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Overbought Stock With Falling Stochastic With High Volume  

Price Below Bollinger Band with high Volume - Hong Kong Stocks

NameCurrent PriceLower Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Zhejiang Tengy Environmental Technology Co., Ltd 7.918.0245.4093.33
KFM Kingdom Holdings Ltd 0.851.0444.00206.00
E. Bon Holdings Ltd 0.961.0364.00168.43
Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd 0.911.01212.00671.28
Starlite Holdings Limited 0.631.0954.00460.86
EcoGreen International Group Ltd 1.682.0486.88237.59
One Media Group Ltd 1.652.01058.00508.71
Sunlight Real Estate Investment Trust 4.595.01561.00693.92
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp 9.9410.062492.8325088.35
Sinotrans Shipping Ltd 1.92.021031.209792.98
Northeast Tiger Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 0.981.0450.00218.46
BYD Company Ltd 43.044.011579.224914.40
PuraPharm Corporation Ltd 3.534.0469.00166.68
L.K. Technology Holdings Ltd 0.611.02412.50794.28
SMIT Holdings Ltd 2.683.0160.0049.64
Evershine Group Holdings Ltd 0.571.02847.00989.09
Winfair Investment Co Ltd 10.6611.04.001.07
Kantone Holdings Ltd 0.651.0408.00177.90
Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation Ltd 1.752.087586.0027427.33
Wison Engineering Services Co Ltd 0.881.02565.00778.07
Travel Expert (Asia) Enterprises Ltd 0.811.0400.00123.93
AMCO United Holding ltd 0.621.059990.1218299.68
China Financial Services Holdings Ltd 0.711.07472.003568.71
Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Ltd 0.731.09286.002492.46
Art Textile Technology International Co Ltd 0.781.028854.008064.61
Shun Ho Resources Holdings Ltd 2.913.020.0010.89
NameCurrent PriceLower Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Meike International Holdings Ltd 0.781.06548.001868.28
Unlimited Creativity Holdings Ltd 0.771.0165.30162.47
Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Limited 0.71.015008.003866.28
Jinheng Automotive Safety Technology Holdings Ltd 0.721.01146.00450.14
ENM Holdings Ltd 0.551.07372.002181.50
Noble Century Investment Holdings Ltd 0.881.02096.00727.86
C.banner International Holdings Ltd 2.833.0923.00321.57
Zhuguang Holdings Group Co Ltd 0.81.043586.6710837.95
Zhongtian International Ltd 0.811.0210.0064.64
Fosun International Ltd 11.7212.059348.3714419.87
Loco Hong Kong Holdings Ltd 0.71.0580.00453.57
Sinomax Group Ltd 0.681.03568.00799.57
Wisdom Holdings Group 1.852.049818.0012885.44
Century Legend (Holdings) Ltd 0.841.0340.0080.96
China Unienergy Group Ltd 5.996.0404.0091.43
China Binary Sale Technology Ltd 0.721.0726.00172.28
Tradelink Electronic Commerce Ltd 1.642.02970.00779.71
Tiangong International Co Ltd 0.961.06316.001378.96
SiS Mobile Holdings Ltd 1.592.0512.0093.60
HL Technology Group Ltd 0.681.024004.008493.14
CK Life Sciences International (Holdings) Inc 0.661.050900.009204.69
Huajun Holdings Ltd 0.611.04608.00751.43
Newton Resources Ltd 0.681.0576.0096.95
LT Commercial Real Estate Ltd 3.724.0200.4630.95
Pak Fah Yeow International Ltd 3.534.0326.5058.82
NameCurrent PriceLower Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Polytec Asset Holdings Limited 0.651.02395.00361.43
Tang Palace (China) Holdings Ltd 2.823.02203.00326.50
Vedan International (Holdings) Ltd 0.971.021940.003076.00
Le Saunda Holdings Limited 1.752.02309.70465.99
Universe International Holdings Ltd 0.921.062300.5910145.50
Kenford Group Holdings Ltd 1.562.0320.0067.14
Prosper Construction Holdings Ltd 0.721.03970.00510.86
World Houseware (Holdings) Ltd 0.81.023968.002590.86
Changshouhua Food Co Ltd 3.814.01792.00187.93
Powerleader Science & Technology Group Ltd 3.614.03.001000.0

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