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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with G

NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
G-Resources Group Ltd 1051 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 0.1170.1120.1912.51231E7
G-Vision International (Holdings) Ltd 657 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos 0.2490.210.41281636.0
G.A. Holdings Ltd 8126 Recent Patterns.. TrucksAndOtherVehicles 0.50.430.67121409.0
Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd 27 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos 47.1522.049.21.49164E7
Gameone Holdings Ltd 8282 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.860.625.39111272.0
Gamma Logistics Corporation 8310 Recent Patterns.. Trucking
Gayety Holdings Ltd 8179 Recent Patterns.. Beverages_SoftDrinks 0.2210.0210.362.57289E7
GCL New Energy Holdings Ltd 451 Recent Patterns.. Appliances 0.380.3050.551.17688E7
GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd 3800 Recent Patterns.. WaterUtilities 0.760.721.241.09073E8
Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd 175 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 14.843.9315.789.1275E7
Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation Ltd 535 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.530.3750.597352800.0
Gemini Investments (Holdings) Ltd 174 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.990.831.62142636.0
Genscript Biotech Corporation 1548 Recent Patterns.. Biotechnology
Genting Hong Kong Ltd 678 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos 2.362.02.8149533.0
Genvon Group Ltd 2937 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents
GET Holdings Ltd 8100 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.630.4150.81603640.0
Get Nice Financial Group Ltd 1469 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National
Get Nice Holdings Ltd 64 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.280.2550.294929000.0
GF Securities Co Ltd 1776 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 15.815.3618.763827060.0
Giordano International Ltd 709 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 4.263.364.561546920.0
Glencore PLC 805 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 27.5514.332.9104605.0
Global Bio-chem Technology Group Co Ltd 809 Recent Patterns.. Chemicals_MajorDiversified 0.1560.1260.692859270.0
Global Brands Group Holdings Ltd 787 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.840.641.272.46266E7
Global Digital Creations Holdings Ltd 8271 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos 0.390.2221.1948636.0
Global Energy Resources International Group Ltd 8192 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.420.0340.628190420.0
Global International Credit Group Ltd 1669 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Global Link Communications Holdings Ltd 8060 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 0.130.1130.2696659.0
Global Strategic Group Ltd 8007 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 0.1320.110.3252833080.0
Global Sweeteners Holdings Ltd 3889 Recent Patterns.. Beverages_SoftDrinks 0.240.2190.435346231.0
Global Tech (Holdings) Ltd 143 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.2550.180.3651.01297E7
Glorious Property Holdings Ltd 845 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.850.661.355269730.0
Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd 393 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.930.921.241054800.0
Glory Flame Holdings Ltd 8059 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.620.31.063.67502E7
Glory Land Co Ltd (Guorui Properties Ltd) 2329 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 2.432.22.84635666.0
Glory Mark Hi-Tech (Holdings) Ltd 8159 Recent Patterns.. ComputerBasedSystems 0.670.4650.94125454.0
Goal Forward Holdings Ltd 8240 Recent Patterns.. Beverages_SoftDrinks 0.2170.00.06559540.0
Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Ltd 40 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.760.680.83148429.0
Gold Tat Group International Ltd 8266 Recent Patterns.. ComputerBasedSystems
Goldbond Group Holdings Limited 172 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 0.1960.180.355906511.0
Golden Eagle Retail Group Ltd 3308 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 10.748.3712.2312327.0
Golden Meditech Holdings Ltd 801 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 1.140.971.36995422.0
Golden Power Group Holdings Ltd 8038 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 1.090.741.55969953.0
Golden Resources Development International Ltd 677 Recent Patterns.. Beverages_SoftDrinks 0.510.40.58313340.0
Golden Shield Holdings (Industrial) Ltd 2123 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.2240.2140.280.0
Golden Throat Holdings Group Co Ltd 6896 Recent Patterns.. Beverages_SoftDrinks 2.221.978.471310450.0
Golden Wheel Tiandi Holdings Co Ltd 1232 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.630.510.75542545.0
Goldenmars Technology Holdings Ltd 8036 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.4650.330.720.0
Goldenmars Technology Holdings Ltd 3638 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.410.330.728531090.0
Goldin Financial Holdings Ltd 530 Recent Patterns.. TobaccoProducts_Other 3.642.726.992.2162E7
Goldin Properties Holdings Ltd 283 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic
Goldlion Holdings Ltd 533 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 3.482.863.52346331.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Goldpac Group Ltd 3315 Recent Patterns.. BusinessServices 2.371.933.05576768.0
Goldway Education Group Ltd 8160 Recent Patterns.. HealthCarePlans
Golik Holdings Ltd 1118 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents 1.020.871.15205909.0
GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd 493 Recent Patterns.. ComputerBasedSystems 0.970.871.176.42753E7
Good Fellow Resources Holdings Ltd 109 Recent Patterns.. Appliances 0.3850.360.592379750.0
Good Friend International Holdings INC 2398 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices
Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd 1086 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores
GR Properties Ltd 108 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 1.260.891.54162909.0
Grand Concord International Holdings Ltd 844 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.870.792.0425763.0
Grand Field Group Holdings Ltd 115 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 0.1860.1710.4551544980.0
Grand Investment International Ltd 1160 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 1.820.611.8522727.0
Grand Ming Group Holdings Ltd 1271 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 5.184.366.085089.0
Grand Peace Group Holdings Ltd 8108 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 0.2080.13.138.93417E7
Grand T G Gold Holdings Ltd 8299 Recent Patterns.. ComputerBasedSystems 0.0220.0170.0731.46893E8
Great China Holdings Ltd 141 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 1.721.656.25628181.0
Great China Properties Holdings Ltd 21 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment
Great Eagle Holdings Ltd 41 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 39.628.140.1145521.0
Great Harvest Maeta Group Holdings Ltd 3683 Recent Patterns.. Trucking
Great Wall Motor Co Ltd 2333 Recent Patterns.. TrucksAndOtherVehicles 9.815.9611.449.77169E7
Great Water Holdings Ltd 8196 Recent Patterns.. WasteManagement 4.442.647.9157818.0
Great World Company Holdings Ltd 8003 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 0.0770.060.1082073450.0
Greater China Holdings Ltd 431 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 0.1640.160.3957355080.0
GreaterChina Professional Services Ltd 8193 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices 1.030.3551.041.2173E7
Greatview Aseptic Packaging Company Ltd 468 Recent Patterns.. PackagingAndContainers 4.93.425.311.98499E7
Green Energy Group Ltd 979 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 0.510.2350.681.60691E7
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Green International Holdings Ltd 2700 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos 0.2010.180.315073010.0
Greenheart Group Ltd 94 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 1.120.551.36976190.0
Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Ltd 337 Recent Patterns.. ComputerBasedSystems 2.651.633.045109520.0
Greens Holdings Ltd 1318 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents 0.630.530.630.0
Greentown China Holdings Ltd 3900 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment
Greentown Service Group Co Ltd 2869 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment
Ground Properties Co Ltd 989 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 1.90.682.331485970.0
Group Sense (International) Ltd 601 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.340.250.42575821.0
Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Holdings Company Ltd 6189 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials
Guangdong Investment Ltd 270 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 11.069.4113.06181220.0
Guangdong Join-Share Financing Guarantee Investment Co Ltd 1543 Recent Patterns.. MoneyCenterBanks 1.381.211.8220000.0
Guangdong Land Holdings Ltd 124 Recent Patterns.. TobaccoProducts_Other 1.681.522.35312243.0
Guangdong Tannery Ltd 1058 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 1.130.571.69208545.0
Guangdong Yueyun Transportation Co Ltd 3399 Recent Patterns.. Trucking 4.974.06.57505590.0
Guangnan (Holdings) Ltd 1203 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 1.050.821.28408084.0
Guangshen Railway Co Ltd 525 Recent Patterns.. Trucking 3.853.435.173863000.0
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. 2238 Recent Patterns.. TrucksAndOtherVehicles 13.948.9214.42.60186E7
Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co Ltd 874 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 22.5517.624.91244170.0
Guangzhou R&F Properties Company Ltd 2777 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment
Guangzhou Shipyard International Co Ltd 317 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents 14.0810.518.31213270.0
Gudou Holdings Ltd 8308 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 0.880.00.04006710.0
Guocang Group Ltd 559 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 0.1820.1280.4259.93432E7
Guoco Group Ltd 53 Recent Patterns.. MoneyCenterBanks 89.179.593.623122.0
Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Ltd 1296 Recent Patterns.. WaterUtilities 0.530.40.684268320.0
Guolian Securities Co Ltd 1456 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 3.953.774.53761069.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Guotai Junan International Holdings Ltd 1788 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 2.482.283.312.19568E7
Guru Online (Holdings) Ltd 8121 Recent Patterns.. Publishing_Periodicals 0.1240.1180.196783636.0

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