Jingkelong Co Ltd 1.682.01476.00394.44
Tenwow International Holdings Ltd 1.962.04606.001205.57
Fulum Group Holdings Ltd 0.971.02414.00573.86
Lippo Ltd 4.715.0239.0068.02
Rivera (Holdings) Ltd 0.561.04268.00946.81
Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd 2.843.030.007.61
Golden Wheel Tiandi Holdings Co Ltd 0.581.0810.00175.19
Ernest Borel Holdings Ltd 1.532.0143.0029.50
Yongsheng Advanced Materials Company Ltd 1.762.01227.50266.43
S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd 1.762.0956.00188.86
Top Dynamic International Holdings Ltd 0.81.0600.00102.86
China New City Commercial Development Ltd 1.922.01296.00216.50
China Logistics Property Holdings Co Ltd 4.35.010325.001608.84
Pak Wing Group (Holdings) Ltd 1.652.020.003.57
Huayu Expressway Group Ltd 0.751.0264.0039.76
Maoye International Holdings Ltd 0.841.021600.003325.52
NameCurrent PriceLower Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Mainland Headwear Holdings Ltd 1.662.0396.0050.04
Topsearch International (Holdings) Ltd 2.93.04744.00468.57
eSun Holdings Ltd 0.861.030694.002918.73
Holly Futures Co Ltd 1.862.01948.00156.57

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