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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with Y

NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Y.T. Realty Group Limited 75 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment
Yadea Group Holdings Ltd 1585 Recent Patterns.. TrucksAndOtherVehicles 1.650.00.02723380.0
Yan Tat Group Holdings Ltd 1480 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 1.851.82.9379909.0
Yanchang Petroleum International Ltd 346 Recent Patterns.. Chemicals_MajorDiversified 0.1940.150.2486419090.0
Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd Co 6869 Recent Patterns.. PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies
Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd 294 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores
Yantai North Andre Juice Co Ltd 2218 Recent Patterns.. Beverages_SoftDrinks 4.432.854.7337780.0
Yanzhou Coal Mining Co Ltd 1171 Recent Patterns.. SteelAndIron
Yashili International Holdings Ltd 1230 Recent Patterns.. Beverages_SoftDrinks 1.511.42.242269710.0
Yat Sing Holdings Ltd 3708 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 5.950.576.31259730.0
Yau Lee Holdings Ltd 406 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials
Yee Hop Holdings Ltd 1662 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 1.510.911.94516727.0
Yeebo (International Holdings) Ltd 259 Recent Patterns.. Appliances 3.921.55.011008800.0
Yestar International Holdings Co Ltd 2393 Recent Patterns.. PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies 3.993.04.63590380.0
YGM Trading Ltd 375 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores
Yi Hua Department Store Holdings Ltd 2213 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 3.862.64.18981363.0
Yichang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 1558 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 16.113.62318.42547918.0
Yida China Holdings Ltd 3639 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 1.931.683.3141000.0
Yihai International Holdings Ltd 1579 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos 3.370.00.0692409.0
Yingde Gases Group Co Ltd 2168 Recent Patterns.. MajorIntegratedOilAndGas 6.022.576.793.03422E7
Yip's Chemical Holdings Ltd 408 Recent Patterns.. Chemicals_MajorDiversified 3.412.313.6349193.0
Yongsheng Advanced Materials Company Ltd 3608 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 1.771.211.91325000.0
Yorkey Optical International (Cayman) Ltd 2788 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices
Youyuan International Holdings Ltd 2268 Recent Patterns.. Lumber_WoodProduction 1.991.662.575263400.0
Yuan Heng Gas Holdings Ltd 332 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.730.50.82470190.0
Yuanda China Holdings Ltd 2789 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.2420.1540.33.32353E7
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
YuanShengTai Dairy Farm Ltd 1431 Recent Patterns.. MeatProducts 0.540.40.744788100.0
YuantaPSTwTop50 Units 3002 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National
Yue Da Mining Holdings Ltd 629 Recent Patterns.. Trucking
Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Ltd 551 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 30.026.0535.852250660.0
Yueshou Environmental Holdings Ltd 1191 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.240.1180.523066500.0
Yuexiu Property Co Ltd 123 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 1.340.91.414.17916E7
Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust 405 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 4.574.015.161.43421E7
Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Ltd 1052 Recent Patterns.. Trucking 5.94.735.921899470.0
Yugang International Ltd 613 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.1680.1170.173.14999E7
Yunbo Digital Synergy Group Ltd 8050 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 0.780.61.658272.0
Yunnan Water Investment Co Ltd 6839 Recent Patterns.. WasteManagement 3.933.8124.85893045.0
Yusei Holdings Ltd 96 Recent Patterns.. Appliances 2.01.684.366636.0
Yuxing InfoTech Investment Holdings Ltd 8005 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 1.51.352.91716909.0
Yuzhou Properties Co Ltd 1628 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment

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