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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with O

NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
O-Net Communications (Group) Ltd 877 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 4.992.727.557188500.0
Odella Leather Holdings Ltd 8093 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 2.00.4653.05313181.0
Oi Wah Pawnshop Credit Holdings Ltd 1319 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices 0.410.40.61794920.0
On Real International Holdings Ltd 8245 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.1420.1237.251.2028E7
On Real International Holdings Ltd 2920 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine
On Time Logistics Holdings Ltd 6123 Recent Patterns.. Trucking 3.981.564.211134770.0
One Media Group Ltd 426 Recent Patterns.. Publishing_Periodicals 1.00.921.681042090.0
OOH Holdings Ltd 8091 Recent Patterns.. Publishing_Periodicals 0.1380.00.0230454.0
OP Financial Investments Ltd 1140 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 2.421.42.952011500.0
Opes Asia Development Ltd 810 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.1780.160.49149177.0
Optics Valley Union Holding Company Ltd 798 Recent Patterns.. BusinessServices 0.690.580.972787640.0
Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment (Holdings) Ltd 1132 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices 1.020.3551.071.84655E7
Orient Overseas (International) Ltd 316 Recent Patterns.. Trucking 71.526.275.02074100.0
ORIENT SECURITIES CO LTD 3958 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 7.666.988.536016770.0
Orient Securities International Holdings Ltd 8001 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.760.651.1518181.0
Orient Victory China Holdings Ltd 265 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.1970.1220.2156737030.0
Oriental Explorer Holdings Ltd 430 Recent Patterns.. SteelAndIron 0.1170.1110.167347545.0
Oriental Press Group Ltd 18 Recent Patterns.. Publishing_Periodicals 1.030.721.08878174.0
Oriental Unicorn Agricultural Group Ltd 8120 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 0.0820.070.131.39114E7
Oriental University City Holdings (H.K.) Ltd 8067 Recent Patterns.. HealthCarePlans 2.432.074.425090.0
Oriental Watch Holdings Ltd 398 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 1.661.011.9593167.0
OTO Holdings Ltd 6880 Recent Patterns.. HealthCarePlans 1.741.432.824636.0
Ourgame International Holdings Ltd 6899 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 1.781.724.3948136.0
Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings Ltd 3366 Recent Patterns.. PackagingAndContainers 3.112.653.91055030.0
Ozner Water International Holding Ltd 2014 Recent Patterns.. WaterUtilities 1.921.512.241937110.0

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