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Price Below Bollinger Band with high Volume - Hong Kong Stocks

NameCurrent PriceLower Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Ports Design Ltd 2.923.07000024392
Wuxi Sunlit Science and Technology Company Ltd 2.993.02700011178
Chen Xing Development Holdings Ltd 1.912.0125 K91785
China Everbright Ltd 16.9417.07491 K3835 K
Oriental Press Group Ltd 0.951.0632 K360 K
Fosun International Ltd 11.912.037651 K18980 K
China Zheshang Bank Co Ltd 3.994.0250 K120 K
Consun Pharmaceutical Group Ltd 5.746.01231 K616 K
Ming Fung Jewellery Group Ltd 0.871.06084 K2639 K
Fu Shou Yuan International Group Ltd 4.685.04514 K2035 K
QPL International Holdings Ltd 0.651.015599 K5226 K
Luen Wong Group Holdings Ltd 11.213.0480 K180 K
Qingdao Holdings International Ltd 0.811.0190 K87042
China VAST Industrial Urban Development Co Ltd 2.673.01618 K577 K
Clear Lift Holdings Ltd 0.811.03760 K1774 K
Hong Kong Education (Int'l) Investments Ltd 1.632.015815 K5895 K
Broad Greenstate International Co Ltd 1.752.04484 K1605 K
C.P. Pokphand Co Ltd 0.591.011254 K6070 K
Link Holdings Ltd 0.821.0380 K380 K
Samsonite International S.A 30.9531.08522 K3750 K
Neway Group Holdings Ltd 0.561.0306 K173 K
Emperor Capital Group Ltd 0.71.031905 K15921 K
Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings Ltd 2.753.0908 K336 K
IRICO Group Electronics Co Ltd 0.671.03894 K1366 K
Kantone Holdings Ltd 0.61.0330 K126 K
Changshouhua Food Co Ltd 3.964.0214 K72547
NameCurrent PriceLower Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
Sun Art Retail Group Ltd 6.747.023933 K7395 K
Smart-Core Holdings Ltd 1.832.02638 K702 K
Computer and Technologies Holdings Ltd 2.923.0176 K76000
Far East Holdings International Ltd 0.821.03771 K1087 K
Lisi Group (Holdings) Ltd 0.631.01204 K489 K
KFM Kingdom Holdings Ltd 0.751.0208 K63142
BMO As USD IGB Shs Exchange Traded Fund 15.6516.05884318822
Fortune Sun (China) Holdings Ltd 0.991.05600017919
Tianjin Jinran Public Utilities Co Ltd 0.641.04330 K1480 K
Powerleader Science & Technology Group Ltd 2.863.0122 K25142
GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd 0.761.0409 M119 M
City e-Solutions Ltd 2.93.07800036715
Brilliance Worldwide Holdings Ltd 0.931.0800 K180 K
New Media Group Holdings Ltd 1.662.013405 K3625 K
China Properties Group Ltd 1.872.02096 K459 K
dbxt MSCI EM Shs -2C- Capitalisation 32.933.091004528
China Primary Energy Holdings Ltd 0.91.0350 K75603
Hengxing Gold Holding Company Ltd 2.63.0158 K59857
Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd 0.911.01390 K325 K
Allied Properties (HK) Ltd 1.752.08370 K1929 K
Wong's Kong King International (Holdings) Ltd 0.81.0976 K239 K
Nameson Holdings Ltd 1.492.011744 K2435 K
Tiangong International Co Ltd 0.681.011000 K1742 K
Golden Wheel Tiandi Holdings Co Ltd 0.631.03340 K513 K
Tsaker Chemical Group Ltd 3.154.05971 K1034 K
NameCurrent PriceLower Band Volume (in thousands)10 Days Average Volume (K)
dbxt MSCI SING Shs -2C- Capitalisation 9.9810.080001142
Huishang Bank Corporation Ltd 3.764.028636 K3205 K
Tristate Holdings Ltd 1.72.0143 K15821
Zhejiang Prospect Co Ltd 1.532.0272 K24857
Carnival Group International Holdings Ltd 0.711.0875 M76366 K
Lee Hing Development Ltd 5.836.0100071

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