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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with P

NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
PA Cn CSI A 50 Units 2818 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.016.5816.60.0
PA Cn CSI HKDiv Shares Exchange Traded Funds 3070 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 27.520.0528.31636.0
PA Cn CSI HKMid Shares Exchange Traded Funds 3072 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.017.8818.080.0
PA Cn CSI RAFIH Shares Exchange Traded Funds 3098 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.016.918.160.0
Pa Shun Pharmaceutical International Holdings Ltd 574 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 0.4150.40.88616454.0
Pacific Andes International Holdings Ltd 1174 Recent Patterns.. MeatProducts 0.1460.1460.150.0
Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd 2343 Recent Patterns.. Trucking 1.870.831.942.9971E7
Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited 432 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials
Pacific Online Ltd 543 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 1.411.42.26605269.0
Pacific Plywood Holdings Ltd 767 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices 0.4150.370.741733230.0
Pacific Textiles Holdings Ltd 1382 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 8.418.1610.781562870.0
PacMOS Technologies Holdings Ltd 1010 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 1.71.651.70.0
Pak Fah Yeow International Ltd 239 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 3.473.243.8289636.0
Pak Tak International Ltd 2668 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.310.281.22337727.0
Pak Wing Group (Holdings) Ltd 8316 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 1.650.522.7932272.0
Paladin Ltd 495 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents 0.2750.2550.465139393.0
Paladin Ltd 642 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents 0.00.3050.950.0
Paliburg Holdings Ltd 617 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos
Pan Asia Environmental Protection Group Ltd 556 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents 0.730.72.16498454.0
Pan Asia Mining Ltd 8173 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos 0.0270.0110.0520.0
PanAsialum Holdings Co Ltd 2078 Recent Patterns.. Aluminum 0.860.820.880.0
Pantronics Holdings Ltd 1611 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine
Paradise Entertainment Ltd 1180 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.960.932.13492265.0
Parkson Retail Group Ltd 3368 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 1.20.611.511260250.0
Pax Global Technology Ltd 327 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine
PC Partner Group Ltd 1263 Recent Patterns.. ComputerBasedSystems 3.090.913.564534950.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
PCCW Ltd 8 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 4.484.155.128197750.0
Peace Map Holding Ltd 402 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices 0.0730.0650.2158513330.0
Peak Sport Products Co Ltd 1968 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.02.372.60.0
Pearl Oriental Oil Ltd 632 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.1420.1110.3259088860.0
Pegasus Entertainment Holdings Ltd 1326 Recent Patterns.. Publishing_Periodicals 0.1950.1760.421342180.0
Pegasus International Holdings Ltd 676 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 1.020.951.69181.0
Peking University Resources (Holdings) Co Ltd 618 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.2410.230.36112090.0
Perception Digital Holdings Ltd 1822 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.240.2020.4251442230.0
Perennial International Ltd 725 Recent Patterns.. Appliances
Perfect Group International Holdings Ltd 3326 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 5.881.76.2775363.0
Perfect Optronics Ltd 8311 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.450.351.2289545.0
Perfect Shape (PRC) Holdings Ltd 1830 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 0.810.50.941011090.0
Perfectech International Holdings Ltd 765 Recent Patterns.. PackagingAndContainers 2.191.433.16555545.0
Petro-king Oilfield Services Ltd 2178 Recent Patterns.. MajorIntegratedOilAndGas 0.310.2850.68485317.0
PetroAsian Energy Holdings Ltd 850 Recent Patterns.. Chemicals_MajorDiversified 0.1440.1270.2111.82735E7
PetroChina Co Ltd 857 Recent Patterns.. MajorIntegratedOilAndGas 4.824.726.381.06085E8
PFC Device Inc 8231 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.2250.00.01011360.0
Phoenitron Holdings Ltd 8066 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.210.0290.3675909.0
Phoenix Healthcare Group Co Ltd 1515 Recent Patterns.. HealthCarePlans 9.528.8814.163268720.0
Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd 2008 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic
PICC Property and Casualty Company Ltd 2328 Recent Patterns.. PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance 14.8611.515.382.3075E7
Pico Far East Holdings Ltd 752 Recent Patterns.. Publishing_Periodicals
Pine Technology Holdings Ltd 1079 Recent Patterns.. Appliances
Pinestone Capital Ltd 8097 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.2350.1860.4652681140.0
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd 2318 Recent Patterns.. PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance 59.3538.060.753.73746E7
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Ping Shan Tea Group Ltd 364 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.0180.0150.0651.06996E8
Pioneer Global Group Ltd 224 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 1.831.231.9743093.0
Pizu Group Holdings Ltd 8053 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.580.2130.681071910.0
Playmates Holdings Ltd 635 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 1.061.0212.82617854.0
Playmates Toys Ltd 869 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 1.351.151.631708150.0
Plover Bay Technologies Ltd 1523 Recent Patterns.. ComputerBasedSystems 1.420.421.721.40946E7
PME Group Ltd 379 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents 0.0550.050.1254090000.0
PNG Resources Holdings Ltd 221 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.2330.0390.425444798.0
Pokfulam Development Co Ltd 225 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 19.712.821.912750.0
Poly Culture Group Corporation Ltd 3636 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos 18.6217.122.6249371.0
Poly Property Group Co Ltd 119 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 3.682.154.141.33886E7
Polyard Petroleum International Group Ltd 8011 Recent Patterns.. Lumber_WoodProduction 0.1460.1340.4180717.0
Polytec Asset Holdings Limited 208 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.570.460.72729772.0
Ports Design Ltd 589 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 2.492.433.7514898.0
Postal Savings Bank of China 1658 Recent Patterns.. MoneyCenterBanks 4.580.00.09374870.0
Pou Sheng International (Holdings) Ltd 3813 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 1.431.32.846263780.0
Power Assets Holdings Ltd 6 Recent Patterns.. WaterUtilities 78.2566.778.85463660.0
Powerleader Science & Technology Group Ltd 8236 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 2.322.294.5525590.0
Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Ltd 1238 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 3.332.013.922967670.0
Powerwell Pacific Holdings Ltd 8265 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices 3.132.564.0951454.0
PPS International (Holdings) Ltd 8201 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices 0.40.0280.4955460210.0
Prada Spa 1913 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 29.2520.837.42409180.0
Progressive Path Group Holdings Ltd 1581 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials
Prosper Construction Holdings Ltd 6816 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.610.570.86284181.0
Prosperity International Holdings (H.K.) Ltd 803 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.1030.0880.1774765450.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Prosperity Investment Holdings Ltd 310 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.0750.0640.126337045.0
Prosperity Real Estate Investment Trust 808 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 3.433.03.631639680.0
Prosten Technology Holdings Ltd 8026 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.240.1810.395218909.0
Proview International Holdings Ltd 334 Recent Patterns.. ComputerBasedSystems 1.130.581.42877300.0
Prudential PLC 2378 Recent Patterns.. PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance 184.3125.5193.73268.0
Public Financial Holdings Ltd 626 Recent Patterns.. MoneyCenterBanks 3.63.333.81305909.0
PuraPharm Corporation Ltd 1498 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 3.433.114.3993386.0
PW Medtech Group Ltd 1358 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 1.751.552.662841140.0
PYI Corporation Ltd 498 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.1610.1340.2351.7222E7
Pyxis Group Ltd 516 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic

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