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Technical Analysis & Recent chart patterns of stock starting with E

NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
E Fd CES Cn 120 Shs Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter- 83120 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 12.7210.113.0301.0
E Fd CES Cn 120 Shs Exchange Traded Fund -HKD Counter- 3120 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 14.911.8615.2777.0
E Fd CSI 100 A Shs Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter- 83100 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 36.230.2537.35836.0
E Fd CSI 100 A Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter- 3100 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 42.335.142.91000.0
E Fund Citi Cn Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter- 82808 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 110.25105.35115.4525.0
E Fund Citi Cn Units Exchange Traded Fund -HKD- 2808 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 129.2120.05133.7533.0
E Lighting Group Holdings Ltd 8222 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 0.250.2280.42138000.0
e-Kong Group Ltd 524 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.480.4350.791565230.0
E. Bon Holdings Ltd 599 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.770.761.17319857.0
Eagle Legend Asia Ltd 936 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents
Eagle Nice (International) Holdings Ltd 2368 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 3.441.983.651176640.0
Eagle Ride Investment Holdings Ltd 901 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.30.2220.61.09567E7
Earnest Investments Holdings Ltd 339 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.760.740.98180909.0
Earthasia International Holdings Ltd 6128 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 1.820.861.975998180.0
Easyknit Enterprises Holdings Ltd 616 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 0.0630.0560.2951.78857E7
Easyknit International Holdings Ltd 1218 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores
Echo International Holdings Group Ltd 8218 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.2280.1861.6731818.0
Eco-Tek Holdings Ltd 8169 Recent Patterns.. WasteManagement 0.1820.1780.3224090.0
EcoGreen International Group Ltd 2341 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 1.651.431.8390470.0
econtext Asia Ltd 1390 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices
EDS Wellness Holdings Ltd 8176 Recent Patterns.. HealthCarePlans 8.332.9510.4668676.0
eForce Holdings Ltd 943 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 0.0530.0520.1241.89844E7
EFT Solutions Holdings Ltd 8062 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.2240.00.0314772.0
EGL Holdings Co Ltd 6882 Recent Patterns.. PersonalServices 1.381.311.82210272.0
Elec & Eltek International Co Ltd 1151 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 12.026.614.519522.0
Elegance Optical International Holdings ltd 907 Recent Patterns.. DepartmentStores 1.951.652.98776090.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
ELL Environmental Holdings Ltd 1395 Recent Patterns.. WasteManagement 0.2850.260.59253181.0
Embry Holdings Ltd 1388 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 2.452.343.872194.0
Emperor Capital Group Ltd 717 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 0.690.60.861.85634E7
Emperor Entertainment Hotel Ltd 296 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 1.991.712.181221180.0
Emperor International Holdings Ltd 163 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 2.851.663.192195820.0
Emperor Watch & Jewellery Ltd 887 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.3550.2070.43671950.0
Enerchina Holdings Ltd 622 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic 0.1640.1630.648400850.0
Energy International Investments Holdings Ltd 353 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.1870.0940.286796420.0
ENM Holdings Ltd 128 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.4950.3850.67878007.0
ENN Energy Holdings Ltd 2688 Recent Patterns.. WaterUtilities 49.730.456.02276020.0
Enterprise Development Holdings Ltd 1808 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents
Enviro Energy International Holdings Limited 1102 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.080.0750.1925347030.0
EPI (Holdings) Ltd 689 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.360.1480.721.01767E7
Epicurean and Company Ltd 8213 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.0940.0760.1662737600.0
eprint Group Ltd 1884 Recent Patterns.. Publishing_Periodicals 2.030.812.241343710.0
Ernest Borel Holdings Ltd 1856 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 1.671.31.89331545.0
Esprit Holdings Ltd 330 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 4.513.817.629572800.0
Essex Bio-Technology Ltd 1061 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts
eSun Holdings Ltd 571 Recent Patterns.. ResortsAndCasinos 1.20.651.22510440.0
Eternity Investment Ltd 764 Recent Patterns.. Appliances 0.1850.1410.261048500.0
ETFS Phy Gold Shs Exchange-Traded Fund 2830 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 1010.01005.01011.00.0
ETFS Phy Plati Shs Exchange-Traded Fund 3119 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 820.5818.0820.50.0
ETFS Phy Silver Shs Exchange-Traded Fund 3117 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 150.9145.0151.00.0
ETS Group Ltd 8031 Recent Patterns.. TelecomServices_Domestic
EVA Precision Industrial Holdings Ltd 838 Recent Patterns.. IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents 1.040.771.381293320.0
NameSymbolRecent Chart PatternsSectorCurrent PriceOne Year LowOne Year HighAverage Volume
Ever Harvest Group Holdings Ltd 1549 Recent Patterns.. Trucking 0.1980.190.311180910.0
Ever Smart International Holdings Ltd 8187 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.2750.2550.48274545.0
Everbright Securities Co Ltd 6178 Recent Patterns.. InvestmentBrokerage_National 10.5410.513.081113740.0
EverChina Int'l Holdings Company Ltd 202 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 0.240.2210.421.11507E7
Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd 3333 Recent Patterns.. RealEstateDevelopment 22.04.7324.15.36209E7
Evergreen International Holdings Ltd 238 Recent Patterns.. ApparelStores 0.570.560.97122090.0
Evershine Group Holdings Ltd 8022 Recent Patterns.. Trucking 0.550.360.67859340.0
EVOC Intelligent Technology Co Ltd 2308 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine 0.920.91.45508909.0
Excel Development (Holdings) Ltd 1372 Recent Patterns.. GeneralBuildingMaterials 7.444.59.6592149.0
Expert Systems Holdings Ltd 8319 Recent Patterns.. InformationTechnologyServices 0.1550.1260.248420909.0
Extrawell Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd 858 Recent Patterns.. DrugRelatedProducts 0.1380.1270.3351514770.0
Eyang Holdings (Group) Co Ltd 117 Recent Patterns.. Semiconductor_BroadLine

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