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Six Months HighOne Year High 

Stock near One Month High in Hong Kong Stock Exchange

NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Allied Cement Holdings Ltd2922GeneralBuildingMaterials109.00.55 / 19-Jan-180.67 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China Renji Medical Group Ltd648ApparelStores0.380.021 / 19-Jan-180.023 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Redco Properties Group Ltd2914RealEstateDevelopment21.652.83 / 19-Jan-182.84 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Ltd421InvestmentBrokerage_National340.0214.2 / 19-Jan-18214.2 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Starbucks Corp4337ResortsAndCasinos58.050.0 / 19-Jan-1850.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Microsoft Corp4338InformationTechnologyServices210.080.0 / 10-Jan-18200.0 / 19-Jan-182View Other Patterns
CMS CSI Ovs Ml Shs Exchange Traded Funds2842InvestmentBrokerage_National12.8212.16 / 19-Jan-1812.32 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI PAC Shs -2C- Capitalisation3043InvestmentBrokerage_National49.3546.85 / 27-Dec-1747.8 / 19-Jan-1822View Other Patterns
C-Sh CSI ConETF Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-3107InvestmentBrokerage_National24.2521.65 / 04-Jan-1823.55 / 19-Jan-18754View Other Patterns
Mir As CSI 300 Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-83127InvestmentBrokerage_National14.4613.68 / 08-Jan-1814.1 / 19-Jan-182045View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI INDIA Shs -2C- Capitalisation3045InvestmentBrokerage_National89.787.55 / 19-Jan-1887.6 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI TAIW Shs -1C- Capitalisation3036InvestmentBrokerage_National237.0216.8 / 21-Dec-17232.2 / 19-Jan-18986View Other Patterns
CSOP MSCI T50 Shs Exchange Traded Funds3021InvestmentBrokerage_National5.525.15 / 02-Jan-185.41 / 19-Jan-182590View Other Patterns
BMO HK BK ETF Shs Exchange Traded Fund3143InvestmentBrokerage_National10.469.26 / 22-Dec-1710.28 / 19-Jan-185790View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI EM AS Shs -2C- Capitalisation3035InvestmentBrokerage_National37.536.6 / 19-Jan-1836.95 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Mir As CSI 300 Shs Exchange Traded Fund -HKD Counter-3127InvestmentBrokerage_National17.7416.06 / 08-Jan-1817.5 / 19-Jan-18309View Other Patterns
HT CSI300 ETF Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-82811InvestmentBrokerage_National15.414.46 / 05-Jan-1815.22 / 19-Jan-18945View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI ACAJH Shs -2D- Distribution3013InvestmentBrokerage_National14.5614.4 / 19-Jan-1814.4 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI CHINA Shs -2C- Capitalisation3055InvestmentBrokerage_National162.7142.0 / 15-Jan-18161.2 / 19-Jan-184View Other Patterns
C-Sh CSI Health Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-3132InvestmentBrokerage_National22.1521.6 / 19-Jan-1821.95 / 02-Jan-181209View Other Patterns
Matrix Holdings Ltd1005DepartmentStores3.02.95 / 29-Dec-172.98 / 19-Jan-184636View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI SING Shs -2C- Capitalisation3065InvestmentBrokerage_National12.111.26 / 03-Jan-1812.02 / 19-Jan-182522View Other Patterns
Value Tw ETF Shs Exchange-Traded Fund TWN3060InvestmentBrokerage_National43.2540.3 / 22-Dec-1743.0 / 19-Jan-182863View Other Patterns
Wah Ha Realty Co Ltd278RealEstateDevelopment9.258.96 / 05-Jan-189.2 / 19-Jan-182545View Other Patterns
WISE CSI HK100 Units Exchange Traded Fund2825InvestmentBrokerage_National28.7526.35 / 22-Dec-1728.6 / 19-Jan-18490View Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 MAT Shs -1D- Distribution3062InvestmentBrokerage_National4.34.28 / 19-Jan-184.28 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
W.I.S.E.-CSI RE Shs Exchange Traded Fund2839InvestmentBrokerage_National10.029.94 / 19-Jan-189.98 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Winfair Investment Co Ltd287RealEstateDevelopment15.4814.6 / 09-Jan-1815.42 / 19-Jan-182068View Other Patterns
BMO As HDiv ETF Shs Exchange Traded Fund3145InvestmentBrokerage_National10.489.72 / 22-Dec-1710.44 / 19-Jan-18536View Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 BAN Shs -1D- Distribution3061InvestmentBrokerage_National11.7411.38 / 19-Jan-1811.7 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 ENE Shs -1D- Distribution3017InvestmentBrokerage_National3.53.49 / 19-Jan-183.49 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Value Korea ETF Shs Exchange-Traded Fund KRW3041InvestmentBrokerage_National36.4534.15 / 29-Dec-1736.35 / 19-Jan-183345View Other Patterns
CSOP Cn Ult ST Shs Exchange-Traded Fund -HKD Counter-3122InvestmentBrokerage_National182.2175.2 / 28-Dec-17181.8 / 19-Jan-1843View Other Patterns
XIE Shs Phi ETF Shares Exchange Traded Funds3037InvestmentBrokerage_National10.4610.42 / 19-Jan-1810.44 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Value Gold ETF Shs Exchange-Traded Fund -CNY Counter-83081InvestmentBrokerage_National26.7526.1 / 21-Dec-1726.7 / 19-Jan-18104View Other Patterns
WISE-SSE50 Units3024InvestmentBrokerage_National29.7526.5 / 21-Dec-1729.7 / 17-Jan-183227View Other Patterns
Lee Hing Development Ltd68InvestmentBrokerage_National6.326.1 / 10-Jan-186.31 / 19-Jan-181363View Other Patterns
Cn AMC CES Cn Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-83180InvestmentBrokerage_National13.0213.0 / 19-Jan-1813.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI EM Shs -2C- Capitalisation3009InvestmentBrokerage_National33.4533.4 / 19-Jan-1833.4 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Sitoy Group Holdings Ltd1023ApparelStores1.641.57 / 29-Dec-171.64 / 19-Jan-18278 KView Other Patterns
Associated International Hotels Ltd105ResortsAndCasinos25.623.95 / 27-Dec-1725.6 / 19-Jan-185863View Other Patterns
Karrie International Holdings Ltd1050ComputerBasedSystems1.291.12 / 29-Dec-171.29 / 19-Jan-181222 KView Other Patterns
Huadian Power International Corporation Ltd1071WaterUtilities3.012.78 / 27-Dec-173.01 / 19-Jan-1810409 KView Other Patterns
Sing Tao News Corp Ltd1105InvestmentBrokerage_National1.051.02 / 05-Jan-181.05 / 19-Jan-18237 KView Other Patterns
Coastal Greenland Ltd1124RealEstateDevelopment0.290.219 / 20-Dec-170.29 / 19-Jan-183986 KView Other Patterns
FU JI Food and Catering Services Holdings Ltd1175ResortsAndCasinos0.590.244 / 20-Dec-170.59 / 19-Jan-189265 KView Other Patterns
Xiwang Special Steel Company Ltd1266SteelAndIron1.781.37 / 21-Dec-171.78 / 19-Jan-185619 KView Other Patterns
Langham Hospitality Investments and Langham Hospitality Investments Ltd1270ResortsAndCasinos3.63.38 / 22-Dec-173.6 / 19-Jan-18906 KView Other Patterns
Agricultural Bank of China1288MoneyCenterBanks4.53.6 / 28-Dec-174.5 / 19-Jan-18226 MView Other Patterns
Greens Holdings Ltd1318IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.630.53 / 19-Jan-180.63 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
The People's Insurance Company (Group) of China Ltd1339PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance4.373.78 / 27-Dec-174.37 / 19-Jan-1840311 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Sun Century Group Ltd1383RealEstateDevelopment0.470.45 / 15-Jan-180.47 / 19-Jan-183448 KView Other Patterns
Hysan Development Co Ltd14RealEstateDevelopment45.340.85 / 21-Dec-1745.3 / 19-Jan-18719 KView Other Patterns
Spring Real Estate Investment Trust1426RealEstateDevelopment3.463.25 / 20-Dec-173.46 / 19-Jan-18336 KView Other Patterns
Melbourne Enterprises Ltd158RealEstateDevelopment193.0185.0 / 22-Dec-17193.0 / 19-Jan-181454View Other Patterns
China Assets (Holdings) Ltd170InvestmentBrokerage_National6.756.73 / 19-Jan-186.75 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Sa Sa International Holdings Ltd178DepartmentStores3.313.0 / 29-Dec-173.31 / 19-Jan-185690 KView Other Patterns
Swire Pacific Ltd19InvestmentBrokerage_National78.071.85 / 21-Dec-1778.0 / 19-Jan-181911 KView Other Patterns
Yantai North Andre Juice Co Ltd2218Beverages_SoftDrinks4.03.7 / 22-Dec-174.0 / 19-Jan-1832900View Other Patterns
CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group Ltd2228ApparelStores0.60.59 / 19-Jan-180.6 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Pioneer Global Group Ltd224RealEstateDevelopment1.971.9 / 09-Jan-181.97 / 19-Jan-1823272View Other Patterns
Raymond Industrial Ltd229DepartmentStores1.121.06 / 05-Jan-181.12 / 04-Jan-18109 KView Other Patterns
The Bank of East Asia23MoneyCenterBanks34.332.25 / 21-Dec-1734.3 / 19-Jan-181044 KView Other Patterns
Vedan International (Holdings) Ltd2317Beverages_SoftDrinks0.830.78 / 20-Dec-170.83 / 19-Jan-18188 KView Other Patterns
PICC Property and Casualty Company Ltd2328PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance17.1414.82 / 21-Dec-1717.14 / 19-Jan-1822580 KView Other Patterns
Mingyuan Medicare Development Co Ltd233Publishing_Periodicals0.230.22 / 19-Jan-180.23 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Prudential PLC2378PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance214.2194.0 / 21-Dec-17214.2 / 19-Jan-182337View Other Patterns
Guangdong Investment Ltd270InvestmentBrokerage_National10.8810.34 / 10-Jan-1810.88 / 19-Jan-186935 KView Other Patterns
Freeman Financial Corporation Ltd279InvestmentBrokerage_National0.630.43 / 20-Dec-170.63 / 19-Jan-1818560 KView Other Patterns
Rivera (Holdings) Ltd281RealEstateDevelopment0.590.53 / 28-Dec-170.59 / 19-Jan-181152 KView Other Patterns
Shirble Department Store Holdings (China) Ltd312DepartmentStores0.60.52 / 22-Dec-170.6 / 19-Jan-181437 KView Other Patterns
Vongroup Ltd318ResortsAndCasinos1.180.9 / 04-Jan-181.18 / 19-Jan-1852119View Other Patterns
China Ting Group Holdings Ltd3398BusinessServices0.4250.375 / 22-Dec-170.425 / 19-Jan-18420 KView Other Patterns
Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants Holdings Ltd3666Beverages_SoftDrinks0.320.3 / 21-Dec-170.32 / 19-Jan-182049 KView Other Patterns
Great Harvest Maeta Group Holdings Ltd3683Trucking1.541.19 / 22-Dec-171.54 / 19-Jan-182461 KView Other Patterns
Tech Pro Technology Development Ltd3823Semiconductor_BroadLine0.0680.067 / 19-Jan-180.068 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Hsin Chong Construction Group Ltd404GeneralBuildingMaterials0.350.345 / 19-Jan-180.35 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Lam Soon (Hong Kong) Ltd411Beverages_SoftDrinks11.8610.6 / 29-Dec-1711.86 / 19-Jan-1813019View Other Patterns
Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited432GeneralBuildingMaterials3.133.03 / 12-Jan-183.13 / 19-Jan-18106 KView Other Patterns
Amgen Inc4332Biotechnology444.0444.0 / 19-Jan-18444.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Cisco Systems Inc4333ComputerBasedSystems215.0215.0 / 19-Jan-18215.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Intel Corp4335Semiconductor_BroadLine200.0200.0 / 19-Jan-18200.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Applied Materials Inc4336Semiconductor_BroadLine35.035.0 / 19-Jan-1835.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Tianda Pharmaceuticals Ltd455InvestmentBrokerage_National0.350.29 / 02-Jan-180.35 / 19-Jan-18280 KView Other Patterns
Futong Technology Development Holdings Ltd465InformationTechnologyServices1.00.9 / 04-Jan-181.0 / 19-Jan-1828818View Other Patterns
HKR International Ltd480RealEstateDevelopment5.164.7 / 20-Dec-175.16 / 19-Jan-18526 KView Other Patterns
Shihua Development Co Ltd485Semiconductor_BroadLine0.1390.118 / 22-Dec-170.139 / 19-Jan-18431 KView Other Patterns
Success Universe Group487GeneralBuildingMaterials0.260.207 / 28-Dec-170.26 / 19-Jan-181207 KView Other Patterns
eSun Holdings Ltd571ResortsAndCasinos1.361.23 / 04-Jan-181.36 / 19-Jan-181080 KView Other Patterns
Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co Ltd579WaterUtilities2.11.93 / 20-Dec-172.1 / 19-Jan-183694 KView Other Patterns
China Oriental Group Co Ltd581SteelAndIron6.55.02 / 16-Jan-186.5 / 19-Jan-1817311 KView Other Patterns
Hua Han Bio-Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd587DrugRelatedProducts0.530.51 / 19-Jan-180.53 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
High Fashion International Ltd608ApparelStores2.01.9 / 04-Jan-182.0 / 19-Jan-188454View Other Patterns
Le Saunda Holdings Limited738ApparelStores1.391.3 / 27-Dec-171.39 / 19-Jan-18272 KView Other Patterns
AMS Public Transport Holdings Ltd77Trucking1.351.3 / 03-Jan-181.35 / 19-Jan-1855190View Other Patterns
Shanghai International Shanghai Growth Investment Ltd770MoneyCenterBanks1.00.9 / 09-Jan-181.0 / 19-Jan-18227View Other Patterns
CK Life Sciences International (Holdings) Inc775Biotechnology0.620.58 / 22-Dec-170.62 / 19-Jan-181927 KView Other Patterns
Sing Pao Media Enterprises Ltd8010InformationTechnologyServices0.0150.015 / 19-Jan-180.015 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
AcrossAsia Ltd8061InformationTechnologyServices0.070.07 / 19-Jan-180.07 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Prosperity Real Estate Investment Trust808RealEstateDevelopment3.53.3 / 27-Dec-173.5 / 19-Jan-181594 KView Other Patterns
Pan Asia Mining Ltd8173ResortsAndCasinos0.0270.027 / 19-Jan-180.027 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Dynasty Fine Wines Group Ltd828TobaccoProducts_Other1.441.41 / 19-Jan-181.44 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Runway Global Holdings Company Ltd8309ApparelStores0.510.35 / 21-Dec-170.51 / 19-Jan-182709 KView Other Patterns
Swire Pacific Ltd87InvestmentBrokerage_National13.412.0 / 21-Dec-1713.4 / 19-Jan-185039 KView Other Patterns
CIFI Holdings (Group) Co Ltd884GeneralBuildingMaterials6.634.35 / 21-Dec-176.63 / 19-Jan-1834989 KView Other Patterns
China Culiangwang Beverages Holdings Ltd904InvestmentBrokerage_National0.0330.029 / 21-Dec-170.033 / 19-Jan-1826049 KView Other Patterns
China Construction Bank Corporation939MoneyCenterBanks8.486.95 / 21-Dec-178.48 / 19-Jan-18390 MView Other Patterns
Yusei Holdings Ltd96Appliances2.82.51 / 02-Jan-182.8 / 19-Jan-1819636View Other Patterns
Bloomage BioTechnology Corporation Ltd963Biotechnology16.2416.22 / 19-Jan-1816.24 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Henderson Investment Ltd97RealEstateDevelopment0.680.65 / 05-Jan-180.68 / 19-Jan-181144 KView Other Patterns
Coach Shs Hong Kong Depositary Receipts Repr 1/10th Shs Reg S6388ApparelStores31.029.5 / 10-Jan-1831.0 / 19-Jan-18140View Other Patterns
Tracker Fd of HK Units2800InvestmentBrokerage_National32.429.3 / 21-Dec-1732.4 / 19-Jan-1840859 KView Other Patterns
HT CSI300 ETF Exchange Traded Fund -HKD Counter-2811InvestmentBrokerage_National18.9817.12 / 20-Dec-1718.98 / 19-Jan-1816227View Other Patterns
HS H-Share Ind ETF Units2828InvestmentBrokerage_National133.2115.2 / 21-Dec-17133.2 / 19-Jan-188670 KView Other Patterns
iS CSI A Con St Units2841InvestmentBrokerage_National25.2524.85 / 19-Jan-1825.25 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
iS CSI A Con Di Units3001InvestmentBrokerage_National20.320.05 / 19-Jan-1820.3 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 IN Shs -1D- Distribution3005InvestmentBrokerage_National4.84.8 / 19-Jan-184.8 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
iS CSI A Infra Units3006InvestmentBrokerage_National11.9611.76 / 19-Jan-1811.96 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt FTSE C50 Shs -1C- Capitalisation3007InvestmentBrokerage_National349.8308.0 / 28-Dec-17349.8 / 19-Jan-184View Other Patterns
iShs APEX50 Units3010InvestmentBrokerage_National59.454.9 / 21-Dec-1759.4 / 19-Jan-1898458View Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 CD Shs -1D- Distribution3025InvestmentBrokerage_National10.4810.48 / 19-Jan-1810.48 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt2 AUD CASH Shs -4C- Capitalisation3026InvestmentBrokerage_National132.0132.0 / 19-Jan-18132.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI RUS C Shs -2D- Distribution3027InvestmentBrokerage_National22.7519.7 / 21-Dec-1722.75 / 19-Jan-1812522View Other Patterns
iS CSI A Materi Units3039InvestmentBrokerage_National10.9410.86 / 19-Jan-1810.94 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
CICC-SZSE 100 Exchange Traded Funds3051InvestmentBrokerage_National20.220.2 / 19-Jan-1820.2 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 UT Shs -1D- Distribution3052InvestmentBrokerage_National3.973.97 / 19-Jan-183.97 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Horizons S&P Em Shs Exchange Traded Fund3054InvestmentBrokerage_National25.1525.15 / 19-Jan-1825.15 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Horizons S&P Gl Shs Exchange Traded Fund3056InvestmentBrokerage_National37.134.75 / 22-Dec-1737.1 / 19-Jan-18136View Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 TRA Shs -1D- Distribution3063InvestmentBrokerage_National2.852.85 / 19-Jan-182.85 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
XIE Shs Tha ETF Shares Exchange Traded Funds3069InvestmentBrokerage_National8.838.83 / 19-Jan-188.83 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
SPDR FTSE GC Trust Units3073InvestmentBrokerage_National45.040.85 / 11-Jan-1845.0 / 19-Jan-184372View Other Patterns
XIE Shs Twn ETF Shares Exchange Traded Funds3089InvestmentBrokerage_National9.459.45 / 19-Jan-189.45 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
E Fd CSI 100 A Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-3100InvestmentBrokerage_National53.8546.8 / 10-Jan-1853.85 / 19-Jan-181140View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI BANGL Shs -2C- Capitalisation3105InvestmentBrokerage_National9.379.37 / 19-Jan-189.37 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Horizons HSHDYI Shs Exchange Traded Funds3110InvestmentBrokerage_National33.228.8 / 21-Dec-1733.2 / 19-Jan-1830740View Other Patterns
ETFS Phy Plati Shs Exchange-Traded Fund3119InvestmentBrokerage_National820.5818.0 / 19-Jan-18820.5 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Cn AMC CES Cn Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-3180InvestmentBrokerage_National15.315.3 / 19-Jan-1815.3 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Bosera FTSE Cn Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-82832InvestmentBrokerage_National7.236.5 / 29-Dec-177.23 / 19-Jan-181050View Other Patterns
C-Shs CSI 300 Shs Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-83008InvestmentBrokerage_National18.3217.56 / 22-Dec-1718.32 / 19-Jan-18527View Other Patterns
C-Sh CSI ConETF Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-83107InvestmentBrokerage_National20.018.34 / 02-Jan-1820.0 / 19-Jan-181245View Other Patterns
E Fd CES Cn 120 Shs Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-83120InvestmentBrokerage_National14.9413.28 / 02-Jan-1814.94 / 19-Jan-181580View Other Patterns
CSOP Cn Ult ST Shs Exchange-Traded Fund -CNY Counter-83122InvestmentBrokerage_National149.2148.45 / 04-Jan-18149.2 / 19-Jan-182View Other Patterns
Harvest Cn A 50 Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-83136InvestmentBrokerage_National15.8214.34 / 03-Jan-1815.82 / 19-Jan-18554View Other Patterns
E Fd CES Cn 120 Shs Exchange Traded Fund -HKD Counter-3120InvestmentBrokerage_National18.215.82 / 02-Jan-1818.2 / 19-Jan-18690View Other Patterns
Differ Group Holding Co Ltd6878InvestmentBrokerage_National0.620.5 / 20-Dec-170.62 / 19-Jan-185479 KView Other Patterns
Top Dynamic International Holdings Ltd8327Semiconductor_BroadLine0.880.81 / 21-Dec-170.88 / 19-Jan-18199 KView Other Patterns
Hailan Holdings Ltd2278GeneralBuildingMaterials4.43.0 / 02-Jan-184.4 / 19-Jan-1811545View Other Patterns
SingAsia Holdings Ltd8293PersonalServices20.016.3 / 20-Dec-1720.0 / 19-Jan-18138 KView Other Patterns
Daohe Global Group Ltd2907ComputerBasedSystems0.010.01 / 19-Jan-180.01 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Chinney Alliance Group Ltd2908IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.010.01 / 19-Jan-180.01 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
E Fund Citi Cn Units Exchange Traded Fund -HKD-2808InvestmentBrokerage_National130.7128.65 / 28-Dec-17130.75 / 19-Jan-1825View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
CSOP Cn5Y Tr Bd Shs Exchange Traded Funds - HKD Counter-3199InvestmentBrokerage_National124.45120.2 / 20-Dec-17124.5 / 19-Jan-182936View Other Patterns
ETFS Phy Silver Shs Exchange-Traded Fund3117InvestmentBrokerage_National150.9145.0 / 19-Jan-18151.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
ETFS Phy Gold Shs Exchange-Traded Fund2830InvestmentBrokerage_National1010.01005.0 / 19-Jan-181011.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Launch Tech Co Ltd2488TrucksAndOtherVehicles9.988.21 / 21-Dec-179.99 / 19-Jan-18414 KView Other Patterns
Harvest Cn A 50 Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-3136InvestmentBrokerage_National19.4816.98 / 02-Jan-1819.5 / 19-Jan-18627View Other Patterns
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd2318PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance93.379.6 / 20-Dec-1793.4 / 19-Jan-1854611 KView Other Patterns
XIE Shs Ind CNX Shares Exchange Traded Fund3091InvestmentBrokerage_National9.279.2 / 19-Jan-189.28 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Dah Sing Banking Group Ltd2356MoneyCenterBanks18.016.8 / 22-Dec-1718.02 / 19-Jan-18546 KView Other Patterns
Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Co Ltd50Trucking8.978.76 / 28-Dec-178.98 / 18-Jan-1847806View Other Patterns
Pacific Textiles Holdings Ltd1382ApparelStores8.398.04 / 21-Dec-178.4 / 19-Jan-181153 KView Other Patterns
WISE-CSI300CN Units Exchange Traded Fund2827InvestmentBrokerage_National41.7535.25 / 28-Dec-1741.8 / 19-Jan-18194 KView Other Patterns
Miramar Hotel & Investment Co Ltd71ResortsAndCasinos16.615.44 / 20-Dec-1716.62 / 19-Jan-18233 KView Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI PAKI Shs -2C- Capitalisation3106InvestmentBrokerage_National16.4616.46 / 19-Jan-1816.48 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
XIE Shs Idn ETF Shares Exchange Traded Funds3031InvestmentBrokerage_National7.67.59 / 19-Jan-187.61 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
HK Electric Investments and HK Electric Investments Ltd2638WaterUtilities7.227.09 / 27-Dec-177.23 / 19-Jan-184623 KView Other Patterns
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd1398MoneyCenterBanks7.196.17 / 21-Dec-177.2 / 18-Jan-18337 MView Other Patterns
Want Want China Holdings Ltd151Beverages_SoftDrinks6.925.92 / 20-Dec-176.93 / 19-Jan-1816788 KView Other Patterns
XIE Shs Mys ETF Shares Exchange Traded Funds3029InvestmentBrokerage_National6.516.51 / 19-Jan-186.52 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Sunlight Real Estate Investment Trust435RealEstateDevelopment5.595.27 / 20-Dec-175.6 / 19-Jan-18627 KView Other Patterns
Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd1212DepartmentStores10.910.02 / 20-Dec-1710.92 / 19-Jan-18702 KView Other Patterns
Wynn Macau Ltd1128ResortsAndCasinos26.7523.0 / 02-Jan-1826.8 / 19-Jan-1811613 KView Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI MALAY Shs -2C- Capitalisation3082InvestmentBrokerage_National104.096.5 / 20-Dec-17104.2 / 17-Jan-18544View Other Patterns
CSOP Cn5Y Tr Bd Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-83199InvestmentBrokerage_National101.8101.6 / 20-Dec-17102.0 / 12-Jan-18425View Other Patterns
Vgd ex-Jp HD Exchange Traded Funds3085InvestmentBrokerage_National24.722.5 / 27-Dec-1724.75 / 19-Jan-1818508View Other Patterns
HS RMB Gold ETF Units Exchange-Traded Fund CNY83168InvestmentBrokerage_National24.723.15 / 02-Jan-1824.75 / 16-Jan-181340View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Shanghai Fudan-Zhangjiang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd1349Biotechnology4.743.9 / 20-Dec-174.75 / 02-Jan-18999 KView Other Patterns
Huatai Securities Co Ltd6886InvestmentBrokerage_National18.4615.22 / 21-Dec-1718.5 / 19-Jan-1811443 KView Other Patterns
China Zheshang Bank Co Ltd2016MoneyCenterBanks4.574.15 / 20-Dec-174.58 / 19-Jan-18725 KView Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 UCI Shs -2D- Distribution3049InvestmentBrokerage_National9.078.07 / 20-Dec-179.09 / 19-Jan-18110 KView Other Patterns
Power Assets Holdings Ltd6WaterUtilities66.8565.0 / 21-Dec-1767.0 / 10-Jan-182623 KView Other Patterns
Bosera FTSE Cn Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-2832InvestmentBrokerage_National8.867.77 / 27-Dec-178.88 / 19-Jan-181686View Other Patterns
China Everbright Bank Co Ltd6818MoneyCenterBanks4.233.6 / 22-Dec-174.24 / 19-Jan-1818495 KView Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI USA Shs -1C- Capitalisation3020InvestmentBrokerage_National580.5554.5 / 02-Jan-18582.0 / 19-Jan-18583View Other Patterns
Convenience Retail Asia Ltd831DepartmentStores3.813.57 / 28-Dec-173.82 / 18-Jan-181248 KView Other Patterns
VTech Holdings Ltd303TelecomServices_Domestic111.0100.5 / 04-Jan-18111.3 / 15-Jan-18227 KView Other Patterns
HS Cn A Ind Top Shs Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-83128InvestmentBrokerage_National53.447.7 / 29-Dec-1753.55 / 19-Jan-185181View Other Patterns
Sun Art Retail Group Ltd6808DepartmentStores9.937.94 / 08-Jan-189.96 / 19-Jan-1810436 KView Other Patterns
Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust778RealEstateDevelopment9.829.58 / 22-Dec-179.85 / 18-Jan-181911 KView Other Patterns
Hui Xian Real Estate Investment Trust87001RealEstateDevelopment3.243.12 / 20-Dec-173.25 / 19-Jan-182830 KView Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI WORLD Shs -2C- Capitalisation3019InvestmentBrokerage_National48.0545.65 / 27-Dec-1748.2 / 15-Jan-185806View Other Patterns
Essex Bio-Technology Ltd1061DrugRelatedProducts6.384.58 / 29-Dec-176.4 / 19-Jan-18985 KView Other Patterns
Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co Ltd1066DrugRelatedProducts6.385.39 / 22-Dec-176.4 / 19-Jan-183230 KView Other Patterns
Shangri-La Asia Ltd69ResortsAndCasinos18.1816.1 / 28-Dec-1718.24 / 19-Jan-183578 KView Other Patterns
Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd1113RealEstateDevelopment73.5567.1 / 20-Dec-1773.8 / 15-Jan-185318 KView Other Patterns
Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Ltd1052Trucking5.815.52 / 20-Dec-175.83 / 19-Jan-18895 KView Other Patterns
HS FCI50 ETF Units2838InvestmentBrokerage_National230.2200.8 / 21-Dec-17231.0 / 19-Jan-184372View Other Patterns
Tencent Holdings Ltd700InformationTechnologyServices452.4395.2 / 21-Dec-17454.0 / 18-Jan-1820079 KView Other Patterns
Great Eagle Holdings Ltd41RealEstateDevelopment42.038.2 / 21-Dec-1742.15 / 10-Jan-18134 KView Other Patterns
iS CSI A Energy Units3050InvestmentBrokerage_National5.525.48 / 19-Jan-185.54 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Vgd FTSE Asia Shs Exchange Traded Fund HKD2805InvestmentBrokerage_National26.924.8 / 20-Dec-1727.0 / 16-Jan-1819440View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Logan Property Holdings Co Ltd3380GeneralBuildingMaterials10.687.0 / 21-Dec-1710.72 / 19-Jan-1812535 KView Other Patterns
Harbin Bank Co Ltd6138InvestmentBrokerage_National2.612.15 / 21-Dec-172.62 / 19-Jan-187206 KView Other Patterns
Horizons MSCI Shs Exchange Traded Funds3040InvestmentBrokerage_National38.0534.2 / 22-Dec-1738.2 / 18-Jan-1889217View Other Patterns
UDL Holdings Ltd620Appliances5.04.1 / 18-Jan-185.02 / 19-Jan-18219 KView Other Patterns
Value China ETF Units3046InvestmentBrokerage_National49.842.4 / 27-Dec-1750.0 / 19-Jan-1830718View Other Patterns
Regal Real Estate Investment Trust1881RealEstateDevelopment2.462.37 / 20-Dec-172.47 / 16-Jan-18698 KView Other Patterns
Shimao Property Holdings Limited813GeneralBuildingMaterials23.615.72 / 20-Dec-1723.7 / 19-Jan-1810031 KView Other Patterns
Kingboard Laminates Holdings Ltd1888Semiconductor_BroadLine13.9212.0 / 27-Dec-1713.98 / 19-Jan-184249 KView Other Patterns
Lai Fung Holdings Ltd1125RealEstateDevelopment13.5212.48 / 20-Dec-1713.58 / 19-Jan-1854079View Other Patterns
Bank of China Ltd3988MoneyCenterBanks4.433.75 / 21-Dec-174.45 / 19-Jan-18439 MView Other Patterns
CnAMC CSI 300 Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-83188InvestmentBrokerage_National43.740.75 / 27-Dec-1743.9 / 19-Jan-18376 KView Other Patterns
Hengshi Mining Investments Ltd1370SteelAndIron2.171.86 / 04-Jan-182.18 / 19-Jan-18364 KView Other Patterns
Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp322Beverages_SoftDrinks17.1214.58 / 20-Dec-1717.2 / 19-Jan-188992 KView Other Patterns
Vgd Dev Europe Exchange Traded Funds3101InvestmentBrokerage_National20.8519.72 / 21-Dec-1720.95 / 16-Jan-1853887View Other Patterns
Welling Holding Ltd382DepartmentStores2.041.98 / 22-Dec-172.05 / 12-Jan-182997 KView Other Patterns
China SCE Property Holdings Ltd1966RealEstateDevelopment4.053.05 / 20-Dec-174.07 / 19-Jan-1811210 KView Other Patterns
China Nonferrous Metals Company Ltd8306Biotechnology0.2010.2 / 19-Jan-180.202 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Times Property Holdings Ltd1233RealEstateDevelopment9.536.72 / 21-Dec-179.58 / 19-Jan-183860 KView Other Patterns
Vgd FTSE JP Ind Exchange Traded Funds3126InvestmentBrokerage_National28.426.5 / 29-Dec-1728.55 / 16-Jan-1840881View Other Patterns
HS Cn A Ind Top Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-3128InvestmentBrokerage_National65.256.6 / 21-Dec-1765.55 / 19-Jan-1828488View Other Patterns
Haichang Holdings Ltd2255ResortsAndCasinos1.831.61 / 20-Dec-171.84 / 19-Jan-181331 KView Other Patterns
TCC International Holdings Ltd1136GeneralBuildingMaterials3.623.6 / 19-Jan-183.64 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
CnAMC CSI 300 Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-3188InvestmentBrokerage_National53.448.65 / 27-Dec-1753.7 / 19-Jan-1812098 KView Other Patterns
Public Financial Holdings Ltd626MoneyCenterBanks3.553.34 / 21-Dec-173.57 / 19-Jan-181509 KView Other Patterns
Standard Chartered PLC2888MoneyCenterBanks88.6579.85 / 27-Dec-1789.15 / 15-Jan-181531 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Future Land Development Holdings Ltd1030GeneralBuildingMaterials7.044.0 / 20-Dec-177.08 / 19-Jan-1842949 KView Other Patterns
Perennial International Ltd725Appliances1.741.38 / 22-Dec-171.75 / 17-Jan-1852545View Other Patterns
Pak Wing Group (Holdings) Ltd8316GeneralBuildingMaterials1.741.11 / 19-Jan-181.75 / 02-Jan-1813181View Other Patterns
Paliburg Holdings Ltd617ResortsAndCasinos3.473.33 / 21-Dec-173.49 / 16-Jan-18184 KView Other Patterns
Huaneng Power International Inc902WaterUtilities5.164.86 / 28-Dec-175.19 / 19-Jan-1825468 KView Other Patterns
Bank of Chongqing Co Ltd1963InvestmentBrokerage_National6.876.15 / 20-Dec-176.91 / 19-Jan-182356 KView Other Patterns
Everbright Securities Co Ltd6178InvestmentBrokerage_National10.269.57 / 22-Dec-1710.32 / 19-Jan-181419 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co Ltd6826Biotechnology42.7536.0 / 20-Dec-1743.0 / 19-Jan-18100 KView Other Patterns
Ming Fung Jewellery Group Ltd860Gold1.691.48 / 28-Dec-171.7 / 19-Jan-189594 KView Other Patterns
China Shipping Container Lines Co Ltd2866Trucking1.681.54 / 21-Dec-171.69 / 19-Jan-1812776 KView Other Patterns
China Merchants Securities Co Ltd6099InvestmentBrokerage_National13.2611.88 / 27-Dec-1713.34 / 19-Jan-181281 KView Other Patterns
Xingda International Holdings Ltd1899RubberAndPlastics3.312.69 / 21-Dec-173.33 / 19-Jan-184419 KView Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 HC Shs -1D- Distribution3057InvestmentBrokerage_National16.316.3 / 19-Jan-1816.4 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co Ltd2601PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance40.3536.55 / 11-Jan-1840.6 / 19-Jan-1820099 KView Other Patterns
Postal Savings Bank of China1658MoneyCenterBanks4.84.03 / 22-Dec-174.83 / 19-Jan-1856203 KView Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI BRAZ Shs -2C- Capitalisation3048InvestmentBrokerage_National39.7534.9 / 21-Dec-1740.0 / 19-Jan-183009View Other Patterns
Xiamen International Port Company Ltd3378GeneralBuildingMaterials1.571.45 / 27-Dec-171.58 / 19-Jan-182404 KView Other Patterns
Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd1086DepartmentStores4.664.11 / 20-Dec-174.69 / 10-Jan-181463 KView Other Patterns
CSOP CES CnA80 Shs Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-83137InvestmentBrokerage_National31.0531.25 / 19-Jan-1831.25 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Pou Sheng International (Holdings) Ltd3813DepartmentStores1.541.05 / 21-Dec-171.55 / 19-Jan-188426 KView Other Patterns
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd3WaterUtilities15.415.08 / 22-Dec-1715.5 / 19-Jan-188335 KView Other Patterns
iShs MSCI China Units2801InvestmentBrokerage_National30.7527.55 / 28-Dec-1730.95 / 19-Jan-18194 KView Other Patterns
W.I.S.E.-CSI HK Shs Exchange Traded Fund2817InvestmentBrokerage_National9.099.09 / 19-Jan-189.15 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
XIE Shs Kor ETF Shares Exchange Traded Funds3090InvestmentBrokerage_National7.547.59 / 19-Jan-187.59 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
CSC Financial Co Ltd6066InvestmentBrokerage_National7.326.7 / 20-Dec-177.37 / 18-Jan-18953 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
E Fd CSI 100 A Shs Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-83100InvestmentBrokerage_National43.940.0 / 02-Jan-1844.2 / 19-Jan-183149View Other Patterns
Harvest Cn A Id Shs Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-83118InvestmentBrokerage_National14.6213.16 / 15-Jan-1814.72 / 19-Jan-1810107View Other Patterns
Tao Heung Holdings Ltd573Beverages_SoftDrinks1.461.33 / 20-Dec-171.47 / 16-Jan-18513 KView Other Patterns
Champion Real Estate Investment Trust2778RealEstateDevelopment5.825.61 / 28-Dec-175.86 / 04-Jan-183194 KView Other Patterns
GF Securities Co Ltd1776InvestmentBrokerage_National17.4215.16 / 21-Dec-1717.54 / 19-Jan-187278 KView Other Patterns
Qingdao Port International Co Ltd6198Trucking5.715.2 / 28-Dec-175.75 / 11-Jan-18884 KView Other Patterns
Yuzhou Properties Co Ltd1628RealEstateDevelopment5.73.71 / 21-Dec-175.74 / 17-Jan-1820727 KView Other Patterns
HSBC Holdings PLC5MoneyCenterBanks85.478.8 / 20-Dec-1786.0 / 18-Jan-1827022 KView Other Patterns
Huishang Bank Corporation Ltd3698MoneyCenterBanks4.273.85 / 27-Dec-174.3 / 19-Jan-18778 KView Other Patterns
CSOP FTSE Cn Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-82822InvestmentBrokerage_National14.1612.74 / 27-Dec-1714.26 / 19-Jan-18759 KView Other Patterns
Chong Hing Bank Ltd1111MoneyCenterBanks16.9616.0 / 21-Dec-1717.08 / 19-Jan-18193 KView Other Patterns
Fullshare Holdings Ltd607Appliances4.233.14 / 21-Dec-174.26 / 19-Jan-1840091 KView Other Patterns
Minmetals Land Ltd230RealEstateDevelopment1.41.24 / 20-Dec-171.41 / 19-Jan-183211 KView Other Patterns
PA Cn CSI HKDiv Shares Exchange Traded Funds3070InvestmentBrokerage_National34.629.9 / 20-Dec-1734.85 / 18-Jan-188704View Other Patterns
Computime Group Ltd320Semiconductor_BroadLine1.341.21 / 27-Dec-171.35 / 17-Jan-18393 KView Other Patterns
Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd148Semiconductor_BroadLine45.8539.85 / 20-Dec-1746.2 / 18-Jan-182078 KView Other Patterns
Up Energy Development Group Ltd307GeneralBuildingMaterials0.1290.116 / 19-Jan-180.13 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Lerado Group (Holding) Co Ltd1225DepartmentStores0.1270.121 / 19-Jan-180.128 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
ABF HK Bd Ind Fd Units2819InvestmentBrokerage_National100.599.55 / 27-Dec-17101.3 / 05-Jan-186188View Other Patterns
Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool Co Ltd300IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.492.45 / 19-Jan-182.51 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
FSE Engineering Holdings Ltd331GeneralBuildingMaterials2.482.45 / 19-Jan-182.5 / 17-Jan-1897636View Other Patterns
SPDR Gold Trust Shs ETF2840InvestmentBrokerage_National990.0937.5 / 20-Dec-17998.0 / 17-Jan-1819670View Other Patterns
Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd2313ApparelStores80.470.15 / 21-Dec-1781.05 / 19-Jan-181745 KView Other Patterns
China Railway Group Ltd390GeneralBuildingMaterials6.185.61 / 21-Dec-176.23 / 19-Jan-1822120 KView Other Patterns
CSOP FTSE Cn Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-2822InvestmentBrokerage_National17.315.2 / 27-Dec-1717.44 / 19-Jan-1867634 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Easyknit International Holdings Ltd1218ApparelStores4.933.79 / 19-Jan-184.97 / 10-Jan-1827592View Other Patterns
CSOP CES CnA80 Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-3137InvestmentBrokerage_National36.736.85 / 19-Jan-1837.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China Unienergy Group Ltd1573SteelAndIron12.29.84 / 20-Dec-1712.3 / 19-Jan-18798 KView Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI INDO Shs -2C- Capitalisation3099InvestmentBrokerage_National133.5123.8 / 20-Dec-17134.6 / 18-Jan-18487View Other Patterns
Guoco Group Ltd53MoneyCenterBanks109.199.5 / 22-Dec-17110.0 / 19-Jan-1839901View Other Patterns
Agritrade Resources Ltd1131InvestmentBrokerage_National3.592.79 / 20-Dec-173.62 / 10-Jan-183071 KView Other Patterns
China Water Affairs Group Ltd855Appliances7.166.74 / 18-Jan-187.22 / 19-Jan-183303 KView Other Patterns
Glencore PLC805InvestmentBrokerage_National41.738.0 / 20-Dec-1742.05 / 19-Jan-18370 KView Other Patterns
Tian Teck Land Ltd266ResortsAndCasinos9.529.15 / 29-Dec-179.6 / 17-Jan-1824791View Other Patterns
Xtep International Holdings Ltd1368ApparelStores3.542.85 / 20-Dec-173.57 / 15-Jan-183020 KView Other Patterns
eprint Group Ltd1884Publishing_Periodicals3.492.31 / 27-Dec-173.52 / 16-Jan-183579 KView Other Patterns
Dongyue Group Ltd189MajorIntegratedOilAndGas5.814.97 / 20-Dec-175.86 / 17-Jan-188453 KView Other Patterns
Kee Holdings Company Ltd2011IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.161.05 / 29-Dec-171.17 / 18-Jan-1828745View Other Patterns
Wing On Company International Ltd289DepartmentStores28.7527.3 / 20-Dec-1729.0 / 19-Jan-1815045View Other Patterns
Allied Group Limited373RealEstateDevelopment45.844.75 / 27-Dec-1746.2 / 10-Jan-1810482View Other Patterns
Herald Holdings Ltd114Semiconductor_BroadLine1.141.11 / 03-Jan-181.15 / 17-Jan-18162 KView Other Patterns
C-Sh CSI Health Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-83132InvestmentBrokerage_National18.2218.02 / 04-Jan-1818.38 / 20-Dec-171281View Other Patterns
Shengjing Bank Co Ltd2066MoneyCenterBanks6.686.08 / 27-Dec-176.74 / 17-Jan-18145 KView Other Patterns
China Shipping Development Co Ltd1138Trucking4.434.17 / 21-Dec-174.47 / 18-Jan-184915 KView Other Patterns
Qinqin Foodstuffs Group (Cayman) Company Ltd1583Beverages_SoftDrinks2.211.99 / 10-Jan-182.23 / 19-Jan-18104 KView Other Patterns
Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co Ltd3618MoneyCenterBanks6.575.4 / 21-Dec-176.63 / 19-Jan-188219 KView Other Patterns
HSI Exchange Traded Units2833InvestmentBrokerage_National32.729.6 / 20-Dec-1733.0 / 18-Jan-18372 KView Other Patterns
C-Shs CSI 300 Shs Exchange Traded Fund -HKD Counter-3008InvestmentBrokerage_National21.7520.8 / 29-Dec-1721.95 / 19-Jan-18918View Other Patterns
Sun Hing Vision Group Holdings Ltd125PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies3.253.13 / 20-Dec-173.28 / 27-Dec-1715636View Other Patterns
Zhuguang Holdings Group Co Ltd1176RealEstateDevelopment1.080.97 / 20-Dec-171.09 / 19-Jan-185033 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
China Taifeng Beddings Holdings Ltd873DepartmentStores1.080.95 / 19-Jan-181.09 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
COSCO International Holdings Limited517GeneralBuildingMaterials3.232.99 / 21-Dec-173.26 / 18-Jan-181079 KView Other Patterns
China Power International Development Ltd2380Semiconductor_BroadLine2.121.99 / 22-Dec-172.14 / 19-Jan-1826390 KView Other Patterns
Pico Far East Holdings Ltd752Publishing_Periodicals3.153.04 / 20-Dec-173.18 / 05-Jan-18500 KView Other Patterns
iShs FTSE A50 Shs2823InvestmentBrokerage_National16.814.72 / 27-Dec-1716.96 / 19-Jan-1851929 KView Other Patterns
Kowloon Development Co Ltd34RealEstateDevelopment8.338.09 / 20-Dec-178.41 / 09-Jan-18120 KView Other Patterns
Hang Lung Properties Ltd101RealEstateDevelopment20.618.46 / 21-Dec-1720.8 / 12-Jan-184632 KView Other Patterns
China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd998MoneyCenterBanks6.184.84 / 21-Dec-176.24 / 19-Jan-18107 MView Other Patterns
Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust405RealEstateDevelopment5.125.05 / 04-Jan-185.17 / 10-Jan-184857 KView Other Patterns
Sands China Ltd1928ResortsAndCasinos46.038.05 / 02-Jan-1846.45 / 19-Jan-1814270 KView Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI KOREA Shs -1C- Capitalisation2848InvestmentBrokerage_National654.5617.0 / 22-Dec-17661.0 / 09-Jan-18891View Other Patterns
Dongfeng Motor Group Company Ltd489IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents9.969.04 / 21-Dec-1710.06 / 19-Jan-1812989 KView Other Patterns
China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd688RealEstateDevelopment29.823.9 / 21-Dec-1730.1 / 19-Jan-1828506 KView Other Patterns
Golik Holdings Ltd1118IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.990.96 / 12-Jan-181.0 / 11-Jan-18151 KView Other Patterns
China Huarong Asset Management Co Ltd2799InvestmentBrokerage_National3.963.5 / 21-Dec-174.0 / 19-Jan-1836347 KView Other Patterns
21 Holdings Ltd1003DepartmentStores1.951.64 / 28-Dec-171.97 / 19-Jan-184242 KView Other Patterns
HSBC China Drag Units820InvestmentBrokerage_National11.6810.58 / 21-Dec-1711.8 / 18-Jan-18129 KView Other Patterns
Fuguiniao Co Ltd1819DepartmentStores3.883.86 / 19-Jan-183.92 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co Ltd338Chemicals_MajorDiversified4.834.31 / 20-Dec-174.88 / 18-Jan-1810903 KView Other Patterns
Man Wah Holdings Ltd1999ApparelStores7.696.87 / 20-Dec-177.77 / 19-Jan-186457 KView Other Patterns
Chuang's Consortium International Ltd367RealEstateDevelopment1.921.77 / 22-Dec-171.94 / 15-Jan-182009 KView Other Patterns
Tian Shan Development (Holding) Ltd2118PersonalServices2.822.49 / 20-Dec-172.85 / 09-Jan-18116 KView Other Patterns
Fairwood Holdings Ltd52ResortsAndCasinos32.6531.75 / 27-Dec-1733.0 / 22-Dec-17204 KView Other Patterns
Rykadan Capital Ltd2288GeneralBuildingMaterials0.930.88 / 03-Jan-180.94 / 12-Jan-18115 KView Other Patterns
Value Gold ETF Shs Exchange-Traded Fund -HKD Counter-3081InvestmentBrokerage_National32.430.7 / 27-Dec-1732.75 / 17-Jan-18107 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
ITC Properties Group Ltd199InvestmentBrokerage_National2.762.68 / 15-Jan-182.79 / 17-Jan-18258 KView Other Patterns
Zall Development Group Ltd2098DepartmentStores9.28.15 / 20-Dec-179.3 / 03-Jan-1810036 KView Other Patterns
Lai Sun Garment (International) Ltd191ApparelStores14.6211.08 / 27-Dec-1714.78 / 19-Jan-1817090View Other Patterns
Cross-Harbour (Holdings) Ltd32Trucking12.7612.52 / 29-Dec-1712.9 / 12-Jan-18128 KView Other Patterns
Safety Godown Co Ltd237Trucking18.117.82 / 21-Dec-1718.3 / 27-Dec-1717002View Other Patterns
Wing Tai Properties Ltd369ApparelStores5.415.35 / 22-Dec-175.47 / 11-Jan-18395 KView Other Patterns
Shenzhen Expressway Co Ltd548Trucking8.17.71 / 21-Dec-178.19 / 18-Jan-181253 KView Other Patterns
C C Land Holdings Limited1224PackagingAndContainers1.81.64 / 22-Dec-171.82 / 19-Jan-18838 KView Other Patterns
Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Ltd40Semiconductor_BroadLine0.90.82 / 28-Dec-170.91 / 18-Jan-1880650View Other Patterns
China Reinsurance (Group) Corp.1508PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance1.81.7 / 29-Dec-171.82 / 19-Jan-1811520 KView Other Patterns
Kingston Financial Group Ltd1031ResortsAndCasinos8.927.48 / 02-Jan-189.02 / 18-Jan-185946 KView Other Patterns
Huayu Expressway Group Ltd1823Trucking0.890.75 / 28-Dec-170.9 / 19-Jan-18139 KView Other Patterns
Harvest Cn A Id Shs Exchange Traded Fund -HKD Counter-3118InvestmentBrokerage_National17.7616.42 / 20-Dec-1717.96 / 19-Jan-1816904View Other Patterns
China Gas Holdings Ltd384MajorIntegratedOilAndGas22.220.5 / 10-Jan-1822.45 / 04-Jan-186672 KView Other Patterns
Crocodile Garments Ltd122ApparelStores0.880.82 / 27-Dec-170.89 / 16-Jan-18416 KView Other Patterns
China Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd2319Beverages_SoftDrinks26.3521.65 / 20-Dec-1726.65 / 19-Jan-1815000 KView Other Patterns
Tristate Holdings Ltd458ApparelStores1.751.66 / 22-Dec-171.77 / 12-Jan-1813409View Other Patterns
Wuzhou International Holdings Ltd1369GeneralBuildingMaterials0.870.83 / 19-Jan-180.88 / 03-Jan-181158 KView Other Patterns
Capxon International Electronic Company Ltd469Appliances0.4350.395 / 28-Dec-170.44 / 12-Jan-18276 KView Other Patterns
Shenzhen Investment Ltd604RealEstateDevelopment3.453.16 / 21-Dec-173.49 / 10-Jan-1813253 KView Other Patterns
Dali Foods Group Co Ltd3799Beverages_SoftDrinks7.696.54 / 20-Dec-177.78 / 19-Jan-1813522 KView Other Patterns
Boyaa Interactive International Ltd434InformationTechnologyServices3.413.16 / 21-Dec-173.45 / 15-Jan-181136 KView Other Patterns
Manulife Financial Corp945PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance170.3162.1 / 03-Jan-18172.3 / 16-Jan-1841987View Other Patterns
China New City Commercial Development Ltd1321GeneralBuildingMaterials1.71.5 / 27-Dec-171.72 / 02-Jan-1897636View Other Patterns
Huajun Holdings Ltd377Publishing_Periodicals0.4250.31 / 02-Jan-180.43 / 19-Jan-181833 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Pyxis Group Ltd516TelecomServices_Domestic0.170.17 / 19-Jan-180.172 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Weichai Power Co Ltd2338IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents10.128.18 / 21-Dec-1710.24 / 18-Jan-1811149 KView Other Patterns
Tsim Sha Tsui Properties Ltd247RealEstateDevelopment25.224.65 / 19-Jan-1825.5 / 18-Jan-18636View Other Patterns
Cosco Pacific Ltd1199Trucking8.47.91 / 22-Dec-178.5 / 18-Jan-182877 KView Other Patterns
Datang International Power Generation Co Ltd991WaterUtilities2.52.23 / 27-Dec-172.53 / 18-Jan-1814109 KView Other Patterns
China Overseas Property Holdings Ltd2669RealEstateDevelopment2.491.92 / 20-Dec-172.52 / 16-Jan-1811109 KView Other Patterns
Maanshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd323SteelAndIron4.083.55 / 20-Dec-174.13 / 19-Jan-1837630 KView Other Patterns
China Nickel Resources Holdings Co Ltd2889SteelAndIron0.2440.206 / 19-Jan-180.247 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Sino Land Co Ltd83RealEstateDevelopment14.5813.26 / 21-Dec-1714.76 / 08-Jan-184181 KView Other Patterns
Guotai Junan International Holdings Ltd1788InvestmentBrokerage_National3.222.37 / 21-Dec-173.26 / 19-Jan-1835218 KView Other Patterns
Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Ltd551ApparelStores32.129.55 / 20-Dec-1732.5 / 19-Jan-181388 KView Other Patterns
Pa Shun Pharmaceutical International Holdings Ltd574DrugRelatedProducts0.40.36 / 12-Jan-180.405 / 11-Jan-18998 KView Other Patterns
Richly Field China Development Ltd313GeneralBuildingMaterials0.080.073 / 11-Jan-180.081 / 10-Jan-189662 KView Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 RE Shs -1D- Distribution2816InvestmentBrokerage_National15.816.0 / 19-Jan-1816.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China Everbright International Ltd257Lumber_WoodProduction12.5810.74 / 20-Dec-1712.74 / 19-Jan-189573 KView Other Patterns
Bank of Zhengzhou Co Ltd6196MoneyCenterBanks4.694.15 / 27-Dec-174.75 / 19-Jan-18723 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd363InvestmentBrokerage_National23.3521.7 / 22-Dec-1723.65 / 09-Jan-181089 KView Other Patterns
Jiangsu Expressway Co Ltd177Trucking12.4411.44 / 21-Dec-1712.6 / 15-Jan-182655 KView Other Patterns
BMO As USD IGB Shs Exchange Traded Fund3141InvestmentBrokerage_National15.4515.4 / 19-Jan-1815.65 / 28-Dec-1766892View Other Patterns
Baguio Green Group Ltd1397WasteManagement0.770.7 / 22-Dec-170.78 / 18-Jan-1885454View Other Patterns
Century City International Holdings Ltd355RealEstateDevelopment0.770.73 / 22-Dec-170.78 / 19-Jan-18828 KView Other Patterns
Tai Sang Land Development Ltd89RealEstateDevelopment5.395.19 / 28-Dec-175.46 / 12-Jan-1832893View Other Patterns
Tong Ren Tang Technologies Co Ltd1666DrugRelatedProducts12.2410.3 / 20-Dec-1712.4 / 19-Jan-181618 KView Other Patterns
Longrun Tea Group Co Ltd2898DrugRelatedProducts0.380.365 / 19-Jan-180.385 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Inspur International Ltd596InformationTechnologyServices2.282.1 / 28-Dec-172.31 / 19-Jan-18427 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd27ResortsAndCasinos63.958.8 / 02-Jan-1864.75 / 18-Jan-1813112 KView Other Patterns
AviChina Industry & Technology Co Ltd2357TrucksAndOtherVehicles4.453.88 / 20-Dec-174.51 / 19-Jan-1811526 KView Other Patterns
China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd1186GeneralBuildingMaterials9.68.9 / 21-Dec-179.73 / 19-Jan-1812181 KView Other Patterns
TOM Group Ltd2383InformationTechnologyServices2.212.01 / 20-Dec-172.24 / 28-Dec-17565 KView Other Patterns
Dynamic Holdings Ltd29RealEstateDevelopment8.87.9 / 27-Dec-178.92 / 18-Jan-18228 KView Other Patterns
Dalian Port (PDA) Company Ltd2880Trucking1.461.39 / 28-Dec-171.48 / 10-Jan-182194 KView Other Patterns
China Petroleum & Chemical Corp Sinopec386MajorIntegratedOilAndGas6.535.59 / 21-Dec-176.62 / 16-Jan-18129 MView Other Patterns
SJM Holdings Ltd880ResortsAndCasinos7.976.61 / 02-Jan-188.08 / 16-Jan-1818196 KView Other Patterns
Johnson Electric Holdings Ltd179Appliances32.4529.3 / 20-Dec-1732.9 / 18-Jan-18708 KView Other Patterns
Coolpad Group Ltd2369TelecomServices_Domestic0.720.71 / 19-Jan-180.73 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Bel Global Resources Holdings Ltd761DepartmentStores0.1430.138 / 19-Jan-180.145 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Chevalier International Holdings Ltd25InvestmentBrokerage_National12.8212.64 / 03-Jan-1813.0 / 09-Jan-1820226View Other Patterns
Global Brands Group Holdings Ltd787ApparelStores0.710.63 / 29-Dec-170.72 / 19-Jan-1837380 KView Other Patterns
Tiangong International Co Ltd826SteelAndIron1.410.97 / 22-Dec-171.43 / 19-Jan-1815122 KView Other Patterns
REX Global Entertainment Holdings Ltd164RealEstateDevelopment0.1410.091 / 20-Dec-170.143 / 19-Jan-1816139 KView Other Patterns
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Ltd1135TelecomServices_Domestic7.06.7 / 22-Dec-177.1 / 05-Jan-1817954View Other Patterns
Shun Tak Holdings Ltd242Trucking3.52.93 / 20-Dec-173.55 / 19-Jan-185236 KView Other Patterns
Dongfang Electric Corporation Ltd1072Appliances6.936.1 / 20-Dec-177.03 / 10-Jan-181835 KView Other Patterns
Harbour Centre Development Ltd51ResortsAndCasinos15.214.58 / 21-Dec-1715.42 / 18-Jan-1818159View Other Patterns
Far East Horizon Ltd3360InvestmentBrokerage_National8.296.61 / 20-Dec-178.41 / 19-Jan-186046 KView Other Patterns
Common Splendor International Health Industry Group Ltd286RealEstateDevelopment0.690.68 / 18-Jan-180.7 / 19-Jan-181166 KView Other Patterns
Town Health International Medical Group Ltd3886DrugRelatedProducts0.690.68 / 19-Jan-180.7 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Century Legend (Holdings) Ltd79ApparelStores0.690.66 / 17-Jan-180.7 / 16-Jan-1858590View Other Patterns
China Traditional Chinese Medicine Co Ltd570WaterUtilities4.813.84 / 20-Dec-174.88 / 18-Jan-1818646 KView Other Patterns
ORIENT SECURITIES CO LTD3958InvestmentBrokerage_National8.227.2 / 29-Dec-178.34 / 19-Jan-183340 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
EGL Holdings Co Ltd6882PersonalServices1.371.33 / 21-Dec-171.39 / 27-Dec-17174 KView Other Patterns
Hang Lung Group Ltd10RealEstateDevelopment30.828.05 / 20-Dec-1731.25 / 17-Jan-18935 KView Other Patterns
Nanyang Holdings Ltd212ApparelStores51.245.85 / 22-Dec-1751.95 / 18-Jan-184188View Other Patterns
China E-Learning Group Ltd8055InformationTechnologyServices0.340.28 / 21-Dec-170.345 / 19-Jan-1823876 KView Other Patterns
Kingdee International Software Group Co Ltd268InformationTechnologyServices4.744.13 / 20-Dec-174.81 / 12-Jan-1815555 KView Other Patterns
Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Ltd1812Lumber_WoodProduction14.8613.04 / 20-Dec-1715.08 / 12-Jan-181974 KView Other Patterns
NWS Holdings Limited659Trucking14.6813.84 / 21-Dec-1714.9 / 15-Jan-181250 KView Other Patterns
Emperor International Holdings Ltd163RealEstateDevelopment2.652.46 / 22-Dec-172.69 / 09-Jan-181229 KView Other Patterns
PuraPharm Corporation Ltd1498DrugRelatedProducts3.273.01 / 29-Dec-173.32 / 19-Jan-18259 KView Other Patterns
China Galaxy Securities Co Ltd6881InvestmentBrokerage_National6.535.48 / 21-Dec-176.63 / 19-Jan-1830811 KView Other Patterns
Tan Chong International Ltd693TrucksAndOtherVehicles2.612.59 / 29-Dec-172.65 / 12-Jan-1827363View Other Patterns
S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd1184InvestmentBrokerage_National2.62.55 / 21-Dec-172.64 / 02-Jan-18134 KView Other Patterns
Sino Hotels (Holdings) Ltd1221ResortsAndCasinos3.22.92 / 22-Dec-173.25 / 27-Dec-1734142View Other Patterns
Man Sang International Ltd938Gold0.640.4 / 29-Dec-170.65 / 18-Jan-181189 KView Other Patterns
Altus Holdings Ltd8149InvestmentBrokerage_National0.320.32 / 19-Jan-180.325 / 15-Jan-18165 KView Other Patterns
Jiashili Group Ltd1285Beverages_SoftDrinks1.921.82 / 21-Dec-171.95 / 17-Jan-18195 KView Other Patterns
Qingling Motors Co Ltd1122TrucksAndOtherVehicles2.542.47 / 20-Dec-172.58 / 18-Jan-181165 KView Other Patterns
China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd762TelecomServices_Domestic11.410.32 / 21-Dec-1711.58 / 19-Jan-1836456 KView Other Patterns
SMIT Holdings Ltd2239InformationTechnologyServices5.73.48 / 20-Dec-175.79 / 18-Jan-181356 KView Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI THAI Shs -2C- Capitalisation3092InvestmentBrokerage_National215.2201.0 / 21-Dec-17218.6 / 18-Jan-181229View Other Patterns
China Motor Bus Co Ltd26Trucking101.098.5 / 22-Dec-17102.6 / 10-Jan-182136View Other Patterns
Polytec Asset Holdings Limited208ApparelStores0.630.6 / 21-Dec-170.64 / 15-Jan-18584 KView Other Patterns
EPI (Holdings) Ltd689Semiconductor_BroadLine0.630.52 / 17-Jan-180.64 / 19-Jan-188570 KView Other Patterns
Chen Xing Development Holdings Ltd2286BusinessServices1.891.66 / 20-Dec-171.92 / 19-Jan-1856000View Other Patterns
China Tianrui Group Cement Company Ltd1252GeneralBuildingMaterials5.034.7 / 21-Dec-175.11 / 04-Jan-18186 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Hon Kwok Land Investment Co Ltd160RealEstateDevelopment5.024.57 / 21-Dec-175.1 / 05-Jan-1887516View Other Patterns
EVA Precision Industrial Holdings Ltd838IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.251.16 / 20-Dec-171.27 / 19-Jan-182740 KView Other Patterns
Aeon Credit Service (Asia) Company Ltd900MoneyCenterBanks6.256.14 / 09-Jan-186.35 / 27-Dec-17694 KView Other Patterns
Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd1618IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.482.24 / 20-Dec-172.52 / 11-Jan-1812386 KView Other Patterns
ABF Pan Asia Idx Fd Units2821InvestmentBrokerage_National117.55116.25 / 21-Dec-17119.45 / 17-Jan-18743View Other Patterns
Mayer Holdings Limited1116SteelAndIron0.1230.122 / 19-Jan-180.125 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China Merchants China Direct Investments Ltd133InvestmentBrokerage_National14.7212.9 / 27-Dec-1714.96 / 19-Jan-18233 KView Other Patterns
China Lesso Group Holdings Ltd2128IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents5.514.76 / 20-Dec-175.6 / 19-Jan-183269 KView Other Patterns
SITC International Holdings Co Ltd1308Trucking7.957.35 / 22-Dec-178.08 / 19-Jan-18996 KView Other Patterns
China Machinery Engineering Corporation1829IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents5.454.82 / 20-Dec-175.54 / 19-Jan-184955 KView Other Patterns
Midland Holdings Ltd1200RealEstateDevelopment2.422.25 / 02-Jan-182.46 / 04-Jan-182491 KView Other Patterns
Yanzhou Coal Mining Co Ltd1171SteelAndIron12.088.27 / 21-Dec-1712.28 / 19-Jan-1839046 KView Other Patterns
China Aoyuan Property Group Ltd3883RealEstateDevelopment6.643.78 / 21-Dec-176.75 / 19-Jan-1820667 KView Other Patterns
Zhidao International (Holdings) Ltd1220IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals0.60.43 / 22-Dec-170.61 / 19-Jan-186779 KView Other Patterns
Build King Holdings Ltd.240InvestmentBrokerage_National0.60.54 / 20-Dec-170.61 / 19-Jan-181172 KView Other Patterns
Prada Spa1913ApparelStores32.9527.1 / 27-Dec-1733.5 / 19-Jan-181503 KView Other Patterns
New Century Real Estate Investment Trust1275RealEstateDevelopment2.392.35 / 20-Dec-172.43 / 16-Jan-1836681View Other Patterns
Emperor Entertainment Hotel Ltd296RealEstateDevelopment1.791.68 / 27-Dec-171.82 / 19-Jan-181420 KView Other Patterns
National Agricultural Holdings Ltd1236ComputerBasedSystems1.191.1 / 19-Jan-181.21 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Bank of Communications Co Ltd3328MoneyCenterBanks6.515.71 / 21-Dec-176.62 / 19-Jan-1843268 KView Other Patterns Holdings Ltd8086TelecomServices_Domestic0.2950.23 / 15-Jan-180.3 / 16-Jan-188174 KView Other Patterns
Tianjin Binhai Teda Logistics (Group) Corporation Ltd8348Trucking1.181.1 / 19-Jan-181.2 / 29-Dec-1740363View Other Patterns
Tianhe Chemicals Group Ltd1619Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.171.16 / 19-Jan-181.19 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd293Trucking12.8411.9 / 29-Dec-1713.06 / 12-Jan-183911 KView Other Patterns
Haitong Securities Co Ltd6837PersonalServices12.8411.12 / 21-Dec-1713.06 / 19-Jan-1815927 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
YGM Trading Ltd375ApparelStores10.57.2 / 05-Jan-1810.68 / 19-Jan-18350 KView Other Patterns
Ka Shui International Holdings Ltd822IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.580.54 / 16-Jan-180.59 / 18-Jan-18653 KView Other Patterns
China Animal Healthcare Ltd940InvestmentBrokerage_National5.25.13 / 19-Jan-185.29 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
S E A Holdings Ltd251RealEstateDevelopment12.6411.0 / 20-Dec-1712.86 / 19-Jan-18623 KView Other Patterns
Lai Sun Development Co Ltd488RealEstateDevelopment14.8612.3 / 20-Dec-1715.12 / 17-Jan-18315 KView Other Patterns
S.Culture International Holdings Ltd1255ApparelStores4.03.04 / 20-Dec-174.07 / 16-Jan-18156 KView Other Patterns
Tsui Wah Holdings Ltd1314Beverages_SoftDrinks1.141.12 / 18-Jan-181.16 / 29-Dec-172048 KView Other Patterns
In Construction Holdings Ltd1500GeneralBuildingMaterials0.570.52 / 02-Jan-180.58 / 15-Jan-18262 KView Other Patterns
Wai Kee Holdings Ltd610GeneralBuildingMaterials3.973.48 / 21-Dec-174.04 / 09-Jan-18289 KView Other Patterns
Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Co Ltd8138DrugRelatedProducts12.4610.4 / 21-Dec-1712.68 / 19-Jan-18710 KView Other Patterns
China Resources Land Ltd1109RealEstateDevelopment28.321.55 / 20-Dec-1728.8 / 19-Jan-1819320 KView Other Patterns
Sinotrans Shipping Ltd368Trucking2.261.88 / 27-Dec-172.3 / 19-Jan-184355 KView Other Patterns
China Candy Holdings Ltd8182Beverages_SoftDrinks0.1130.112 / 19-Jan-180.115 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
iS CSI A Index Units2846InvestmentBrokerage_National33.8530.65 / 20-Dec-1734.45 / 17-Jan-1830450View Other Patterns
Jiangnan Group Ltd1366Appliances0.560.485 / 20-Dec-170.57 / 09-Jan-186588 KView Other Patterns
China Saite Group Co Ltd153SteelAndIron0.560.52 / 18-Jan-180.57 / 10-Jan-184528 KView Other Patterns
China Metal Resources Utilization Ltd1636IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals5.013.96 / 22-Dec-175.1 / 02-Jan-181879 KView Other Patterns
Sun Hung Kai & Co Ltd86InvestmentBrokerage_National5.04.88 / 21-Dec-175.09 / 05-Jan-18649 KView Other Patterns
Allied Properties (HK) Ltd56RealEstateDevelopment1.661.5 / 20-Dec-171.69 / 10-Jan-182105 KView Other Patterns
dbxt CNXN Shs -1C- Capitalisation3015InvestmentBrokerage_National1326.01256.0 / 20-Dec-171350.0 / 19-Jan-18115View Other Patterns
Brilliant Circle Holdings International Ltd1008Publishing_Periodicals1.11.02 / 29-Dec-171.12 / 19-Jan-18116 KView Other Patterns
CITIC Telecom International Holdings Ltd1883InformationTechnologyServices2.21.97 / 20-Dec-172.24 / 18-Jan-184063 KView Other Patterns
Samson Paper Holdings Ltd731Lumber_WoodProduction0.550.45 / 02-Jan-180.56 / 19-Jan-18694 KView Other Patterns
BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Ltd2388MoneyCenterBanks41.238.4 / 22-Dec-1741.95 / 18-Jan-1810722 KView Other Patterns
Hopefluent Group Holdings Ltd733RealEstateDevelopment3.833.25 / 28-Dec-173.9 / 18-Jan-18600 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co Ltd874DrugRelatedProducts24.5521.7 / 20-Dec-1725.0 / 16-Jan-181907 KView Other Patterns
China Molybdenum Co Ltd3993SteelAndIron6.04.61 / 20-Dec-176.11 / 18-Jan-1864716 KView Other Patterns
Road King Infrastructure Ltd1098Trucking14.1812.9 / 20-Dec-1714.44 / 10-Jan-18746 KView Other Patterns
Vanke Property (Overseas) Ltd1036RealEstateDevelopment4.94.66 / 20-Dec-174.99 / 18-Jan-1865191View Other Patterns
Lung Kee (Bermuda) Holdings Ltd255IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents3.83.6 / 03-Jan-183.87 / 10-Jan-1899409View Other Patterns
Tomson Group Ltd258RealEstateDevelopment3.83.2 / 27-Dec-173.87 / 19-Jan-181298 KView Other Patterns
China Telecom Corp Ltd728TelecomServices_Domestic3.83.67 / 28-Dec-173.87 / 19-Jan-1864322 KView Other Patterns
CITIC Ltd267InvestmentBrokerage_National11.8410.78 / 20-Dec-1712.06 / 19-Jan-188361 KView Other Patterns
Tai Cheung Holdings Ltd88RealEstateDevelopment9.648.81 / 20-Dec-179.82 / 11-Jan-18129 KView Other Patterns
dbxt CSI300 FIN Shs -1D- Distribution2844InvestmentBrokerage_National11.7811.78 / 19-Jan-1812.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Wong's International Holdings Ltd99Semiconductor_BroadLine3.193.02 / 11-Jan-183.25 / 19-Jan-1839030View Other Patterns
Yuexiu Property Co Ltd123RealEstateDevelopment1.591.39 / 21-Dec-171.62 / 10-Jan-1832412 KView Other Patterns
UKF (Holdings) Ltd8168BusinessServices0.2650.242 / 11-Jan-180.27 / 19-Jan-184870 KView Other Patterns
UKF (Holdings) Ltd1468InvestmentBrokerage_National0.2650.242 / 11-Jan-180.27 / 19-Jan-184870 KView Other Patterns
China Communications Construction Company Ltd1800Trucking9.528.46 / 20-Dec-179.7 / 19-Jan-1828917 KView Other Patterns
Dah Sing Financial Holdings Ltd440MoneyCenterBanks52.5548.8 / 20-Dec-1753.55 / 05-Jan-18349 KView Other Patterns
Playmates Holdings Ltd635DepartmentStores1.051.0 / 02-Jan-181.07 / 21-Dec-17842 KView Other Patterns
CT Environmental Group Ltd1363WasteManagement1.571.31 / 22-Dec-171.6 / 10-Jan-1827463 KView Other Patterns
China Merchants Bank Co Ltd3968MoneyCenterBanks36.530.0 / 21-Dec-1737.2 / 19-Jan-1821526 KView Other Patterns
China Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd606MeatProducts3.643.28 / 20-Dec-173.71 / 18-Jan-188694 KView Other Patterns
SCUD Group Ltd1399Semiconductor_BroadLine1.041.02 / 19-Jan-181.06 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
BAIOO Family Interactive Ltd2100InformationTechnologyServices0.520.465 / 29-Dec-170.53 / 17-Jan-182048 KView Other Patterns
China Mobile Limited941TelecomServices_Domestic80.576.85 / 21-Dec-1782.05 / 19-Jan-1814892 KView Other Patterns
Value Japan ETF Shs Exchange-Traded Fund JPY3084InvestmentBrokerage_National16.4815.36 / 02-Jan-1816.8 / 15-Jan-183450View Other Patterns
Goldlion Holdings Ltd533DepartmentStores3.093.05 / 29-Dec-173.15 / 15-Jan-18203 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Central China Securities Co Ltd1375InvestmentBrokerage_National3.593.2 / 21-Dec-173.66 / 19-Jan-182659 KView Other Patterns
E Fund Citi Cn Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-82808InvestmentBrokerage_National107.55107.45 / 15-Jan-18109.65 / 03-Jan-1815View Other Patterns
Changgang Dunxin Enterprise Company Ltd2229PackagingAndContainers0.510.485 / 19-Jan-180.52 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
VPower Group International Holdings Ltd1608Appliances5.14.85 / 05-Jan-185.2 / 11-Jan-18257 KView Other Patterns
Fast Retailing Shs Unsponsored Hong Kong Depositary Receipt Repr 1/100th Sh6288InvestmentBrokerage_National35.330.6 / 21-Dec-1736.0 / 16-Jan-1831090View Other Patterns
Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co Ltd1033Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.511.21 / 20-Dec-171.54 / 18-Jan-1820735 KView Other Patterns
Daphne International Holdings Ltd210InvestmentBrokerage_National0.50.48 / 17-Jan-180.51 / 19-Jan-18754 KView Other Patterns
GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd493ComputerBasedSystems1.00.91 / 20-Dec-171.02 / 19-Jan-1872004 KView Other Patterns
China Renewable Energy Investment Ltd987Semiconductor_BroadLine0.250.233 / 27-Dec-170.255 / 19-Jan-18555 KView Other Patterns
Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Ltd337ComputerBasedSystems3.992.9 / 21-Dec-174.07 / 19-Jan-187590 KView Other Patterns
Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co Ltd1292TrucksAndOtherVehicles4.984.66 / 21-Dec-175.08 / 28-Dec-1784590View Other Patterns
dbxt MSCI PHIL Shs -2C- Capitalisation3016InvestmentBrokerage_National16.8616.16 / 05-Jan-1817.2 / 11-Jan-18609View Other Patterns
Excel Development (Holdings) Ltd1372GeneralBuildingMaterials4.954.29 / 03-Jan-185.05 / 17-Jan-1866909View Other Patterns
Yau Lee Holdings Ltd406GeneralBuildingMaterials1.481.36 / 05-Jan-181.51 / 12-Jan-1850722View Other Patterns
China Everbright Ltd165InvestmentBrokerage_National18.6216.74 / 21-Dec-1719.0 / 18-Jan-183127 KView Other Patterns
Shun Ho Technology Holdings Ltd219TelecomServices_Domestic2.942.94 / 19-Jan-183.0 / 10-Jan-1827595View Other Patterns
China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Ltd3320DrugRelatedProducts10.749.65 / 20-Dec-1710.96 / 12-Jan-184520 KView Other Patterns
Wasion Group Holdings Ltd3393Semiconductor_BroadLine4.383.77 / 21-Dec-174.47 / 19-Jan-181215 KView Other Patterns
Zhongyu Gas Holdings Ltd3633IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents6.814.78 / 28-Dec-176.95 / 19-Jan-184736 KView Other Patterns
Hongkong Chinese Ltd655MoneyCenterBanks1.451.31 / 02-Jan-181.48 / 18-Jan-189633 KView Other Patterns
Dan Form Holdings Co Ltd271RealEstateDevelopment1.931.76 / 20-Dec-171.97 / 18-Jan-18542 KView Other Patterns
Henry Group Holdings Ltd859ComputerBasedSystems2.412.15 / 22-Dec-172.46 / 11-Jan-189249 KView Other Patterns
Beijing Digital Telecom Co Ltd6188TelecomServices_Domestic2.892.49 / 10-Jan-182.95 / 18-Jan-1839136View Other Patterns
Kerry Logistics Network Ltd636Trucking11.5410.7 / 22-Dec-1711.78 / 12-Jan-18862 KView Other Patterns
China Baofeng (International) Ltd2911DepartmentStores0.240.204 / 19-Jan-180.245 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd1RealEstateDevelopment100.796.0 / 20-Dec-17102.8 / 15-Jan-185519 KView Other Patterns
Jinmao Investments and Jinmao (China) Investments Holdings Ltd6139RealEstateDevelopment5.244.85 / 27-Dec-175.35 / 17-Jan-18197 KView Other Patterns
KAZ Minerals PLC847SteelAndIron99.980.5 / 09-Jan-18102.0 / 16-Jan-18319View Other Patterns
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd388MoneyCenterBanks294.8231.6 / 21-Dec-17301.0 / 18-Jan-1811049 KView Other Patterns
Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd392InvestmentBrokerage_National47.544.6 / 20-Dec-1748.5 / 18-Jan-181763 KView Other Patterns
Newton Resources Ltd1231SteelAndIron0.950.7 / 22-Dec-170.97 / 15-Jan-18338 KView Other Patterns
China Fordoo Holdings Ltd2399ApparelStores6.175.7 / 21-Dec-176.3 / 19-Jan-18357 KView Other Patterns
Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd1038GeneralBuildingMaterials66.365.7 / 20-Dec-1767.7 / 04-Jan-181765 KView Other Patterns
Mingfa Group (International) Co Ltd846RealEstateDevelopment1.891.89 / 19-Jan-181.93 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Uni-President China Holdings Ltd220Beverages_SoftDrinks7.546.11 / 20-Dec-177.7 / 19-Jan-185406 KView Other Patterns
China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Ltd2877DrugRelatedProducts8.07.12 / 20-Dec-178.17 / 18-Jan-18830 KView Other Patterns
Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd1828TrucksAndOtherVehicles3.753.52 / 20-Dec-173.83 / 16-Jan-181179 KView Other Patterns
Horizons KOSPI Shs Exchange Traded Fund2835InvestmentBrokerage_National25.726.15 / 19-Jan-1826.25 / 19-Jan-18681View Other Patterns
L'Occitane International SA973DrugRelatedProducts15.8813.9 / 20-Dec-1716.22 / 17-Jan-181149 KView Other Patterns
ZTE Corporation763TelecomServices_Domestic30.3527.05 / 20-Dec-1731.0 / 18-Jan-1812712 KView Other Patterns
Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd294ApparelStores2.82.76 / 29-Dec-172.86 / 29-Dec-179980View Other Patterns
Tradelink Electronic Commerce Ltd536Semiconductor_BroadLine1.41.31 / 20-Dec-171.43 / 18-Jan-18877 KView Other Patterns
China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd3996GeneralBuildingMaterials1.41.22 / 27-Dec-171.43 / 29-Dec-173137 KView Other Patterns
Real Gold Mining Ltd246Gold8.818.73 / 19-Jan-189.0 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China International Marine Containers Group Ltd2039Trucking15.5814.64 / 22-Dec-1715.92 / 12-Jan-182245 KView Other Patterns
China Cinda Asset Management Co Ltd1359InvestmentBrokerage_National3.22.78 / 21-Dec-173.27 / 19-Jan-1856751 KView Other Patterns
Greatview Aseptic Packaging Company Ltd468PackagingAndContainers5.885.04 / 20-Dec-176.01 / 02-Jan-18747 KView Other Patterns
Honma Golf Ltd6858DepartmentStores8.137.41 / 20-Dec-178.31 / 16-Jan-181295 KView Other Patterns
KWG Property Holding Ltd1813RealEstateDevelopment12.68.32 / 20-Dec-1712.88 / 19-Jan-1819762 KView Other Patterns
China Shenhua Energy Company Ltd1088SteelAndIron22.519.42 / 20-Dec-1723.0 / 09-Jan-1824404 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Transport International Holdings Ltd62Trucking24.724.3 / 21-Dec-1725.25 / 29-Dec-1784288View Other Patterns
Best Pacific International Holdings Ltd2111ApparelStores4.924.59 / 05-Jan-185.03 / 19-Jan-18574 KView Other Patterns
Winox Holdings Ltd6838SteelAndIron1.781.59 / 28-Dec-171.82 / 10-Jan-18218 KView Other Patterns
First Tractor Company Limited38IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents3.523.2 / 20-Dec-173.6 / 27-Dec-171729 KView Other Patterns
One Media Group Ltd426Publishing_Periodicals0.880.8 / 28-Dec-170.9 / 19-Jan-18122 KView Other Patterns
Changfeng Axle (China) Co Ltd1039IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.311.17 / 28-Dec-171.34 / 17-Jan-18813 KView Other Patterns
Kingworld Medicines Group Ltd1110DrugRelatedProducts1.311.09 / 20-Dec-171.34 / 19-Jan-18360 KView Other Patterns
China Primary Energy Holdings Ltd8117InformationTechnologyServices0.870.79 / 11-Jan-180.89 / 18-Jan-18272 KView Other Patterns
Hop Hing Group Holdings Ltd47Beverages_SoftDrinks0.2170.213 / 19-Jan-180.222 / 09-Jan-182355 KView Other Patterns
Pak Fah Yeow International Ltd239DrugRelatedProducts3.453.35 / 20-Dec-173.53 / 21-Dec-1723318View Other Patterns
Dejin Resources Group Co Ltd1163Appliances0.2150.215 / 19-Jan-180.22 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
PanAsialum Holdings Co Ltd2078Aluminum0.860.82 / 19-Jan-180.88 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Chanco International Group Limited264ApparelStores0.860.81 / 03-Jan-180.88 / 18-Jan-18111 KView Other Patterns
China MinSheng Banking Corporation1988MoneyCenterBanks8.567.61 / 21-Dec-178.76 / 19-Jan-1845822 KView Other Patterns
Yunnan Water Investment Co Ltd6839WasteManagement3.423.03 / 20-Dec-173.5 / 10-Jan-181071 KView Other Patterns
MMG Ltd1208IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals4.73.38 / 20-Dec-174.81 / 16-Jan-1825727 KView Other Patterns
AMVIG Holdings Ltd2300Publishing_Periodicals2.132.05 / 22-Dec-172.18 / 16-Jan-18285 KView Other Patterns
Sound Global Ltd967WaterUtilities2.982.85 / 19-Jan-183.05 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Progressive Path Group Holdings Ltd1581GeneralBuildingMaterials0.4250.395 / 03-Jan-180.435 / 15-Jan-183630 KView Other Patterns
Ajisen (China) Holdings Ltd538Beverages_SoftDrinks3.823.3 / 27-Dec-173.91 / 05-Jan-18632 KView Other Patterns
iShares S&P BSE Units2836InvestmentBrokerage_National25.424.0 / 29-Dec-1726.0 / 19-Jan-1866588View Other Patterns
New Century Group Hong Kong Ltd234Beverages_SoftDrinks0.1260.12 / 27-Dec-170.129 / 16-Jan-18594 KView Other Patterns
Fantasia Holdings Group Co Ltd1777RealEstateDevelopment1.261.02 / 21-Dec-171.29 / 09-Jan-187747 KView Other Patterns
Glorious Property Holdings Ltd845GeneralBuildingMaterials0.840.68 / 22-Dec-170.86 / 18-Jan-182713 KView Other Patterns
Goal Forward Holdings Ltd8240Beverages_SoftDrinks0.2090.195 / 29-Dec-170.214 / 12-Jan-18560 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Macau Legend Development Ltd1680RealEstateDevelopment1.251.13 / 02-Jan-181.28 / 16-Jan-184498 KView Other Patterns
Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd16RealEstateDevelopment133.1125.9 / 22-Dec-17136.3 / 09-Jan-183377 KView Other Patterns
PetroAsian Energy Holdings Ltd850Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.1240.116 / 29-Dec-170.127 / 18-Jan-1811500 KView Other Patterns
New World Development Co Ltd17RealEstateDevelopment12.3411.06 / 20-Dec-1712.64 / 05-Jan-1817368 KView Other Patterns
Madex International (Holdings) Ltd231RealEstateDevelopment0.0820.073 / 16-Jan-180.084 / 19-Jan-188076 KView Other Patterns
Merdeka Mobile Group Ltd8163InformationTechnologyServices0.0820.074 / 22-Dec-170.084 / 02-Jan-18947 KView Other Patterns
Jiahua Stores Holdings Ltd602DepartmentStores0.410.4 / 05-Jan-180.42 / 17-Jan-18348 KView Other Patterns
China Communication Telecom Services Co Ltd8206InvestmentBrokerage_National0.410.355 / 03-Jan-180.42 / 19-Jan-18541 KView Other Patterns
Tern Properties Co Ltd277RealEstateDevelopment4.54.45 / 05-Jan-184.61 / 05-Jan-183181View Other Patterns
Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech Co Ltd8095ComputerBasedSystems1.631.5 / 10-Jan-181.67 / 04-Jan-18712 KView Other Patterns
Paladin Ltd495IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.2440.23 / 27-Dec-170.25 / 12-Jan-18268 KView Other Patterns
MGM China Holdings Ltd2282ResortsAndCasinos24.321.8 / 05-Jan-1824.9 / 18-Jan-188660 KView Other Patterns
CLP Holdings Ltd2WaterUtilities78.3578.35 / 19-Jan-1880.3 / 02-Jan-182275 KView Other Patterns
iSh Emerging Units2802InvestmentBrokerage_National60.255.65 / 27-Dec-1761.7 / 15-Jan-1819125View Other Patterns
China Resources Power Holdings Co Ltd836WaterUtilities14.4414.0 / 17-Jan-1814.8 / 02-Jan-187309 KView Other Patterns
Forebase International Holdings Ltd2310Appliances0.40.375 / 17-Jan-180.41 / 12-Jan-1852909View Other Patterns
Man King Holdings Ltd2193GeneralBuildingMaterials0.80.72 / 22-Dec-170.82 / 11-Jan-18166 KView Other Patterns
Man Yue Technology Holdings Ltd894Semiconductor_BroadLine1.591.36 / 21-Dec-171.63 / 08-Jan-181666 KView Other Patterns
China Kingstone Mining Holdings Ltd1380SteelAndIron0.0790.061 / 27-Dec-170.081 / 19-Jan-181998 KView Other Patterns
Zhong Ao Home Group Ltd1538RealEstateDevelopment0.790.65 / 29-Dec-170.81 / 04-Jan-18446 KView Other Patterns
Ceneric (Holdings) Ltd542ResortsAndCasinos0.2370.207 / 21-Dec-170.243 / 02-Jan-181829 KView Other Patterns
National Electronics Holdings Ltd213InvestmentBrokerage_National1.181.1 / 21-Dec-171.21 / 16-Jan-18431 KView Other Patterns
Tianjin Port Development Holdings Ltd3382BusinessServices1.181.11 / 21-Dec-171.21 / 12-Jan-183995 KView Other Patterns
AAG Energy Holdings Ltd2686MajorIntegratedOilAndGas1.180.97 / 20-Dec-171.21 / 17-Jan-18429 KView Other Patterns
Poly Culture Group Corporation Ltd3636ResortsAndCasinos15.714.66 / 20-Dec-1716.1 / 18-Jan-18199 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Bamboos Health Care Holdings Ltd8216PersonalServices1.561.5 / 03-Jan-181.6 / 09-Jan-1899590View Other Patterns
Shun Ho Resources Holdings Ltd253RealEstateDevelopment2.712.65 / 22-Dec-172.78 / 15-Jan-1824272View Other Patterns
Dream International Ltd1126DepartmentStores3.483.12 / 21-Dec-173.57 / 19-Jan-18108 KView Other Patterns
Magnificent Estates Ltd201InvestmentBrokerage_National0.2320.217 / 20-Dec-170.238 / 20-Dec-171004 KView Other Patterns
Anxin-China Holdings Ltd1149DrugRelatedProducts0.3850.37 / 19-Jan-180.395 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
CITIC Securities Co Ltd6030InvestmentBrokerage_National19.9815.72 / 21-Dec-1720.5 / 18-Jan-1823842 KView Other Patterns
China Merchants Holdings (International) Co Ltd144Trucking21.119.62 / 27-Dec-1721.65 / 18-Jan-185593 KView Other Patterns
Oriental Watch Holdings Ltd398DepartmentStores1.911.73 / 20-Dec-171.96 / 19-Jan-181874 KView Other Patterns
Lenovo Group Ltd992ComputerBasedSystems4.564.3 / 21-Dec-174.68 / 09-Jan-1855704 KView Other Patterns
I.T Limited999DepartmentStores3.83.22 / 21-Dec-173.9 / 19-Jan-18562 KView Other Patterns
Guolian Securities Co Ltd1456InvestmentBrokerage_National3.83.59 / 22-Dec-173.9 / 04-Jan-18814 KView Other Patterns
Capital Estate Ltd193Beverages_SoftDrinks0.0760.072 / 15-Jan-180.078 / 12-Jan-18537 KView Other Patterns
Sichuan Expressway Co Ltd107Trucking3.022.79 / 21-Dec-173.1 / 18-Jan-181166 KView Other Patterns
Emperor Watch & Jewellery Ltd887ApparelStores0.3750.34 / 21-Dec-170.385 / 18-Jan-184327 KView Other Patterns
Upbest Group Ltd335InvestmentBrokerage_National1.121.02 / 02-Jan-181.15 / 29-Dec-17230 KView Other Patterns
China Yunnan Tin Minerals Group Co Ltd263Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.2240.18 / 20-Dec-170.23 / 15-Jan-182382 KView Other Patterns
Lingbao Gold Company Ltd3330SteelAndIron1.491.29 / 27-Dec-171.53 / 17-Jan-18648 KView Other Patterns
Eco-Tek Holdings Ltd8169WasteManagement0.1850.159 / 04-Jan-180.19 / 08-Jan-1813636View Other Patterns
Value Partners Group Ltd806InvestmentBrokerage_National9.957.98 / 20-Dec-1710.22 / 18-Jan-1814183 KView Other Patterns
Guangdong Land Holdings Ltd124TobaccoProducts_Other1.841.73 / 15-Jan-181.89 / 16-Jan-18386 KView Other Patterns
Lansen Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd503DrugRelatedProducts1.471.38 / 21-Dec-171.51 / 19-Jan-18378 KView Other Patterns
Pacific Andes International Holdings Ltd1174MeatProducts0.1460.146 / 19-Jan-180.15 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Suga International Holdings Ltd912Appliances2.532.45 / 21-Dec-172.6 / 02-Jan-18195 KView Other Patterns
South West Eco Development Ltd1908GeneralBuildingMaterials7.596.06 / 21-Dec-177.8 / 09-Jan-18799 KView Other Patterns
Henderson Land Development Co Ltd12RealEstateDevelopment52.449.6 / 20-Dec-1753.85 / 09-Jan-183023 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd1333GeneralBuildingMaterials4.333.85 / 20-Dec-174.45 / 09-Jan-186039 KView Other Patterns
Van Shung Chong Holdings Ltd1001GeneralBuildingMaterials0.720.67 / 10-Jan-180.74 / 28-Dec-17254 KView Other Patterns
CGN Power Co Ltd1816WaterUtilities2.162.08 / 27-Dec-172.22 / 19-Jan-1850495 KView Other Patterns
Hang Seng Bank Ltd11MoneyCenterBanks189.5185.6 / 05-Jan-18194.8 / 02-Jan-18859 KView Other Patterns
Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd1060Publishing_Periodicals1.070.92 / 21-Dec-171.1 / 09-Jan-1847731 KView Other Patterns
China WindPower Group Ltd182WaterUtilities0.3550.325 / 21-Dec-170.365 / 09-Jan-1815180 KView Other Patterns
Orient Overseas (International) Ltd316Trucking74.173.8 / 17-Jan-1876.2 / 27-Dec-17828 KView Other Patterns
Hanison Construction Holdings Ltd896GeneralBuildingMaterials1.411.3 / 22-Dec-171.45 / 19-Jan-18365 KView Other Patterns
China XLX Fertiliser Ltd1866Chemicals_MajorDiversified3.873.0 / 21-Dec-173.98 / 11-Jan-184031 KView Other Patterns
Canvest Environmental Protection Group Company Ltd1381WasteManagement4.574.48 / 29-Dec-174.7 / 19-Jan-182501 KView Other Patterns
China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Ltd916WaterUtilities5.625.25 / 20-Dec-175.78 / 09-Jan-1811814 KView Other Patterns
Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd3737DrugRelatedProducts1.751.65 / 28-Dec-171.8 / 20-Dec-172135 KView Other Patterns
Sinomax Group Ltd1418DepartmentStores0.70.64 / 18-Jan-180.72 / 22-Dec-1791090View Other Patterns
China Fiber Optic Network System Group Ltd3777Semiconductor_BroadLine0.70.68 / 19-Jan-180.72 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Shinhint Acoustic Link Hldgs Ltd2728Semiconductor_BroadLine1.741.19 / 20-Dec-171.79 / 09-Jan-182617 KView Other Patterns
Rising Development Holdings Ltd1004ApparelStores1.040.87 / 28-Dec-171.07 / 17-Jan-1813053 KView Other Patterns
Emperor Capital Group Ltd717InvestmentBrokerage_National0.690.57 / 02-Jan-180.71 / 19-Jan-1815246 KView Other Patterns
Continental Holdings Ltd513InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1360.122 / 19-Jan-180.14 / 09-Jan-18423 KView Other Patterns
China Infrastructure Investment Ltd600InvestmentBrokerage_National0.0680.058 / 03-Jan-180.07 / 19-Jan-183500 KView Other Patterns
E. Bon Holdings Ltd599GeneralBuildingMaterials0.680.6 / 02-Jan-180.7 / 19-Jan-1854363View Other Patterns
Nature Home Holding Company Ltd2083GeneralBuildingMaterials1.021.0 / 27-Dec-171.05 / 17-Jan-18198 KView Other Patterns
Hopewell Holdings Ltd54InvestmentBrokerage_National32.327.55 / 20-Dec-1733.25 / 16-Jan-181517 KView Other Patterns
Sinopharm Group Co Ltd1099DrugRelatedProducts33.8531.5 / 21-Dec-1734.85 / 15-Jan-185273 KView Other Patterns
China Water Industry Group Ltd1129ComputerBasedSystems1.691.64 / 22-Dec-171.74 / 02-Jan-182365 KView Other Patterns
China Power New Energy Development Co Ltd735Beverages_SoftDrinks4.394.0 / 21-Dec-174.52 / 10-Jan-18678 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Dongwu Cement International Ltd695GeneralBuildingMaterials1.351.3 / 19-Jan-181.39 / 03-Jan-1854818View Other Patterns
Shenzhen International Holdings Ltd152InvestmentBrokerage_National15.514.1 / 21-Dec-1715.96 / 10-Jan-183944 KView Other Patterns
Daqing Dairy Holdings Ltd1007Beverages_SoftDrinks1.681.58 / 19-Jan-181.73 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
SiS Mobile Holdings Ltd1362Semiconductor_BroadLine1.681.36 / 22-Dec-171.73 / 19-Jan-1868472View Other Patterns
Datronix Holdings Ltd889Appliances1.341.32 / 05-Jan-181.38 / 16-Jan-1846636View Other Patterns
Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd345Beverages_SoftDrinks20.119.68 / 18-Jan-1820.7 / 20-Dec-17895 KView Other Patterns
Value Convergence Holdings Limited821TelecomServices_Domestic1.671.12 / 22-Dec-171.72 / 19-Jan-182544 KView Other Patterns
Far East Global Group Ltd830GeneralBuildingMaterials1.00.81 / 27-Dec-171.03 / 15-Jan-181223 KView Other Patterns
ChinLink International Holdings Ltd997IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.00.95 / 21-Dec-171.03 / 02-Jan-181031 KView Other Patterns
Artini China Co Ltd789ApparelStores0.10.09 / 19-Jan-180.103 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China Bio-Med Regeneration Technology Ltd8158Biotechnology0.20.156 / 04-Jan-180.206 / 19-Jan-1829226 KView Other Patterns
Wheelock And Company Ltd20RealEstateDevelopment59.853.0 / 20-Dec-1761.6 / 17-Jan-181039 KView Other Patterns
Chen Hsong Holdings Ltd57IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.322.28 / 19-Jan-182.39 / 05-Jan-1875372View Other Patterns
Moiselle International Holdings Ltd130ApparelStores1.321.29 / 02-Jan-181.36 / 12-Jan-1882272View Other Patterns
Hi-Level Technology Holdings Ltd8113Appliances0.660.61 / 03-Jan-180.68 / 17-Jan-18184 KView Other Patterns
PNG Resources Holdings Ltd221ApparelStores0.4950.35 / 02-Jan-180.51 / 17-Jan-182584 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Prime Machinery Company Ltd2345Appliances1.651.4 / 20-Dec-171.7 / 12-Jan-182572 KView Other Patterns
Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Ltd116DepartmentStores18.4818.3 / 04-Jan-1819.04 / 28-Dec-17200 KView Other Patterns
Novo Group Ltd1048IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.952.94 / 19-Jan-183.04 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Symphony Holdings Ltd1223ApparelStores0.980.94 / 21-Dec-171.01 / 03-Jan-184433 KView Other Patterns
Chinney Investments Ltd216RealEstateDevelopment3.593.46 / 20-Dec-173.7 / 09-Jan-1894363View Other Patterns
Guangzhou Shipyard International Co Ltd317IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents12.3611.64 / 21-Dec-1712.74 / 03-Jan-18978 KView Other Patterns
First Pacific Co Ltd142InvestmentBrokerage_National5.525.3 / 29-Dec-175.69 / 12-Jan-181706 KView Other Patterns
Pax Global Technology Ltd327Semiconductor_BroadLine3.893.42 / 20-Dec-174.01 / 10-Jan-184008 KView Other Patterns
Tungtex (Holdings) Co Ltd518ApparelStores0.970.92 / 22-Dec-171.0 / 03-Jan-18503 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Kingdom Holdings Ltd528ApparelStores0.970.95 / 19-Jan-181.0 / 22-Dec-1758454View Other Patterns
DT Capital Ltd356InvestmentBrokerage_National0.0970.093 / 17-Jan-180.1 / 29-Dec-17289 KView Other Patterns
Keck Seng Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd184RealEstateDevelopment6.796.5 / 27-Dec-177.0 / 11-Jan-18118 KView Other Patterns
China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd1886Beverages_SoftDrinks2.262.09 / 03-Jan-182.33 / 16-Jan-184427 KView Other Patterns
Chinasoft International Ltd354InformationTechnologyServices5.464.86 / 27-Dec-175.63 / 12-Jan-1811034 KView Other Patterns
Branding China Group Ltd8219PersonalServices3.22.1 / 21-Dec-173.3 / 19-Jan-18429 KView Other Patterns
Anhui Expressway Co Ltd995Trucking6.46.31 / 15-Jan-186.6 / 04-Jan-18725 KView Other Patterns
Branding China Group Ltd863PersonalServices3.22.1 / 21-Dec-173.3 / 19-Jan-18429 KView Other Patterns
Guangnan (Holdings) Ltd1203InvestmentBrokerage_National0.960.93 / 20-Dec-170.99 / 18-Jan-18325 KView Other Patterns
Golden Resources Development International Ltd677Beverages_SoftDrinks0.480.475 / 21-Dec-170.495 / 05-Jan-18194 KView Other Patterns
Future Data Group Ltd8229InformationTechnologyServices0.320.295 / 28-Dec-170.33 / 09-Jan-1886818View Other Patterns
Guangdong Yueyun Transportation Co Ltd3399Trucking5.14.63 / 21-Dec-175.26 / 04-Jan-18718 KView Other Patterns
Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Ltd306Trucking4.464.4 / 18-Jan-184.6 / 29-Dec-1775727View Other Patterns
Shenyin Wanguo (H.K.) Ltd218InvestmentBrokerage_National3.182.42 / 28-Dec-173.28 / 19-Jan-182700 KView Other Patterns
China Conch Venture Holdings Ltd586InvestmentBrokerage_National20.6517.8 / 21-Dec-1721.3 / 10-Jan-185225 KView Other Patterns
Landsea Green Properties Co Ltd106RealEstateDevelopment0.950.71 / 21-Dec-170.98 / 16-Jan-184253 KView Other Patterns
China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd31Semiconductor_BroadLine0.950.88 / 21-Dec-170.98 / 16-Jan-185661 KView Other Patterns
Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Ltd215TelecomServices_Domestic3.162.98 / 20-Dec-173.26 / 27-Dec-1712482 KView Other Patterns
China Merchants Land Ltd978ApparelStores1.581.41 / 20-Dec-171.63 / 08-Jan-184961 KView Other Patterns
Haitian International Holdings Ltd1882IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents25.222.15 / 20-Dec-1726.0 / 19-Jan-181297 KView Other Patterns
SFK Construction Holdings Ltd1447GeneralBuildingMaterials3.153.05 / 21-Dec-173.25 / 20-Dec-17115 KView Other Patterns
Walker Group Holdings Ltd1386ApparelStores1.261.23 / 18-Jan-181.3 / 28-Dec-17144 KView Other Patterns
A.Plus Group Holdings Ltd8251Publishing_Periodicals0.630.58 / 03-Jan-180.65 / 08-Jan-18125 KView Other Patterns
Natural Dairy (NZ) Holdings Ltd462IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.22.12 / 19-Jan-182.27 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Luks Group (Vietnam Holdings) Co Ltd366Semiconductor_BroadLine2.52.36 / 20-Dec-172.58 / 10-Jan-18129 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
BYD Company Ltd1211Semiconductor_BroadLine70.2563.3 / 21-Dec-1772.5 / 04-Jan-186247 KView Other Patterns
MTR Corp Ltd66Trucking45.0544.85 / 19-Jan-1846.5 / 08-Jan-183057 KView Other Patterns
Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Co Ltd2382PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies111.893.2 / 27-Dec-17115.4 / 03-Jan-1811908 KView Other Patterns
Mission Capital Holdings Ltd1141DepartmentStores0.620.5 / 21-Dec-170.64 / 18-Jan-1839556 KView Other Patterns
Fujian Holdings Ltd181RealEstateDevelopment0.310.27 / 20-Dec-170.32 / 15-Jan-1836000View Other Patterns
Samson Holding Ltd531Lumber_WoodProduction0.930.89 / 28-Dec-170.96 / 03-Jan-18690 KView Other Patterns
KSL Holdings Ltd8170GeneralBuildingMaterials3.12.15 / 27-Dec-173.2 / 19-Jan-181025 KView Other Patterns
Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co Ltd1157IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents3.713.06 / 20-Dec-173.83 / 10-Jan-1813079 KView Other Patterns
Tang Palace (China) Holdings Ltd1181Beverages_SoftDrinks3.092.86 / 04-Jan-183.19 / 19-Jan-18510 KView Other Patterns
China International Capital Corporation Ltd3908InvestmentBrokerage_National17.9215.3 / 21-Dec-1718.5 / 19-Jan-188546 KView Other Patterns
EcoGreen International Group Ltd2341DrugRelatedProducts1.541.46 / 09-Jan-181.59 / 12-Jan-18331 KView Other Patterns
Smartone Telecommunications Holdings Ltd315TelecomServices_Domestic9.229.2 / 19-Jan-189.52 / 27-Dec-17752 KView Other Patterns
Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd127InvestmentBrokerage_National13.5212.38 / 21-Dec-1713.96 / 09-Jan-181708 KView Other Patterns
Texwinca Holdings Ltd321ApparelStores4.34.2 / 28-Dec-174.44 / 12-Jan-18937 KView Other Patterns
Sino Media Holdings Ltd623Publishing_Periodicals1.841.79 / 19-Jan-181.9 / 02-Jan-18342 KView Other Patterns
Oriental University City Holdings (H.K.) Ltd8067HealthCarePlans3.972.85 / 28-Dec-174.1 / 09-Jan-18541 KView Other Patterns
China Resources Cement Holdings Ltd1313GeneralBuildingMaterials5.764.89 / 21-Dec-175.95 / 11-Jan-1817437 KView Other Patterns
China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co Ltd966PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance34.728.45 / 27-Dec-1735.85 / 18-Jan-1810084 KView Other Patterns
Lippo Select HK Shares Exchange Traded Fund HKD2824InvestmentBrokerage_National81.368.85 / 27-Dec-1784.0 / 17-Jan-182250View Other Patterns
Fosun International Ltd656SteelAndIron18.6216.1 / 20-Dec-1719.24 / 15-Jan-1813938 KView Other Patterns
ASIAN CITRUS HOLDINGS LTD73MeatProducts0.60.6 / 19-Jan-180.62 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Tonly Electronics Holdings Ltd1249Semiconductor_BroadLine8.47.2 / 04-Jan-188.68 / 02-Jan-18441 KView Other Patterns
Asia Standard International Group Ltd129RealEstateDevelopment2.11.83 / 27-Dec-172.17 / 09-Jan-181312 KView Other Patterns
Allan International Holdings Ltd684DepartmentStores2.12.02 / 15-Jan-182.17 / 22-Dec-1754363View Other Patterns
Jiayuan International Group Ltd2768RealEstateDevelopment7.786.5 / 21-Dec-178.04 / 15-Jan-1813136 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Bauhaus International (Holdings) Ltd483DepartmentStores1.791.56 / 27-Dec-171.85 / 18-Jan-1837090View Other Patterns
North Mining Shares Co Ltd433RealEstateDevelopment0.1780.156 / 22-Dec-170.184 / 12-Jan-1821065 KView Other Patterns
Daido Group Ltd544GeneralBuildingMaterials0.0890.071 / 09-Jan-180.092 / 18-Jan-18975 KView Other Patterns
Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co Ltd811Publishing_Periodicals6.226.1 / 15-Jan-186.43 / 09-Jan-181561 KView Other Patterns
Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited423Publishing_Periodicals1.481.44 / 11-Jan-181.53 / 27-Dec-1759545View Other Patterns
Beijing North Star Co Ltd588RealEstateDevelopment2.952.73 / 20-Dec-173.05 / 10-Jan-182984 KView Other Patterns
Jintian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd2211DrugRelatedProducts0.1770.157 / 21-Dec-170.183 / 18-Jan-184871 KView Other Patterns
Wuling Motors Holdings Ltd305Appliances0.590.57 / 29-Dec-170.61 / 05-Jan-18849 KView Other Patterns
Wong's Kong King International (Holdings) Ltd532InvestmentBrokerage_National1.181.17 / 15-Jan-181.22 / 12-Jan-18192 KView Other Patterns
Vodatel Networks Holdings Ltd8033TelecomServices_Domestic0.2950.26 / 28-Dec-170.305 / 15-Jan-1869636View Other Patterns
Bank of Qingdao Co Ltd3866MoneyCenterBanks6.776.2 / 22-Dec-177.0 / 18-Jan-1872922View Other Patterns
Jolimark Holdings Ltd2028Semiconductor_BroadLine0.880.74 / 15-Jan-180.91 / 17-Jan-18519 KView Other Patterns
China Tianyi Holdings Ltd756Beverages_SoftDrinks0.880.84 / 08-Jan-180.91 / 02-Jan-181694 KView Other Patterns
Phoenix Healthcare Group Co Ltd1515HealthCarePlans10.549.32 / 20-Dec-1710.9 / 17-Jan-185254 KView Other Patterns
China Success Finance Group Holdings Ltd3623InvestmentBrokerage_National1.461.37 / 04-Jan-181.51 / 04-Jan-18342 KView Other Patterns
PetroChina Co Ltd857MajorIntegratedOilAndGas5.85.32 / 21-Dec-176.0 / 15-Jan-18142 MView Other Patterns
Qualipak International Holdings Ltd1332PackagingAndContainers0.290.243 / 21-Dec-170.3 / 15-Jan-182513 KView Other Patterns
New Universe International Group Ltd8068Appliances0.580.55 / 12-Jan-180.6 / 09-Jan-181346 KView Other Patterns
Wing Lee Property Investments Ltd864InvestmentBrokerage_National1.161.03 / 28-Dec-171.2 / 19-Jan-1871917View Other Patterns
New Universe Environmental Group Ltd436Appliances0.580.55 / 12-Jan-180.6 / 09-Jan-181346 KView Other Patterns
China Golden Classic Group Ltd8281DrugRelatedProducts0.290.265 / 18-Jan-180.3 / 16-Jan-1846909View Other Patterns
China BlueChemical Ltd3983Chemicals_MajorDiversified2.882.37 / 20-Dec-172.98 / 18-Jan-188556 KView Other Patterns
Golden Meditech Holdings Ltd801DrugRelatedProducts1.151.03 / 16-Jan-181.19 / 19-Jan-181783 KView Other Patterns
Tongda Group Holdings Ltd698Appliances2.011.9 / 21-Dec-172.08 / 03-Jan-1812254 KView Other Patterns
First Shanghai Investments Ltd227InvestmentBrokerage_National1.140.88 / 29-Dec-171.18 / 19-Jan-185328 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Winto Group (Holdings) Ltd8238Publishing_Periodicals0.0570.057 / 19-Jan-180.059 / 21-Dec-1772153 KView Other Patterns
Soundwill Holdings Ltd878RealEstateDevelopment15.9215.9 / 19-Jan-1816.48 / 04-Jan-1888333View Other Patterns
AIA Group Ltd1299PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance66.6562.45 / 20-Dec-1769.0 / 05-Jan-1820121 KView Other Patterns
China City Infrastructure Group Ltd2349Beverages_SoftDrinks0.4250.4 / 03-Jan-180.44 / 04-Jan-18156 KView Other Patterns
Zhongda International Holdings Ltd909IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.4250.425 / 19-Jan-180.44 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels (Group) Company Ltd2006ResortsAndCasinos3.392.62 / 21-Dec-173.51 / 18-Jan-185649 KView Other Patterns
CASH Financial Services Group Ltd510TelecomServices_Domestic0.2250.21 / 17-Jan-180.233 / 03-Jan-182957 KView Other Patterns
Ever Harvest Group Holdings Ltd1549Trucking0.2250.21 / 03-Jan-180.233 / 10-Jan-18153 KView Other Patterns
WH Group Ltd288Beverages_SoftDrinks8.998.49 / 20-Dec-179.31 / 21-Dec-1726119 KView Other Patterns
HKT Trust and HKT Ltd6823TelecomServices_Domestic9.819.77 / 20-Dec-1710.16 / 10-Jan-186446 KView Other Patterns
Mastermind Capital Ltd905InvestmentBrokerage_National0.280.255 / 17-Jan-180.29 / 11-Jan-1883840View Other Patterns
Golden Wheel Tiandi Holdings Co Ltd1232GeneralBuildingMaterials0.840.71 / 21-Dec-170.87 / 19-Jan-181506 KView Other Patterns
Orient Securities International Holdings Ltd8001InvestmentBrokerage_National0.840.69 / 15-Jan-180.87 / 19-Jan-181439 KView Other Patterns
Mainland Headwear Holdings Ltd1100DrugRelatedProducts1.41.37 / 18-Jan-181.45 / 05-Jan-1846500View Other Patterns
Hop Fung Group Holdings Ltd2320Lumber_WoodProduction1.41.27 / 21-Dec-171.45 / 11-Jan-181239 KView Other Patterns
Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Ltd3377RealEstateDevelopment6.435.06 / 21-Dec-176.66 / 09-Jan-1818531 KView Other Patterns
United Company Rusal PLC486IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals5.845.07 / 20-Dec-176.05 / 03-Jan-186996 KView Other Patterns
China Nuclear Industry 23 International Corporation Limited611ResortsAndCasinos1.391.18 / 20-Dec-171.44 / 02-Jan-182248 KView Other Patterns
ASM Pacific Technology Ltd522Semiconductor_BroadLine113.7105.5 / 20-Dec-17117.8 / 19-Jan-181650 KView Other Patterns
ASR Logistics Holdings Ltd1803Trucking2.772.69 / 05-Jan-182.87 / 20-Dec-171183 KView Other Patterns
Lijun International Pharmaceutical (Holdings) Co.2005DrugRelatedProducts5.264.62 / 15-Jan-185.45 / 19-Jan-185662 KView Other Patterns
China First Chemical Holdings Ltd2121Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.830.7 / 11-Jan-180.86 / 18-Jan-18179 KView Other Patterns
China Hongqiao Group Ltd1378IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals10.58.2 / 27-Dec-1710.88 / 15-Jan-1839781 KView Other Patterns
Fountain Set (Holdings) Ltd420ApparelStores1.11.04 / 11-Jan-181.14 / 19-Jan-18829 KView Other Patterns
Bonjour Holdings Ltd653DrugRelatedProducts0.2750.27 / 19-Jan-180.285 / 15-Jan-181798 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Grand Concord International Holdings Ltd844ApparelStores1.11.03 / 20-Dec-171.14 / 18-Jan-18350 KView Other Patterns
Leeport (Holdings) Ltd387IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.651.51 / 04-Jan-181.71 / 15-Jan-18308 KView Other Patterns
China 3D Digital Entertainment Ltd8078ResortsAndCasinos0.2460.241 / 20-Dec-170.255 / 08-Jan-189247 KView Other Patterns
K. Wah International Holdings Ltd173GeneralBuildingMaterials4.924.14 / 21-Dec-175.1 / 18-Jan-186626 KView Other Patterns
Far East Hotels & Entertainment Ltd37ResortsAndCasinos0.410.385 / 21-Dec-170.425 / 16-Jan-18380 KView Other Patterns
Far East Consortium International Ltd35RealEstateDevelopment4.644.52 / 04-Jan-184.81 / 10-Jan-181031 KView Other Patterns
Juda International Holdings Ltd1329Chemicals_MajorDiversified2.181.81 / 28-Dec-172.26 / 28-Dec-175727View Other Patterns
Asia Orient Holdings Ltd214RealEstateDevelopment2.181.92 / 22-Dec-172.26 / 19-Jan-18219 KView Other Patterns
DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Co Ltd6889PersonalServices11.411.28 / 27-Dec-1711.82 / 05-Jan-18230 KView Other Patterns
Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd968DepartmentStores3.522.74 / 20-Dec-173.65 / 15-Jan-1830452 KView Other Patterns
ITC Corporation Ltd372InvestmentBrokerage_National0.540.435 / 20-Dec-170.56 / 19-Jan-184924 KView Other Patterns
Loco Hong Kong Holdings Ltd8162Gold0.540.33 / 21-Dec-170.56 / 12-Jan-18632 KView Other Patterns
Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd1076Beverages_SoftDrinks0.1080.104 / 11-Jan-180.112 / 09-Jan-1834061 KView Other Patterns
Anhui Conch Cement Co Ltd914GeneralBuildingMaterials41.8534.6 / 20-Dec-1743.4 / 11-Jan-1810848 KView Other Patterns
BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd1958TrucksAndOtherVehicles11.868.75 / 20-Dec-1712.3 / 18-Jan-1830772 KView Other Patterns
Modern Land (China) Co Ltd1107GeneralBuildingMaterials1.881.5 / 21-Dec-171.95 / 12-Jan-183568 KView Other Patterns
The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels45ResortsAndCasinos12.3411.14 / 20-Dec-1712.8 / 10-Jan-181163 KView Other Patterns
Media Chinese International Ltd685Publishing_Periodicals0.80.75 / 20-Dec-170.83 / 16-Jan-1833272View Other Patterns
Grand Ming Group Holdings Ltd1271GeneralBuildingMaterials4.534.33 / 15-Jan-184.7 / 11-Jan-1836317View Other Patterns
Cogobuy Group400InformationTechnologyServices4.523.92 / 27-Dec-174.69 / 19-Jan-183965 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Electric Group Co Ltd2727Semiconductor_BroadLine3.193.11 / 17-Jan-183.31 / 03-Jan-1812667 KView Other Patterns
Gudou Holdings Ltd8308RealEstateDevelopment1.861.7 / 27-Dec-171.93 / 11-Jan-18548 KView Other Patterns
Goldbond Group Holdings Limited172RealEstateDevelopment0.1590.15 / 19-Jan-180.165 / 15-Jan-18745 KView Other Patterns
Computer and Technologies Holdings Ltd46InformationTechnologyServices2.912.79 / 22-Dec-173.02 / 15-Jan-1864636View Other Patterns
Singamas Container Holdings Ltd716IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.581.52 / 15-Jan-181.64 / 05-Jan-184975 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Future Bright Mining Holdings Ltd2212SteelAndIron0.2360.205 / 18-Jan-180.245 / 27-Dec-173160 KView Other Patterns
Huaneng Renewables Corporation Ltd958WaterUtilities2.622.47 / 20-Dec-172.72 / 12-Jan-1817948 KView Other Patterns
Enerchina Holdings Ltd622TelecomServices_Domestic0.780.51 / 21-Dec-170.81 / 19-Jan-187198 KView Other Patterns
Carpenter Tan Holdings Ltd837Lumber_WoodProduction5.24.85 / 20-Dec-175.4 / 05-Jan-18104 KView Other Patterns
Super Strong Holdings Ltd8262GeneralBuildingMaterials0.520.39 / 28-Dec-170.54 / 19-Jan-18537 KView Other Patterns
China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Ltd308ResortsAndCasinos2.852.7 / 11-Jan-182.96 / 02-Jan-1811251 KView Other Patterns
JNBY Design Ltd3306PersonalServices10.869.29 / 04-Jan-1811.28 / 08-Jan-18902 KView Other Patterns
Top Form International Ltd333ApparelStores1.551.52 / 19-Jan-181.61 / 05-Jan-1890200View Other Patterns
Time Watch Investments Ltd2033ApparelStores1.030.94 / 28-Dec-171.07 / 19-Jan-18196 KView Other Patterns
Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises (Group) Co Ltd560Trucking2.061.96 / 22-Dec-172.14 / 29-Dec-171028 KView Other Patterns
China Vehicle Components Technology Holdings Ltd1269TrucksAndOtherVehicles3.082.8 / 27-Dec-173.2 / 10-Jan-183913 KView Other Patterns
Jiyi Household International Holdings Ltd1495GeneralBuildingMaterials0.770.67 / 20-Dec-170.8 / 08-Jan-18143 KView Other Patterns
Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd2600IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals5.95.26 / 20-Dec-176.13 / 05-Jan-1859487 KView Other Patterns
Differ Group Holding Co Ltd8056InvestmentBrokerage_National0.230.22 / 02-Jan-180.239 / 04-Jan-18119 KView Other Patterns
China Household Holdings Ltd692ApparelStores0.510.5 / 19-Jan-180.53 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Credit China Holdings Ltd8207InvestmentBrokerage_National1.020.99 / 10-Jan-181.06 / 11-Jan-1838543 KView Other Patterns
Chinese Strategic Holdings Ltd8089TelecomServices_Domestic3.570.83 / 29-Dec-173.71 / 19-Jan-184611 KView Other Patterns
Giordano International Ltd709DepartmentStores4.073.99 / 18-Jan-184.23 / 21-Dec-171888 KView Other Patterns
Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd1089Beverages_SoftDrinks1.781.72 / 05-Jan-181.85 / 11-Jan-183087 KView Other Patterns
Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Ltd1238GeneralBuildingMaterials4.063.4 / 20-Dec-174.22 / 09-Jan-182816 KView Other Patterns
1010 Printing Group Ltd1127Publishing_Periodicals1.521.46 / 16-Jan-181.58 / 29-Dec-17165 KView Other Patterns
CHerish Holdings Ltd2113GeneralBuildingMaterials0.760.7 / 05-Jan-180.79 / 21-Dec-173006 KView Other Patterns
First Mobile Group Holdings Ltd865TelecomServices_Domestic0.2020.177 / 21-Dec-170.21 / 19-Jan-182736 KView Other Patterns
Zhaojin Mining Industry Company Ltd1818SteelAndIron6.35.79 / 21-Dec-176.55 / 15-Jan-185367 KView Other Patterns
Pokfulam Development Co Ltd225RealEstateDevelopment18.5418.5 / 18-Jan-1819.28 / 15-Jan-1811210View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Lippo China Resources Ltd156RealEstateDevelopment0.250.243 / 29-Dec-170.26 / 15-Jan-1813674 KView Other Patterns
Sinotrans Ltd598Trucking4.53.71 / 21-Dec-174.68 / 18-Jan-1815850 KView Other Patterns
Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation Ltd816WaterUtilities2.01.86 / 20-Dec-172.08 / 18-Jan-184525 KView Other Patterns
C Cheng Holdings Ltd1486GeneralBuildingMaterials3.02.64 / 29-Dec-173.12 / 15-Jan-18165 KView Other Patterns
K W Nelson Interior Architect Group Ltd8411PersonalServices0.250.18 / 02-Jan-180.26 / 19-Jan-181886 KView Other Patterns
China NT Pharma Group Co Ltd1011DrugRelatedProducts1.971.83 / 29-Dec-172.05 / 03-Jan-181517 KView Other Patterns
New World Department Store China Ltd825DepartmentStores1.721.62 / 20-Dec-171.79 / 09-Jan-18586 KView Other Patterns
Television Broadcasts Ltd511Publishing_Periodicals27.026.7 / 19-Jan-1828.1 / 29-Dec-17264 KView Other Patterns
Bright Smart Securities & Commodities Group Ltd1428InvestmentBrokerage_National3.192.33 / 27-Dec-173.32 / 19-Jan-1812618 KView Other Patterns
Zhejiang Expressway Co Ltd576Trucking9.328.24 / 22-Dec-179.7 / 12-Jan-184215 KView Other Patterns
RM Group Holdings Ltd8185HealthCarePlans6.626.57 / 19-Jan-186.89 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China Agrotech Holdings Ltd1073MeatProducts0.2450.242 / 19-Jan-180.255 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Win Hanverky Holdings Ltd3322ApparelStores0.980.98 / 19-Jan-181.02 / 28-Dec-17540 KView Other Patterns
Capital VC Ltd2324InvestmentBrokerage_National0.0490.041 / 09-Jan-180.051 / 19-Jan-187338 KView Other Patterns
Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd460DrugRelatedProducts3.182.67 / 20-Dec-173.31 / 15-Jan-1818809 KView Other Patterns
Vinda International Holdings Ltd3331DepartmentStores15.6215.4 / 22-Dec-1716.26 / 09-Jan-18132 KView Other Patterns
Ming Fai International Holdings Ltd3828IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.221.17 / 04-Jan-181.27 / 15-Jan-18305 KView Other Patterns
Man Sang Jewellery Holdings Ltd1466ApparelStores6.825.29 / 21-Dec-177.1 / 15-Jan-183052 KView Other Patterns
Kingsoft Corporation Ltd3888InformationTechnologyServices28.022.75 / 21-Dec-1729.15 / 05-Jan-1815763 KView Other Patterns
Kam Hing International Holdings Ltd2307ApparelStores0.730.69 / 27-Dec-170.76 / 10-Jan-18281 KView Other Patterns
Sino Distillery Group Ltd39ApparelStores0.3650.33 / 22-Dec-170.38 / 29-Dec-175918 KView Other Patterns
Landing International Development Ltd582Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.3650.275 / 20-Dec-170.38 / 18-Jan-18333 MView Other Patterns
Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Holdings Ltd897ApparelStores0.3650.34 / 29-Dec-170.38 / 12-Jan-18493 KView Other Patterns
CCT Fortis Holdings Ltd138TelecomServices_Domestic0.970.96 / 19-Jan-181.01 / 04-Jan-182045 KView Other Patterns
Huazhang Technology Holding Ltd1673IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents3.873.67 / 22-Dec-174.03 / 15-Jan-18303 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd371IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents6.025.92 / 15-Jan-186.27 / 05-Jan-1814820 KView Other Patterns
Redco Properties Group Ltd1622RealEstateDevelopment3.853.34 / 20-Dec-174.01 / 11-Jan-184977 KView Other Patterns
SMI Culture Group Holdings Ltd2366Publishing_Periodicals0.720.66 / 27-Dec-170.75 / 29-Dec-17213 KView Other Patterns
Future Bright Holdings Ltd703ResortsAndCasinos0.720.69 / 20-Dec-170.75 / 19-Jan-18298 KView Other Patterns
SHENZHEN NEPTUNUS INTERLONG BIO-TECHNIQUE CO8329Biotechnology0.360.335 / 28-Dec-170.375 / 11-Jan-18289 KView Other Patterns
Yihai International Holdings Ltd1579ResortsAndCasinos10.566.78 / 22-Dec-1711.0 / 19-Jan-181089 KView Other Patterns
Carrianna Group Holdings Company Limited126InvestmentBrokerage_National0.960.91 / 18-Jan-181.0 / 12-Jan-181466 KView Other Patterns
Winsway Enterprises Holdings Ltd1733SteelAndIron0.960.73 / 27-Dec-171.0 / 18-Jan-1811965 KView Other Patterns
China Vanke Co Ltd2202RealEstateDevelopment40.727.25 / 21-Dec-1742.4 / 16-Jan-1812610 KView Other Patterns
G-Vision International (Holdings) Ltd657ResortsAndCasinos0.1910.16 / 09-Jan-180.199 / 19-Jan-18637 KView Other Patterns
Water Oasis Group Ltd1161DrugRelatedProducts0.950.92 / 09-Jan-180.99 / 27-Dec-17187 KView Other Patterns
Franshion Properties (China) Ltd817RealEstateDevelopment4.033.04 / 20-Dec-174.2 / 09-Jan-1893253 KView Other Patterns
Embry Holdings Ltd1388ApparelStores2.372.25 / 21-Dec-172.47 / 27-Dec-17112 KView Other Patterns
SMI Holdings Group Ltd198ResortsAndCasinos4.013.84 / 20-Dec-174.18 / 04-Jan-182342 KView Other Patterns
HKC (Holdings) Ltd190GeneralBuildingMaterials5.645.51 / 19-Jan-185.88 / 09-Jan-18161 KView Other Patterns
Hosa International Ltd2200DepartmentStores3.052.43 / 21-Dec-173.18 / 19-Jan-186545 KView Other Patterns
Guangzhou R&F Properties Company Ltd2777RealEstateDevelopment21.116.4 / 21-Dec-1722.0 / 10-Jan-188966 KView Other Patterns
China Life Insurance Co Ltd2628PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance25.7524.1 / 09-Jan-1826.85 / 18-Jan-1862089 KView Other Patterns
China Flavors and fragrances company Ltd3318DrugRelatedProducts1.871.58 / 17-Jan-181.95 / 18-Jan-18140 KView Other Patterns
Beijing Capital Land Ltd2868GeneralBuildingMaterials4.663.87 / 20-Dec-174.86 / 10-Jan-184439 KView Other Patterns
China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Ltd1345HealthCarePlans2.562.28 / 09-Jan-182.67 / 15-Jan-181939 KView Other Patterns
Willas-Array Electronics (Holdings) Ltd854Appliances6.266.0 / 29-Dec-176.53 / 15-Jan-1835500View Other Patterns
Kenford Group Holdings Ltd464Appliances1.391.26 / 11-Jan-181.45 / 20-Dec-17246 KView Other Patterns
Haitong International Securities Group Ltd665InvestmentBrokerage_National5.564.31 / 21-Dec-175.8 / 19-Jan-1824723 KView Other Patterns
Baoye Group Company Ltd2355GeneralBuildingMaterials5.555.1 / 20-Dec-175.79 / 10-Jan-18190 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
China Coal Energy Co Ltd1898SteelAndIron3.933.37 / 21-Dec-174.1 / 10-Jan-1827007 KView Other Patterns
FDG Electric Vehicles Ltd729TrucksAndOtherVehicles0.3450.32 / 29-Dec-170.36 / 08-Jan-1853611 KView Other Patterns
China Nonferrous Mining Corporation Ltd1258IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals2.31.92 / 21-Dec-172.4 / 19-Jan-18145 KView Other Patterns
Cabbeen Fashion Ltd2030ApparelStores2.32.12 / 21-Dec-172.4 / 18-Jan-18712 KView Other Patterns
Tianjin Development Holdings Ltd882InvestmentBrokerage_National3.673.53 / 20-Dec-173.83 / 09-Jan-18824 KView Other Patterns
C.banner International Holdings Ltd1028ApparelStores2.522.39 / 09-Jan-182.63 / 29-Dec-171364 KView Other Patterns
Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Ltd737Trucking4.84.77 / 19-Jan-185.01 / 28-Dec-176870 KView Other Patterns
Pacific Online Ltd543InformationTechnologyServices1.371.32 / 21-Dec-171.43 / 03-Jan-18359 KView Other Patterns
Quam Ltd952DepartmentStores1.140.98 / 20-Dec-171.19 / 04-Jan-182314 KView Other Patterns
Swire Properties Ltd1972RealEstateDevelopment26.125.0 / 29-Dec-1727.25 / 09-Jan-183569 KView Other Patterns
World Wide Touch Technology (Holdings) Ltd1282ComputerBasedSystems0.680.62 / 27-Dec-170.71 / 18-Jan-1818965 KView Other Patterns
Victory City International Holdings Ltd539ApparelStores0.2040.194 / 29-Dec-170.213 / 15-Jan-1810466 KView Other Patterns
Greentown China Holdings Ltd3900RealEstateDevelopment12.688.55 / 21-Dec-1713.24 / 18-Jan-1811157 KView Other Patterns
Huscoke Resources Holdings Ltd704DepartmentStores0.2490.24 / 04-Jan-180.26 / 16-Jan-1826431 KView Other Patterns
Asia Financial Holdings Ltd662MoneyCenterBanks4.754.34 / 27-Dec-174.96 / 29-Dec-17131 KView Other Patterns
Ernest Borel Holdings Ltd1856ApparelStores1.581.34 / 19-Jan-181.65 / 19-Jan-184642 KView Other Patterns
Xiezhong International Holdings Ltd3663Trucking1.581.41 / 03-Jan-181.65 / 02-Jan-186840 KView Other Patterns
NagaCorp Ltd3918ResortsAndCasinos6.325.86 / 27-Dec-176.6 / 05-Jan-183761 KView Other Patterns
Arts Optical International Holdings Ltd1120PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies2.252.25 / 19-Jan-182.35 / 04-Jan-18140 KView Other Patterns
Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd393ApparelStores0.90.87 / 28-Dec-170.94 / 11-Jan-18387 KView Other Patterns
Winfoong International Ltd63InvestmentBrokerage_National0.450.41 / 27-Dec-170.47 / 12-Jan-18252 KView Other Patterns
Fufeng Group Ltd546Biotechnology5.174.66 / 20-Dec-175.4 / 04-Jan-183531 KView Other Patterns
U-Home Group Holdings Ltd2327DrugRelatedProducts0.3350.29 / 20-Dec-170.35 / 28-Dec-172416 KView Other Patterns
China Starch Holdings Ltd3838Beverages_SoftDrinks0.3350.28 / 22-Dec-170.35 / 18-Jan-1810993 KView Other Patterns
Lee Kee Holdings Ltd637IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals0.670.66 / 03-Jan-180.7 / 21-Dec-17175 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
National Arts Entertainment and Culture Group Limited8228TelecomServices_Domestic0.4450.35 / 16-Jan-180.465 / 27-Dec-1730193 KView Other Patterns
Goldin Financial Holdings Ltd530TobaccoProducts_Other3.993.92 / 17-Jan-184.17 / 27-Dec-175271 KView Other Patterns
Greater China Holdings Ltd431DepartmentStores0.1770.172 / 19-Jan-180.185 / 22-Dec-174507 KView Other Patterns
Haier Electronics Group Co Ltd1169TelecomServices_Domestic26.520.35 / 20-Dec-1727.7 / 18-Jan-186424 KView Other Patterns
YuanShengTai Dairy Farm Ltd1431MeatProducts0.330.27 / 02-Jan-180.345 / 15-Jan-182336 KView Other Patterns
Shui On Land Ltd272RealEstateDevelopment2.22.09 / 27-Dec-172.3 / 09-Jan-1820628 KView Other Patterns
Jujiang Construction Group Co Ltd1459GeneralBuildingMaterials1.11.05 / 22-Dec-171.15 / 04-Jan-18177 KView Other Patterns
Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Company Ltd839MajorIntegratedOilAndGas7.246.39 / 20-Dec-177.57 / 12-Jan-185027 KView Other Patterns
Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd44Trucking48.147.8 / 17-Jan-1850.3 / 03-Jan-1868112View Other Patterns
Jilin Province Huinan Changlong Bio-Pharmacy Co Ltd8049DrugRelatedProducts1.531.46 / 22-Dec-171.6 / 03-Jan-1861022View Other Patterns
Kader Holdings Co Ltd180DepartmentStores1.311.22 / 09-Jan-181.37 / 15-Jan-181039 KView Other Patterns
Highlight China IoT International Ltd1682ApparelStores0.870.74 / 02-Jan-180.91 / 18-Jan-18146 KView Other Patterns
Mega Expo Holdings Ltd1360PersonalServices2.392.08 / 20-Dec-172.5 / 18-Jan-182827 KView Other Patterns
Fire Rock Holdings Ltd8345InformationTechnologyServices5.624.4 / 03-Jan-185.88 / 16-Jan-1813454View Other Patterns
Ports Design Ltd589DepartmentStores2.592.36 / 22-Dec-172.71 / 04-Jan-1824250View Other Patterns
Longfor Properties Co Ltd960RealEstateDevelopment23.718.4 / 21-Dec-1724.8 / 08-Jan-186372 KView Other Patterns
Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd2008TelecomServices_Domestic1.071.02 / 16-Jan-181.12 / 22-Dec-17669 KView Other Patterns
Royal Catering Group Holdings Co Ltd8300ResortsAndCasinos0.1280.105 / 20-Dec-170.134 / 18-Jan-1822035 KView Other Patterns
Harbin Electric Company Ltd1133Appliances3.413.04 / 20-Dec-173.57 / 10-Jan-181808 KView Other Patterns
PC Partner Group Ltd1263ComputerBasedSystems4.243.63 / 03-Jan-184.44 / 09-Jan-182458 KView Other Patterns
Glory Land Co Ltd (Guorui Properties Ltd)2329RealEstateDevelopment2.332.21 / 21-Dec-172.44 / 15-Jan-18990 KView Other Patterns
Tianyun International Holdings Ltd6836Beverages_SoftDrinks1.271.2 / 19-Jan-181.33 / 03-Jan-182374 KView Other Patterns
Wang On Properties Ltd1243RealEstateDevelopment1.271.25 / 11-Jan-181.33 / 05-Jan-188448 KView Other Patterns
Realord Group Holdings Ltd1196PackagingAndContainers5.465.04 / 16-Jan-185.72 / 19-Jan-182064 KView Other Patterns
CIL Holdings Ltd479GeneralBuildingMaterials0.1050.101 / 16-Jan-180.11 / 16-Jan-189456 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
ITE (Holdings) Ltd8092ComputerBasedSystems0.1050.09 / 27-Dec-170.11 / 02-Jan-18177 KView Other Patterns
Trony Solar Holdings Co Ltd2468WaterUtilities0.630.62 / 19-Jan-180.66 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
C.P. Pokphand Co Ltd43MeatProducts0.630.6 / 22-Dec-170.66 / 05-Jan-184131 KView Other Patterns
Peking University Resources (Holdings) Co Ltd618GeneralBuildingMaterials0.3150.236 / 27-Dec-170.33 / 19-Jan-181723 KView Other Patterns
Yee Hop Holdings Ltd1662GeneralBuildingMaterials1.260.96 / 28-Dec-171.32 / 17-Jan-18125 KView Other Patterns
Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd241InformationTechnologyServices4.23.79 / 20-Dec-174.4 / 19-Jan-1810806 KView Other Patterns
Towngas China Co Ltd1083WaterUtilities6.075.89 / 11-Jan-186.36 / 02-Jan-181839 KView Other Patterns
China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd1117Beverages_SoftDrinks1.461.43 / 18-Jan-181.53 / 05-Jan-181361 KView Other Patterns
Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd1638RealEstateDevelopment4.993.66 / 20-Dec-175.23 / 10-Jan-1831985 KView Other Patterns
Sim Technology Group Ltd2000TelecomServices_Domestic0.4150.37 / 20-Dec-170.435 / 22-Dec-177024 KView Other Patterns
Eagle Nice (International) Holdings Ltd2368ApparelStores3.323.32 / 19-Jan-183.48 / 22-Dec-17312 KView Other Patterns
Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Co Ltd187IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.282.03 / 20-Dec-172.39 / 11-Jan-1861909View Other Patterns
Chinney Alliance Group Ltd385IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.451.4 / 16-Jan-181.52 / 15-Jan-1862585View Other Patterns
Besunyen Holdings Co Ltd926DepartmentStores0.620.5 / 20-Dec-170.65 / 18-Jan-181689 KView Other Patterns
Shougang Concord Grand (Group) Ltd730RealEstateDevelopment0.2270.21 / 21-Dec-170.238 / 08-Jan-18529 KView Other Patterns
Qinhuangdao Port Co Ltd3369Trucking2.682.59 / 27-Dec-172.81 / 27-Dec-171651 KView Other Patterns
Automated Systems Holdings Ltd771ComputerBasedSystems1.030.9 / 20-Dec-171.08 / 12-Jan-181313 KView Other Patterns
Nanjing Sample Technology Co Ltd1708Semiconductor_BroadLine24.719.86 / 29-Dec-1725.9 / 18-Jan-18763 KView Other Patterns
Sinofert Holdings Ltd297Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.441.14 / 20-Dec-171.51 / 18-Jan-1814915 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Company Ltd1385Appliances6.776.51 / 27-Dec-177.1 / 05-Jan-18158 KView Other Patterns
Global Bio-chem Technology Group Co Ltd809Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.1230.108 / 21-Dec-170.129 / 04-Jan-182887 KView Other Patterns
Royale Furniture Holdings Ltd1198DepartmentStores0.820.65 / 21-Dec-170.86 / 18-Jan-182290 KView Other Patterns
Hengdeli Holdings Ltd3389InvestmentBrokerage_National0.410.37 / 19-Jan-180.43 / 19-Jan-1825984 KView Other Patterns
China Best Group Holding Ltd370Trucking0.1020.098 / 28-Dec-170.107 / 15-Jan-188900 KView Other Patterns
China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co Ltd1798WaterUtilities1.020.89 / 22-Dec-171.07 / 15-Jan-184248 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Bestway International Holdings Ltd718Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.020.9 / 09-Jan-181.07 / 21-Dec-172785 KView Other Patterns
KFM Kingdom Holdings Ltd3816PersonalServices0.610.59 / 18-Jan-180.64 / 04-Jan-1888181View Other Patterns
China High Precision Automation Group Ltd591IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.221.2 / 19-Jan-181.28 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd1717Beverages_SoftDrinks4.673.83 / 21-Dec-174.9 / 16-Jan-181308 KView Other Patterns
Pinestone Capital Ltd8097InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1420.086 / 22-Dec-170.149 / 19-Jan-189650 KView Other Patterns
Shenguan Holdings (Group) Ltd829Beverages_SoftDrinks0.4050.36 / 29-Dec-170.425 / 18-Jan-181511 KView Other Patterns
Runway Global Holdings Company Ltd1520ApparelStores0.810.78 / 27-Dec-170.85 / 04-Jan-184541 KView Other Patterns
China COSCO Holdings Co. Ltd1919Trucking4.253.9 / 20-Dec-174.46 / 09-Jan-1820279 KView Other Patterns
San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Ltd236TobaccoProducts_Other1.211.17 / 04-Jan-181.27 / 05-Jan-1853157View Other Patterns
Hengxing Gold Holding Company Ltd2303SteelAndIron8.017.25 / 20-Dec-178.41 / 02-Jan-181957 KView Other Patterns
Natural Beauty Bio-Technology Limited157DrugRelatedProducts0.60.59 / 19-Jan-180.63 / 17-Jan-18177 KView Other Patterns
China Sunshine Paper Holdings2002Lumber_WoodProduction2.41.78 / 20-Dec-172.52 / 18-Jan-185370 KView Other Patterns
Co-Prosperity Holdings Limited707ApparelStores0.40.345 / 29-Dec-170.42 / 12-Jan-1837756 KView Other Patterns
China Vanguard Group Ltd8156HealthCarePlans0.80.71 / 19-Jan-180.84 / 03-Jan-1815151 KView Other Patterns
Ching Lee Hldgs Ltd8318GeneralBuildingMaterials0.40.36 / 09-Jan-180.42 / 15-Jan-182303 KView Other Patterns
Pegasus International Holdings Ltd676ApparelStores1.00.99 / 19-Jan-181.05 / 09-Jan-1828181View Other Patterns
Hong Kong Resources Holdings Co Ltd2882Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.080.07 / 28-Dec-170.084 / 09-Jan-181994 KView Other Patterns
Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Holdings Company Ltd6189GeneralBuildingMaterials7.66.71 / 22-Dec-177.98 / 28-Dec-17221 KView Other Patterns
China Qinfa Group Ltd866SteelAndIron0.2190.178 / 20-Dec-170.23 / 08-Jan-181267 KView Other Patterns
China Harmony Auto Holding Ltd3836PersonalServices5.954.71 / 21-Dec-176.25 / 27-Dec-179712 KView Other Patterns
Sino Haijing Holdings Limited1106InformationTechnologyServices0.1780.166 / 05-Jan-180.187 / 20-Dec-178892 KView Other Patterns
Shanxi Changcheng Microlight Equipment Co Ltd8286PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies0.3950.28 / 22-Dec-170.415 / 19-Jan-1812045View Other Patterns
Sinoref Holdings Ltd1020IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.2950.28 / 17-Jan-180.31 / 04-Jan-187008 KView Other Patterns
United Energy Group Ltd467ApparelStores0.590.49 / 02-Jan-180.62 / 22-Dec-177897 KView Other Patterns
G-Resources Group Ltd1051TelecomServices_Domestic0.0980.095 / 21-Dec-170.103 / 15-Jan-1812665 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Simsen International Corporation Ltd993InvestmentBrokerage_National2.742.3 / 22-Dec-172.88 / 04-Jan-18412 KView Other Patterns
CITIC Resources Holdings Ltd1205Lumber_WoodProduction0.780.7 / 20-Dec-170.82 / 15-Jan-188215 KView Other Patterns
REF Holdings Ltd8177Publishing_Periodicals1.551.5 / 18-Jan-181.63 / 04-Jan-1851818View Other Patterns
Beijing Jingkelong Co Ltd814DepartmentStores2.132.08 / 18-Jan-182.24 / 03-Jan-18107 KView Other Patterns
Get Nice Holdings Ltd64InvestmentBrokerage_National0.290.275 / 16-Jan-180.305 / 28-Dec-1722408 KView Other Patterns
Zhuhai Holdings Investment Group Ltd908ResortsAndCasinos1.161.09 / 20-Dec-171.22 / 03-Jan-181038 KView Other Patterns
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited1093DrugRelatedProducts17.7815.62 / 21-Dec-1718.7 / 12-Jan-1819025 KView Other Patterns
China Logistics Property Holdings Co Ltd1589RealEstateDevelopment2.512.34 / 05-Jan-182.64 / 05-Jan-182299 KView Other Patterns
China Greenfresh Group Co Ltd6183Beverages_SoftDrinks1.351.26 / 10-Jan-181.42 / 11-Jan-181491 KView Other Patterns
Goldpac Group Ltd3315BusinessServices2.312.2 / 18-Jan-182.43 / 29-Dec-17471 KView Other Patterns
China Tian Lun Gas Holdings Ltd1600MajorIntegratedOilAndGas5.935.59 / 20-Dec-176.24 / 27-Dec-17840 KView Other Patterns
China Properties Group Ltd1838GeneralBuildingMaterials1.711.54 / 20-Dec-171.8 / 09-Jan-18207 KView Other Patterns
Next Media Ltd282Publishing_Periodicals0.380.355 / 29-Dec-170.4 / 19-Jan-18212 KView Other Patterns
Forefront Group Ltd885TrucksAndOtherVehicles0.380.37 / 17-Jan-180.4 / 29-Dec-175969 KView Other Patterns
Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Ltd1296WaterUtilities0.570.49 / 20-Dec-170.6 / 05-Jan-181538 KView Other Patterns
Sinosoft Technology Group Ltd1297InformationTechnologyServices2.282.16 / 20-Dec-172.4 / 05-Jan-181484 KView Other Patterns
Orient Victory China Holdings Ltd265InvestmentBrokerage_National0.2850.255 / 16-Jan-180.3 / 22-Dec-173816 KView Other Patterns
Prosten Technology Holdings Ltd8026InformationTechnologyServices0.2850.28 / 19-Jan-180.3 / 05-Jan-182300 KView Other Patterns
Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Co Ltd1065Chemicals_MajorDiversified4.734.37 / 20-Dec-174.98 / 04-Jan-181913 KView Other Patterns
SRE Group Ltd1207RealEstateDevelopment0.2080.196 / 27-Dec-170.219 / 12-Jan-187880 KView Other Patterns
Sam Woo Construction Group Ltd3822GeneralBuildingMaterials0.2080.196 / 11-Jan-180.219 / 03-Jan-18689 KView Other Patterns
Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd751Appliances3.593.11 / 20-Dec-173.78 / 08-Jan-1810362 KView Other Patterns
Cinda International Holdings Ltd111MoneyCenterBanks1.130.83 / 22-Dec-171.19 / 19-Jan-181254 KView Other Patterns
Honworld Group Ltd2226TobaccoProducts_Other3.953.86 / 20-Dec-174.16 / 02-Jan-18320 KView Other Patterns
Jiangxi Copper Co Ltd358IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals12.7611.4 / 20-Dec-1713.44 / 11-Jan-1814560 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Mobicon Group Ltd1213Appliances1.51.47 / 19-Jan-181.58 / 04-Jan-181000View Other Patterns
SINOPEC Engineering (Group) Co Ltd2386MajorIntegratedOilAndGas8.056.21 / 20-Dec-178.48 / 12-Jan-185614 KView Other Patterns
Willie International Holdings Ltd273InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1310.124 / 03-Jan-180.138 / 15-Jan-18446 MView Other Patterns
Legend Strategy International Holdings Group Company Ltd1355ResortsAndCasinos1.120.74 / 29-Dec-171.18 / 11-Jan-18283 KView Other Patterns
Cafe de Coral Holdings Ltd341ResortsAndCasinos20.520.5 / 19-Jan-1821.6 / 29-Dec-17472 KView Other Patterns
China Dongxiang (Group) Co Ltd3818ApparelStores1.491.42 / 21-Dec-171.57 / 10-Jan-184132 KView Other Patterns
Yuan Heng Gas Holdings Ltd332Semiconductor_BroadLine0.930.86 / 22-Dec-170.98 / 10-Jan-185141 KView Other Patterns
Wenzhou Kangning Hospital Co Ltd2120HealthCarePlans45.5535.6 / 22-Dec-1748.0 / 29-Dec-1736772View Other Patterns
Wang Tai Holdings Ltd1400ApparelStores0.130.108 / 28-Dec-170.137 / 09-Jan-18810 KView Other Patterns
CNQC International Holdings Ltd1240GeneralBuildingMaterials2.972.8 / 21-Dec-173.13 / 02-Jan-184049 KView Other Patterns
Yugang International Ltd613InvestmentBrokerage_National0.2040.2 / 17-Jan-180.215 / 12-Jan-185688 KView Other Patterns
Bosideng International Holdings Ltd3998ApparelStores0.740.65 / 22-Dec-170.78 / 12-Jan-186092 KView Other Patterns
Lonking Holdings Ltd3339IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents3.73.07 / 20-Dec-173.9 / 12-Jan-1812901 KView Other Patterns
Veeko International Holdings Ltd1173ApparelStores0.1660.151 / 04-Jan-180.175 / 15-Jan-18226 KView Other Patterns
Springland International Holdings Ltd1700DepartmentStores1.841.7 / 09-Jan-181.94 / 18-Jan-181883 KView Other Patterns
Yashili International Holdings Ltd1230Beverages_SoftDrinks1.471.41 / 10-Jan-181.55 / 28-Dec-171538 KView Other Patterns
Sino Golf Holdings Ltd361DepartmentStores0.2750.25 / 19-Jan-180.29 / 02-Jan-18375 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co Ltd1635Trucking3.33.28 / 28-Dec-173.48 / 22-Dec-17196 KView Other Patterns
Lee & Man Chemical Co Ltd746ApparelStores5.55.08 / 21-Dec-175.8 / 03-Jan-18182 KView Other Patterns
China Communications Services Corporation Ltd552TelecomServices_Domestic5.124.8 / 16-Jan-185.4 / 20-Dec-174681 KView Other Patterns
Solartech International Holdings Limited1166Appliances0.730.57 / 21-Dec-170.77 / 12-Jan-1821656 KView Other Patterns
Superb Summit International Group Ltd1228Appliances1.461.45 / 19-Jan-181.54 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Angang Steel Company Ltd347SteelAndIron8.396.84 / 21-Dec-178.85 / 19-Jan-1820755 KView Other Patterns
Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd881TrucksAndOtherVehicles19.8616.04 / 20-Dec-1720.95 / 10-Jan-184835 KView Other Patterns
Liu Chong Hing Investment Ltd194RealEstateDevelopment13.4613.32 / 04-Jan-1814.2 / 05-Jan-1878715View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Ltd1848Aerospace_DefenseProductsAndServices8.177.6 / 21-Dec-178.62 / 10-Jan-181151 KView Other Patterns
Soho China Ltd410RealEstateDevelopment4.724.4 / 21-Dec-174.98 / 12-Jan-188394 KView Other Patterns
China Development Bank International Investment Ltd1062InvestmentBrokerage_National0.270.26 / 15-Jan-180.285 / 04-Jan-18648 KView Other Patterns
Mexan Ltd22RealEstateDevelopment0.270.27 / 19-Jan-180.285 / 12-Jan-18299 KView Other Patterns
China Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Mining Co Ltd893SteelAndIron0.270.255 / 19-Jan-180.285 / 11-Jan-181690 KView Other Patterns
i-Control Holdings Ltd8355InformationTechnologyServices0.360.35 / 16-Jan-180.38 / 29-Dec-17640 KView Other Patterns
NNK Group Ltd3773InformationTechnologyServices0.720.69 / 18-Jan-180.76 / 03-Jan-18321 KView Other Patterns
Consun Pharmaceutical Group Ltd1681DrugRelatedProducts8.986.94 / 27-Dec-179.48 / 18-Jan-181499 KView Other Patterns
Yorkey Optical International (Cayman) Ltd2788PersonalServices1.431.34 / 27-Dec-171.51 / 09-Jan-18433 KView Other Patterns
Guangdong Join-Share Financing Guarantee Investment Co Ltd1543MoneyCenterBanks1.431.35 / 16-Jan-181.51 / 21-Dec-17301 KView Other Patterns
SunWah Kingsway Capital Holdings Ltd188InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1070.102 / 02-Jan-180.113 / 05-Jan-184502 KView Other Patterns
Shun Wo Group Holdings Ltd1591GeneralBuildingMaterials0.1070.097 / 21-Dec-170.113 / 03-Jan-1815168 KView Other Patterns
KuangChi Science Ltd439Lumber_WoodProduction2.492.35 / 18-Jan-182.63 / 02-Jan-182203 KView Other Patterns
Lippo Ltd226InvestmentBrokerage_National4.624.6 / 19-Jan-184.88 / 04-Jan-18998 KView Other Patterns
Optics Valley Union Holding Company Ltd798BusinessServices0.710.69 / 08-Jan-180.75 / 29-Dec-175054 KView Other Patterns
Yestar International Holdings Co Ltd2393PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies3.193.1 / 17-Jan-183.37 / 21-Dec-17237 KView Other Patterns
Tian An China Investments Co Ltd28RealEstateDevelopment5.495.09 / 20-Dec-175.8 / 09-Jan-181069 KView Other Patterns
Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd1177DrugRelatedProducts14.8612.38 / 20-Dec-1715.7 / 15-Jan-1829752 KView Other Patterns
Jingrui Holdings Ltd1862GeneralBuildingMaterials2.652.0 / 29-Dec-172.8 / 17-Jan-18364 KView Other Patterns
Culturecom Holdings Ltd343Publishing_Periodicals0.440.39 / 21-Dec-170.465 / 05-Jan-181288 KView Other Patterns
Finet Group Ltd8317InformationTechnologyServices0.880.78 / 17-Jan-180.93 / 02-Jan-1864272View Other Patterns
Birmingham International Holdings Ltd2309Publishing_Periodicals0.1760.17 / 16-Jan-180.186 / 28-Dec-173303 KView Other Patterns
Heng Xin China Holdings Ltd8046InformationTechnologyServices0.0350.032 / 15-Jan-180.037 / 16-Jan-1832850 KView Other Patterns
Asia Commercial Holdings Ltd104InvestmentBrokerage_National0.350.209 / 20-Dec-170.37 / 19-Jan-185923 KView Other Patterns
Far East Holdings International Ltd36ComputerBasedSystems0.70.65 / 03-Jan-180.74 / 04-Jan-181563 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Capital Environment Holdings Ltd3989ApparelStores0.350.325 / 18-Jan-180.37 / 15-Jan-1812780 KView Other Patterns
China Packaging Holdings Development Ltd1439PackagingAndContainers2.11.88 / 20-Dec-172.22 / 29-Dec-173825 KView Other Patterns
Y.T. Realty Group Limited75RealEstateDevelopment2.622.5 / 15-Jan-182.77 / 18-Jan-1825767View Other Patterns
China Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Holdings Ltd512Beverages_SoftDrinks4.193.03 / 20-Dec-174.43 / 15-Jan-182919 KView Other Patterns
Xinming China Holdings Ltd2699RealEstateDevelopment1.221.11 / 20-Dec-171.29 / 27-Dec-17752 KView Other Patterns
Hin Sang Group (International) Holding Co Ltd6893DrugRelatedProducts1.391.29 / 27-Dec-171.47 / 15-Jan-18801 KView Other Patterns
Quali-Smart Holdings Ltd1348DepartmentStores0.520.47 / 05-Jan-180.55 / 21-Dec-17480 KView Other Patterns
Evershine Group Holdings Ltd8022Trucking1.040.94 / 21-Dec-171.1 / 02-Jan-189068 KView Other Patterns
Milan Station Holdings Ltd1150DepartmentStores0.1730.16 / 04-Jan-180.183 / 12-Jan-18302 KView Other Patterns
Air China Ltd753Trucking10.369.05 / 20-Dec-1710.96 / 12-Jan-1824599 KView Other Patterns
Renheng Enterprise Holdings Ltd3628TobaccoProducts_Other0.690.67 / 11-Jan-180.73 / 09-Jan-1839454View Other Patterns
Victory Group Ltd1139TrucksAndOtherVehicles0.2410.176 / 27-Dec-170.255 / 19-Jan-184297 KView Other Patterns
ENM Holdings Ltd128InformationTechnologyServices0.430.42 / 16-Jan-180.455 / 11-Jan-18674 KView Other Patterns
Century Sage Scientific Holdings Ltd1450InformationTechnologyServices0.430.36 / 29-Dec-170.455 / 16-Jan-18522 KView Other Patterns
Changmao Biochemical Engineering Co Ltd954Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.860.82 / 27-Dec-170.91 / 16-Jan-18190 KView Other Patterns
Chinese People Holdings Co Ltd681Appliances0.120.097 / 04-Jan-180.127 / 16-Jan-187786 KView Other Patterns
Hao Wen Holdings Ltd8019DrugRelatedProducts0.120.092 / 22-Dec-170.127 / 15-Jan-181936 KView Other Patterns
Xinte Energy Co Ltd1799Appliances8.46.8 / 21-Dec-178.89 / 09-Jan-1832763View Other Patterns
Sijia Group Co Ltd1863Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.371.37 / 19-Jan-181.45 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
BOC Aviation Ltd2588InvestmentBrokerage_National45.239.9 / 20-Dec-1747.85 / 15-Jan-18768 KView Other Patterns
Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co Ltd564IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents4.63.77 / 28-Dec-174.87 / 16-Jan-181306 KView Other Patterns
CRCC High-Tech Equipment Corporation Ltd1786Trucking2.381.79 / 21-Dec-172.52 / 18-Jan-186289 KView Other Patterns
United Pacific Industries Ltd176Appliances0.4250.38 / 15-Jan-180.45 / 17-Jan-18854 KView Other Patterns
Overseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings Ltd3366PackagingAndContainers3.573.03 / 27-Dec-173.78 / 17-Jan-181005 KView Other Patterns
West China Cement Ltd2233GeneralBuildingMaterials1.361.11 / 20-Dec-171.44 / 17-Jan-1833798 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
SIS International Holdings Ltd529Semiconductor_BroadLine5.15.07 / 27-Dec-175.4 / 15-Jan-1833363View Other Patterns
COL Capital Ltd383TelecomServices_Domestic0.2550.194 / 29-Dec-170.27 / 17-Jan-182958 KView Other Patterns
Chiho-Tiande Group ltd976IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals4.233.75 / 22-Dec-174.48 / 05-Jan-183353 KView Other Patterns
dbxt FTSE VIETN Shs -1C- Capitalisation3087InvestmentBrokerage_National284.2230.2 / 21-Dec-17301.0 / 16-Jan-1811962View Other Patterns
U Banquet Group Holding Ltd8107Beverages_SoftDrinks2.031.98 / 19-Jan-182.15 / 12-Jan-18116 KView Other Patterns
U Banquet Group Holding Ltd1483Beverages_SoftDrinks2.031.98 / 19-Jan-182.15 / 12-Jan-18116 KView Other Patterns
CNOOC Ltd883MajorIntegratedOilAndGas12.1410.76 / 20-Dec-1712.86 / 15-Jan-1868652 KView Other Patterns
The Link Real Estate Investment Trust823RealEstateDevelopment70.870.05 / 17-Jan-1875.0 / 05-Jan-184247 KView Other Patterns
Pan Asia Environmental Protection Group Ltd556IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.010.87 / 22-Dec-171.07 / 17-Jan-183636 KView Other Patterns
Golden Throat Holdings Group Co Ltd6896Beverages_SoftDrinks1.851.83 / 19-Jan-181.96 / 02-Jan-18328 KView Other Patterns
Kangda International Environmental Co Ltd6136WasteManagement1.681.57 / 21-Dec-171.78 / 04-Jan-181657 KView Other Patterns
CNT Group Ltd701Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.420.36 / 22-Dec-170.445 / 12-Jan-18304 KView Other Patterns
Feishang Anthracite Resources Ltd1738SteelAndIron1.511.35 / 27-Dec-171.6 / 17-Jan-1839586View Other Patterns
Group Sense (International) Ltd601Semiconductor_BroadLine0.3350.305 / 09-Jan-180.355 / 21-Dec-17353 KView Other Patterns
China Financial Services Holdings Ltd605Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.670.65 / 19-Jan-180.71 / 29-Dec-17375 KView Other Patterns
International Elite Ltd1328PersonalServices0.150.137 / 05-Jan-180.159 / 02-Jan-18178 KView Other Patterns
Petro-king Oilfield Services Ltd2178MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.50.375 / 20-Dec-170.53 / 15-Jan-182426 KView Other Patterns
Brightoil Petroleum (Holdings) Ltd933ApparelStores1.51.5 / 19-Jan-181.59 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc1513DrugRelatedProducts65.056.3 / 20-Dec-1768.9 / 15-Jan-18757 KView Other Patterns
Chu Kong Petroleum and Natural Gas Steel Pipe Holdings Ltd1938MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.830.7 / 21-Dec-170.88 / 02-Jan-18488 KView Other Patterns
Elec & Eltek International Co Ltd1151Semiconductor_BroadLine13.5612.48 / 27-Dec-1714.38 / 11-Jan-185727View Other Patterns
Evergreen International Holdings Ltd238ApparelStores0.660.61 / 21-Dec-170.7 / 05-Jan-18130 KView Other Patterns
China Ruifeng Renewable Energy Holdings Ltd527Semiconductor_BroadLine0.660.65 / 19-Jan-180.7 / 05-Jan-18531 KView Other Patterns
China Titans Energy Technology Group Co.2188Semiconductor_BroadLine0.990.83 / 20-Dec-171.05 / 10-Jan-181090 KView Other Patterns
Z-Obee Holdings LTd948InformationTechnologyServices1.981.76 / 12-Jan-182.1 / 19-Jan-18455 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
FIH Mobile Ltd2038Appliances2.312.3 / 19-Jan-182.45 / 11-Jan-182742 KView Other Patterns
Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Ltd2199ApparelStores7.426.72 / 27-Dec-177.87 / 22-Dec-17320 KView Other Patterns
New China Life Insurance Co Ltd1336PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance54.3551.35 / 21-Dec-1757.65 / 05-Jan-1813720 KView Other Patterns
LUZHENG FUTURES Company Ltd1461InvestmentBrokerage_National1.641.61 / 16-Jan-181.74 / 04-Jan-18378 KView Other Patterns
IBI Group Holdings Ltd1547GeneralBuildingMaterials0.410.375 / 04-Jan-180.435 / 12-Jan-18932 KView Other Patterns
China Chengtong Development Group Ltd217InvestmentBrokerage_National0.490.46 / 20-Dec-170.52 / 29-Dec-172014 KView Other Patterns
Sany Heavy Equipment International Holdings Co Ltd631SteelAndIron2.451.26 / 20-Dec-172.6 / 11-Jan-1813506 KView Other Patterns
Dawnrays Pharmaceutical (Holdings) Ltd2348DrugRelatedProducts4.414.2 / 20-Dec-174.68 / 05-Jan-18203 KView Other Patterns
Weiye Holdings Ltd1570Semiconductor_BroadLine2.612.5 / 08-Jan-182.77 / 22-Dec-1730245View Other Patterns
Dragonite International Ltd329DrugRelatedProducts1.31.1 / 12-Jan-181.38 / 19-Jan-18101 KView Other Patterns
CMMB Vision Holdings Ltd471BusinessServices0.3250.315 / 19-Jan-180.345 / 04-Jan-182153 KView Other Patterns
Chinney Kin Wing Holdings Ltd1556GeneralBuildingMaterials0.3250.3 / 21-Dec-170.345 / 15-Jan-18786 KView Other Patterns
Hans Energy Co Ltd554DepartmentStores0.1950.16 / 29-Dec-170.207 / 19-Jan-1851000View Other Patterns
New Concepts Holdings Ltd2221GeneralBuildingMaterials4.713.89 / 05-Jan-185.0 / 28-Dec-17336 KView Other Patterns
Maoye International Holdings Ltd848DepartmentStores0.810.78 / 27-Dec-170.86 / 15-Jan-182169 KView Other Patterns
Plover Bay Technologies Ltd1523ComputerBasedSystems1.781.51 / 29-Dec-171.89 / 12-Jan-181797 KView Other Patterns
Auto Italia Holdings Ltd720InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1130.103 / 28-Dec-170.12 / 18-Jan-18322 KView Other Patterns
TPV Technology Ltd903Appliances1.130.98 / 20-Dec-171.2 / 10-Jan-18799 KView Other Patterns
D&G Technology Holding Company Ltd1301GeneralBuildingMaterials1.131.06 / 21-Dec-171.2 / 29-Dec-17631 KView Other Patterns
Nanjing Sinolife United Company Ltd3332DrugRelatedProducts1.291.12 / 21-Dec-171.37 / 05-Jan-181293 KView Other Patterns
Greentown Service Group Co Ltd2869RealEstateDevelopment6.125.62 / 22-Dec-176.5 / 10-Jan-184010 KView Other Patterns
China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Ltd3669Trucking9.797.87 / 21-Dec-1710.4 / 10-Jan-186004 KView Other Patterns
Gemdale Properties and Investment Corporation Ltd535GeneralBuildingMaterials0.960.77 / 21-Dec-171.02 / 10-Jan-1846133 KView Other Patterns
Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd711GeneralBuildingMaterials0.960.89 / 29-Dec-171.02 / 08-Jan-18751 KView Other Patterns
CIG Yangtze Ports Plc8233Trucking1.761.01 / 02-Jan-181.87 / 18-Jan-183177 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Hilong Holding Ltd1623IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.61.03 / 21-Dec-171.7 / 18-Jan-1810447 KView Other Patterns
Pak Tak International Ltd2668ApparelStores0.40.365 / 27-Dec-170.425 / 17-Jan-18425 KView Other Patterns
China Oil And Gas Group Ltd603Appliances0.80.66 / 22-Dec-170.85 / 29-Dec-1713664 KView Other Patterns
GET Holdings Ltd8100InformationTechnologyServices0.40.355 / 10-Jan-180.425 / 04-Jan-182435 KView Other Patterns
Century Ginwa Retail Holdings Ltd162Lumber_WoodProduction0.320.29 / 04-Jan-180.34 / 27-Dec-17531 KView Other Patterns
China Southern Airlines Co Ltd1055Trucking8.797.73 / 20-Dec-179.34 / 09-Jan-1827283 KView Other Patterns
Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd2314InvestmentBrokerage_National9.258.92 / 04-Jan-189.83 / 09-Jan-189891 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co Ltd2196DrugRelatedProducts49.443.7 / 21-Dec-1752.5 / 12-Jan-183121 KView Other Patterns
New Times Energy Corp Ltd166MoneyCenterBanks0.2070.202 / 11-Jan-180.22 / 15-Jan-18710 KView Other Patterns
Zijin Mining Group Co Ltd2899SteelAndIron3.342.64 / 20-Dec-173.55 / 15-Jan-1890886 KView Other Patterns
China Baofeng (International) Ltd3966DepartmentStores4.133.4 / 03-Jan-184.39 / 10-Jan-18166 KView Other Patterns
Hong Kong Television Network Ltd1137TelecomServices_Domestic3.653.19 / 20-Dec-173.88 / 18-Jan-182708 KView Other Patterns
China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co Ltd1606InvestmentBrokerage_National1.91.66 / 28-Dec-172.02 / 12-Jan-181535 KView Other Patterns
Anta Sports Products Ltd2020ApparelStores38.031.65 / 20-Dec-1740.4 / 12-Jan-184728 KView Other Patterns
Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co Ltd2208Semiconductor_BroadLine13.9211.32 / 20-Dec-1714.8 / 03-Jan-189424 KView Other Patterns
Li & Fung Ltd494InvestmentBrokerage_National4.114.06 / 17-Jan-184.37 / 28-Dec-1717178 KView Other Patterns
Vital Mobile Holdings Ltd6133TelecomServices_Domestic0.3950.38 / 18-Jan-180.42 / 15-Jan-1877318View Other Patterns
Chuang's China Investments Ltd298RealEstateDevelopment0.630.62 / 19-Jan-180.67 / 02-Jan-181423 KView Other Patterns
Glory Mark Hi-Tech (Holdings) Ltd8159ComputerBasedSystems0.630.56 / 29-Dec-170.67 / 12-Jan-18161 KView Other Patterns
Haitian Hydropower International Ltd8261WaterUtilities0.3150.285 / 20-Dec-170.335 / 02-Jan-1812612 KView Other Patterns
Sinolink Worldwide Holdings Ltd1168RealEstateDevelopment1.10.97 / 21-Dec-171.17 / 05-Jan-186390 KView Other Patterns
Dragon Crown Group Holdings Ltd935PersonalServices1.11.01 / 12-Jan-181.17 / 16-Jan-18118 KView Other Patterns
CAR Inc699Trucking6.66.3 / 15-Jan-187.02 / 28-Dec-174235 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co Ltd6116ApparelStores8.938.91 / 19-Jan-189.5 / 03-Jan-18440 KView Other Patterns
Hoifu Energy Group Ltd7MoneyCenterBanks0.940.91 / 05-Jan-181.0 / 05-Jan-18970 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
South China Financial Holdings Ltd619TelecomServices_Domestic0.0470.041 / 20-Dec-170.05 / 04-Jan-1824719 KView Other Patterns
Lisi Group (Holdings) Ltd526DepartmentStores1.251.15 / 10-Jan-181.33 / 27-Dec-172774 KView Other Patterns
Asia Cement (China) Holdings Corporation743GeneralBuildingMaterials2.812.64 / 29-Dec-172.99 / 08-Jan-18745 KView Other Patterns
Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Ltd2689Lumber_WoodProduction12.7611.94 / 27-Dec-1713.58 / 15-Jan-1821019 KView Other Patterns
Oriental Explorer Holdings Ltd430SteelAndIron0.140.11 / 29-Dec-170.149 / 15-Jan-18656 KView Other Patterns
Global Sweeteners Holdings Ltd3889Beverages_SoftDrinks0.2020.198 / 15-Jan-180.215 / 27-Dec-17694 KView Other Patterns
NetDragon Websoft Inc777InformationTechnologyServices21.7519.86 / 20-Dec-1723.15 / 05-Jan-181888 KView Other Patterns
HKC International Holdings Ltd248TelecomServices_Domestic0.1860.176 / 20-Dec-170.198 / 05-Jan-18152 KView Other Patterns
World Houseware (Holdings) Ltd713DepartmentStores0.620.59 / 04-Jan-180.66 / 10-Jan-18586 KView Other Patterns
Cheuk Nang (Holdings) Ltd131RealEstateDevelopment4.84.33 / 22-Dec-175.11 / 10-Jan-1882603View Other Patterns
First Credit Finance Group Ltd8215MoneyCenterBanks0.1080.103 / 19-Jan-180.115 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Dickson Concepts (International) Ltd113InvestmentBrokerage_National2.932.82 / 18-Jan-183.12 / 29-Dec-17121 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co Ltd2607DrugRelatedProducts20.820.2 / 20-Dec-1722.15 / 15-Jan-184925 KView Other Patterns
Nan Nan Resources Enterprise Ltd1229DepartmentStores0.3850.36 / 03-Jan-180.41 / 09-Jan-1850818View Other Patterns
China Mining Resources Group Ltd340GeneralBuildingMaterials0.0770.066 / 22-Dec-170.082 / 19-Jan-1811663 KView Other Patterns
Smart-Core Holdings Ltd2166Appliances1.691.61 / 15-Jan-181.8 / 28-Dec-17570 KView Other Patterns
Multifield International Holdings ltd898RealEstateDevelopment0.460.435 / 15-Jan-180.49 / 05-Jan-18181 KView Other Patterns
IPE Group Ltd929Gold1.841.62 / 27-Dec-171.96 / 05-Jan-18147 KView Other Patterns
Rici Healthcare Holdings Ltd1526HealthCarePlans2.142.03 / 15-Jan-182.28 / 18-Jan-18539 KView Other Patterns
Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Ltd256Appliances1.831.8 / 17-Jan-181.95 / 05-Jan-182638 KView Other Patterns
Sunevision Holdings Ltd8008InformationTechnologyServices6.75.86 / 21-Dec-177.14 / 18-Jan-181298 KView Other Patterns
Xinyi Automobile Glass Hong Kong Enterprises Ltd8328TrucksAndOtherVehicles2.132.01 / 22-Dec-172.27 / 15-Jan-181273 KView Other Patterns
CHTC Fong's Industries Co Ltd641IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.282.16 / 16-Jan-182.43 / 28-Dec-17341 KView Other Patterns
Esprit Holdings Ltd330ApparelStores4.064.02 / 19-Jan-184.33 / 05-Jan-183104 KView Other Patterns
Zhong Fa Zhan Holdings Ltd475ApparelStores1.21.12 / 15-Jan-181.28 / 17-Jan-1847090View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Yan Tat Group Holdings Ltd1480Semiconductor_BroadLine1.651.6 / 19-Jan-181.76 / 22-Dec-17125 KView Other Patterns
Hi Sun Technology (China) Ltd818GeneralBuildingMaterials1.651.38 / 22-Dec-171.76 / 16-Jan-183366 KView Other Patterns
NVC Lighting Holding Ltd2222DepartmentStores0.750.74 / 19-Jan-180.8 / 09-Jan-181997 KView Other Patterns
China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Ltd750IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents3.432.88 / 20-Dec-173.66 / 05-Jan-188871 KView Other Patterns
TeleEye Holdings Ltd8051Appliances14.8814.3 / 20-Dec-1715.88 / 02-Jan-187272View Other Patterns
Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co Ltd3948SteelAndIron10.18.27 / 20-Dec-1710.78 / 10-Jan-18219 KView Other Patterns
MediNet Group Ltd8161HealthCarePlans0.0890.082 / 18-Jan-180.095 / 19-Jan-18592 KView Other Patterns
Asia Tele-Net and Technology Corp Ltd679IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.631.55 / 08-Jan-181.74 / 29-Dec-17135 KView Other Patterns
China Shun Ke Long Holdings Ltd974DepartmentStores2.81.98 / 12-Jan-182.99 / 22-Dec-179272View Other Patterns
Alco Holdings Ltd328Semiconductor_BroadLine1.621.58 / 22-Dec-171.73 / 02-Jan-18144 KView Other Patterns
Lifestyle China Group Ltd2136DepartmentStores2.342.29 / 11-Jan-182.5 / 29-Dec-171004 KView Other Patterns
AP Rentals Holdings Ltd1496GeneralBuildingMaterials0.3650.34 / 18-Jan-180.39 / 12-Jan-1897090View Other Patterns
Sheng Yuan Holdings Ltd851Appliances0.2480.235 / 18-Jan-180.265 / 11-Jan-182799 KView Other Patterns
C Cheng Holdings Ltd8320GeneralBuildingMaterials0.1890.18 / 19-Jan-180.202 / 20-Dec-17255 KView Other Patterns
Luoyang Glass Company Ltd1108GeneralBuildingMaterials4.073.87 / 20-Dec-174.35 / 05-Jan-181035 KView Other Patterns
Jiu Rong Holdings Ltd2358Semiconductor_BroadLine0.2180.21 / 15-Jan-180.233 / 29-Dec-175067 KView Other Patterns
Melco International Development Ltd200ResortsAndCasinos23.2521.5 / 02-Jan-1824.85 / 15-Jan-184502 KView Other Patterns
SPT Energy Group Inc1251MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.870.54 / 03-Jan-180.93 / 19-Jan-187203 KView Other Patterns
Han Tang International Holdings Ltd1187RubberAndPlastics2.612.5 / 19-Jan-182.79 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Theme International Holdings Ltd990ApparelStores0.1880.181 / 11-Jan-180.201 / 20-Dec-177737 KView Other Patterns
North Asia Strategic Hldgs Ltd8080IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals0.130.114 / 27-Dec-170.139 / 08-Jan-18617 KView Other Patterns
Good Fellow Resources Holdings Ltd109Appliances0.360.34 / 11-Jan-180.385 / 03-Jan-18777 KView Other Patterns
Jinheng Automotive Safety Technology Holdings Ltd872Semiconductor_BroadLine0.720.66 / 03-Jan-180.77 / 16-Jan-18488 KView Other Patterns
Agile Property Holdings Ltd3383RealEstateDevelopment14.110.42 / 21-Dec-1715.08 / 10-Jan-1811087 KView Other Patterns
Eternity Investment Ltd764Appliances0.1870.179 / 22-Dec-170.2 / 03-Jan-18868 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
China Sanjiang Fine Chemicals Company Ltd2198Chemicals_MajorDiversified3.452.78 / 22-Dec-173.69 / 12-Jan-184927 KView Other Patterns
Changhong Jiahua Holdings Ltd8016TelecomServices_Domestic0.860.8 / 15-Jan-180.92 / 08-Jan-184181View Other Patterns
China Innovationpay Group Ltd8083Appliances0.430.345 / 20-Dec-170.46 / 02-Jan-1819223 KView Other Patterns
Yip's Chemical Holdings Ltd408Chemicals_MajorDiversified2.852.5 / 27-Dec-173.05 / 11-Jan-18369 KView Other Patterns
National United Resources Holdings Ltd254TelecomServices_Domestic0.1420.139 / 19-Jan-180.152 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co Ltd1599Trucking4.44.33 / 16-Jan-184.71 / 03-Jan-18770 KView Other Patterns
RCG Holdings Ltd802InvestmentBrokerage_National0.4250.37 / 27-Dec-170.455 / 18-Jan-185601 KView Other Patterns
AL Group Ltd8360PersonalServices0.1840.167 / 09-Jan-180.197 / 21-Dec-175849 KView Other Patterns
Hebei Yichen Industrial Group Corporation Ltd1596IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents4.674.59 / 16-Jan-185.0 / 20-Dec-1738181View Other Patterns
CSI Properties Ltd497ComputerBasedSystems0.4950.39 / 27-Dec-170.53 / 18-Jan-1813178 KView Other Patterns
L'sea Resources International Holdings Limited195Appliances0.1270.108 / 20-Dec-170.136 / 27-Dec-172368 KView Other Patterns
Texhong Textile Group Ltd2678ApparelStores11.09.78 / 21-Dec-1711.78 / 10-Jan-18563 KView Other Patterns
PCCW Ltd8TelecomServices_Domestic4.514.5 / 19-Jan-184.83 / 10-Jan-188169 KView Other Patterns
Odella Leather Holdings Ltd8093ApparelStores1.691.4 / 28-Dec-171.81 / 04-Jan-1855000View Other Patterns
China Environmental Resources Group Ltd1130ApparelStores0.1690.142 / 05-Jan-180.181 / 22-Dec-175182 KView Other Patterns
Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (International) Ltd417Gold2.252.01 / 19-Jan-182.41 / 19-Jan-1851565View Other Patterns
Frontier Services Group Ltd500ComputerBasedSystems1.681.53 / 21-Dec-171.8 / 09-Jan-182504 KView Other Patterns
China Shengmu Organic Milk Ltd1432Beverages_SoftDrinks1.261.24 / 02-Jan-181.35 / 12-Jan-181393 KView Other Patterns
China Ocean Shipbuilding Industry Group Ltd651InvestmentBrokerage_National0.070.056 / 27-Dec-170.075 / 19-Jan-1818786 KView Other Patterns
Tian Ge Interactive Holdings Ltd1980InformationTechnologyServices6.575.92 / 21-Dec-177.04 / 12-Jan-184710 KView Other Patterns
Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co Ltd3606DepartmentStores32.6530.9 / 21-Dec-1735.0 / 11-Jan-181553 KView Other Patterns
Stella International Holdings Ltd1836ApparelStores11.3811.02 / 11-Jan-1812.2 / 21-Dec-17399 KView Other Patterns
Great Wall Motor Co Ltd2333TrucksAndOtherVehicles9.518.64 / 27-Dec-1710.2 / 09-Jan-1848828 KView Other Patterns
Dongjiang Environmental Co Ltd895WasteManagement11.5610.84 / 20-Dec-1712.4 / 09-Jan-18655 KView Other Patterns
International Housewares Retail Co Ltd1373DepartmentStores1.511.5 / 19-Jan-181.62 / 09-Jan-18657 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
China Medical System Holdings Ltd867DrugRelatedProducts18.617.28 / 28-Dec-1719.96 / 10-Jan-184255 KView Other Patterns
AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co Ltd984DepartmentStores4.924.9 / 08-Jan-185.28 / 29-Dec-1779363View Other Patterns
China Foods Ltd506Beverages_SoftDrinks4.54.04 / 20-Dec-174.83 / 11-Jan-189285 KView Other Patterns
Harmony Asset Ltd428InvestmentBrokerage_National1.090.97 / 22-Dec-171.17 / 10-Jan-18414 KView Other Patterns
Central China Real Estate Ltd832RealEstateDevelopment3.543.4 / 28-Dec-173.8 / 11-Jan-181675 KView Other Patterns
China Investments Holdings Ltd132RealEstateDevelopment0.680.65 / 18-Jan-180.73 / 15-Jan-18189 KView Other Patterns
Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Ltd80737Trucking3.943.91 / 03-Jan-184.23 / 27-Dec-17212 KView Other Patterns
Lee & Man Handbags Holding Ltd1488DepartmentStores1.221.21 / 10-Jan-181.31 / 29-Dec-171653 KView Other Patterns
Harmonicare Medical Holdings Ltd1509HealthCarePlans2.982.7 / 20-Dec-173.2 / 03-Jan-18945 KView Other Patterns
China Financial International Investments Ltd721InvestmentBrokerage_National0.230.21 / 15-Jan-180.247 / 21-Dec-175228 KView Other Patterns
China Pipe Group Ltd380GeneralBuildingMaterials0.270.243 / 03-Jan-180.29 / 10-Jan-18185 KView Other Patterns
Blue Sky Power Holdings Ltd6828Publishing_Periodicals0.540.495 / 22-Dec-170.58 / 03-Jan-1834120 KView Other Patterns
Flying Financial Service Holding Ltd8030InvestmentBrokerage_National0.810.8 / 18-Jan-180.87 / 21-Dec-17755 KView Other Patterns
Wonderful Sky Financial Group Holdings Ltd1260PersonalServices1.341.16 / 21-Dec-171.44 / 11-Jan-18902 KView Other Patterns
Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Co Ltd568MajorIntegratedOilAndGas1.341.2 / 20-Dec-171.44 / 15-Jan-18950 KView Other Patterns
Tic Tac International Holdings Co Ltd1470ApparelStores0.80.65 / 29-Dec-170.86 / 10-Jan-181118 KView Other Patterns
Netel Technology (Holdings) Ltd8256TelecomServices_Domestic0.040.031 / 02-Jan-180.043 / 21-Dec-171072 KView Other Patterns
Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Ltd3808TrucksAndOtherVehicles10.48.1 / 21-Dec-1711.18 / 18-Jan-186171 KView Other Patterns
Synergis Holdings Ltd2340PersonalServices0.930.85 / 02-Jan-181.0 / 04-Jan-18165 KView Other Patterns
Ozner Water International Holding Ltd2014WaterUtilities2.392.3 / 17-Jan-182.57 / 04-Jan-181800 KView Other Patterns
Tiande Chemical Holdings Ltd609Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.591.47 / 28-Dec-171.71 / 15-Jan-18675 KView Other Patterns
IGG Inc8002InformationTechnologyServices8.877.75 / 20-Dec-179.54 / 15-Jan-1813848 KView Other Patterns
IGG Inc799InformationTechnologyServices8.877.75 / 20-Dec-179.54 / 15-Jan-1813848 KView Other Patterns
361 Degrees International Ltd1361ApparelStores2.772.59 / 20-Dec-172.98 / 09-Jan-182700 KView Other Patterns
United Gene High-Tech Group Ltd399DrugRelatedProducts0.460.44 / 18-Jan-180.495 / 02-Jan-18341 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Da Ming International Holdings Ltd1090SteelAndIron3.022.93 / 10-Jan-183.25 / 15-Jan-18173 KView Other Patterns
Hung Hing Printing Group Ltd450PackagingAndContainers1.71.59 / 20-Dec-171.83 / 11-Jan-18538 KView Other Patterns
Yuanda China Holdings Ltd2789GeneralBuildingMaterials0.1430.131 / 28-Dec-170.154 / 12-Jan-182382 KView Other Patterns
TSC Group Holdings Ltd206IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.910.8 / 02-Jan-180.98 / 18-Jan-18917 KView Other Patterns
China Leon Inspection Holding Ltd1586SteelAndIron1.561.5 / 15-Jan-181.68 / 27-Dec-1756363View Other Patterns
Hanhua Financial Holding Co Ltd3903MoneyCenterBanks0.650.63 / 18-Jan-180.7 / 21-Dec-17510 KView Other Patterns
Modern Media Holdings Ltd72Publishing_Periodicals0.650.6 / 21-Dec-170.7 / 08-Jan-1894000View Other Patterns
KPa-BM Holdings Ltd8141GeneralBuildingMaterials0.520.47 / 03-Jan-180.56 / 10-Jan-18255 KView Other Patterns
Ourgame International Holdings Ltd6899InformationTechnologyServices2.852.44 / 28-Dec-173.07 / 17-Jan-182358 KView Other Patterns
Minth Group Ltd425TrucksAndOtherVehicles45.9544.0 / 20-Dec-1749.5 / 11-Jan-182094 KView Other Patterns
China Resources and Transportation Group Ltd269Trucking0.1940.183 / 03-Jan-180.209 / 17-Jan-187628 KView Other Patterns
Expert Systems Holdings Ltd8319InformationTechnologyServices0.1550.141 / 11-Jan-180.167 / 29-Dec-17159 KView Other Patterns
Shuanghua Holdings Ltd1241Appliances0.450.43 / 19-Jan-180.485 / 10-Jan-18107 KView Other Patterns
Convoy Financial Holdings Ltd1019PropertyAndCasualtyInsurance0.1670.167 / 19-Jan-180.18 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Midland IC&I Ltd459PersonalServices0.3850.37 / 22-Dec-170.415 / 27-Dec-171227 KView Other Patterns
BBMG Corp2009GeneralBuildingMaterials3.843.44 / 20-Dec-174.14 / 09-Jan-1829311 KView Other Patterns
Powerwell Pacific Holdings Ltd8265PersonalServices3.23.15 / 19-Jan-183.45 / 21-Dec-17711 KView Other Patterns
TEM Holdings Ltd8346Appliances0.320.275 / 29-Dec-170.345 / 17-Jan-18142 KView Other Patterns
SHK Hong Kong Industries Ltd666InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1660.151 / 21-Dec-170.179 / 29-Dec-1711275 KView Other Patterns
Titan Petrochemicals Group Ltd1192MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.1020.097 / 03-Jan-180.11 / 21-Dec-175015 KView Other Patterns
CITIC Dameng Holdings Ltd1091PersonalServices0.510.42 / 22-Dec-170.55 / 11-Jan-185730 KView Other Patterns
Trigiant Group Ltd1300Appliances1.020.98 / 20-Dec-171.1 / 04-Jan-181298 KView Other Patterns
China Suntien Green Energy Corp Ltd956WaterUtilities2.041.9 / 20-Dec-172.2 / 09-Jan-189458 KView Other Patterns
Richfield Group Holdings Ltd183DepartmentStores0.1530.151 / 17-Jan-180.165 / 10-Jan-181761 KView Other Patterns
SOCAM Development Ltd983GeneralBuildingMaterials1.911.75 / 22-Dec-172.06 / 10-Jan-18868 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd3333RealEstateDevelopment28.023.45 / 21-Dec-1730.2 / 09-Jan-1818617 KView Other Patterns
Shougang Concord International Enterprises Co Ltd697SteelAndIron0.2290.208 / 21-Dec-170.247 / 08-Jan-1811329 KView Other Patterns
Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd102GeneralBuildingMaterials0.890.86 / 05-Jan-180.96 / 11-Jan-1818514 KView Other Patterns
China Jiuhao Health Industry Corporation Ltd419Appliances0.4450.34 / 20-Dec-170.48 / 18-Jan-1845396 KView Other Patterns
CNNC International Ltd2302WasteManagement3.83.52 / 28-Dec-174.1 / 11-Jan-18216 KView Other Patterns
Flyke International Holdings Ltd1998DepartmentStores0.380.35 / 19-Jan-180.41 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China Agroforestry Low-Carbon Holdings Ltd1069ComputerBasedSystems0.0760.071 / 27-Dec-170.082 / 19-Jan-18790 KView Other Patterns
GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd3800WaterUtilities1.391.21 / 20-Dec-171.5 / 15-Jan-18142 MView Other Patterns
Fulum Group Holdings Ltd1443ResortsAndCasinos1.010.94 / 22-Dec-171.09 / 27-Dec-17849 KView Other Patterns
China Gold International Resources Corp Ltd2099SteelAndIron14.8812.58 / 20-Dec-1716.06 / 15-Jan-181266 KView Other Patterns
Huajin International Holdings Ltd2738IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.92.83 / 02-Jan-183.13 / 29-Dec-1752000View Other Patterns
Star Properties Group (Cayman Islands) Ltd1560RealEstateDevelopment0.880.82 / 28-Dec-170.95 / 08-Jan-18634 KView Other Patterns
Virscend Education Company Ltd1565HealthCarePlans4.94.38 / 20-Dec-175.29 / 27-Dec-176405 KView Other Patterns
Telecom Service One Holdings Ltd8145Semiconductor_BroadLine2.011.95 / 18-Jan-182.17 / 04-Jan-1861272View Other Patterns
Gemini Investments (Holdings) Ltd174InvestmentBrokerage_National1.131.06 / 12-Jan-181.22 / 04-Jan-1837454View Other Patterns
Shougang Concord Century Holdings Ltd103SteelAndIron0.250.23 / 20-Dec-170.27 / 15-Jan-18649 KView Other Patterns
Asia Standard Hotel Group Ltd292ResortsAndCasinos0.50.48 / 29-Dec-170.54 / 10-Jan-18570 KView Other Patterns
China Automation Group Ltd569InformationTechnologyServices1.00.94 / 22-Dec-171.08 / 29-Dec-1784545View Other Patterns
Leoch International Technology Ltd842Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.371.23 / 22-Dec-171.48 / 11-Jan-181534 KView Other Patterns
Clear Media Ltd100TelecomServices_Domestic7.847.58 / 27-Dec-178.47 / 10-Jan-18146 KView Other Patterns
Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd2343Trucking1.741.61 / 20-Dec-171.88 / 10-Jan-1813024 KView Other Patterns
Huazhong In-Vehicle Holdings Company Ltd6830IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.870.84 / 18-Jan-180.94 / 11-Jan-182597 KView Other Patterns
Ronshine China Holdings Ltd3301RealEstateDevelopment10.188.38 / 22-Dec-1711.0 / 19-Jan-184940 KView Other Patterns
Lianhua Supermarket Holdings Co Ltd980DepartmentStores2.732.7 / 18-Jan-182.95 / 28-Dec-17785 KView Other Patterns
Topsearch International (Holdings) Ltd2323Semiconductor_BroadLine2.852.35 / 20-Dec-173.08 / 29-Dec-171388 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Zhi Cheng Holdings Ltd8130Publishing_Periodicals0.1850.183 / 19-Jan-180.2 / 22-Dec-171323 KView Other Patterns
China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Ltd3969Trucking5.925.33 / 27-Dec-176.4 / 05-Jan-184370 KView Other Patterns
Quanzhou Huixin Micro-credit Co Ltd1577MoneyCenterBanks1.481.23 / 19-Jan-181.6 / 09-Jan-1840272View Other Patterns
Joy City Property Ltd207RealEstateDevelopment1.231.19 / 17-Jan-181.33 / 09-Jan-1811678 KView Other Patterns
BeijingWest Industries International Ltd2339IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.231.16 / 21-Dec-171.33 / 05-Jan-18601 KView Other Patterns
King Fook Holdings Ltd280DepartmentStores0.430.42 / 29-Dec-170.465 / 29-Dec-17667 KView Other Patterns
Trinity Ltd891ApparelStores0.860.69 / 20-Dec-170.93 / 18-Jan-1813229 KView Other Patterns
Hopson Development Holdings Ltd754RealEstateDevelopment8.097.15 / 20-Dec-178.75 / 08-Jan-181096 KView Other Patterns
Kai Yuan Holdings Ltd1215GeneralBuildingMaterials0.0490.045 / 17-Jan-180.053 / 05-Jan-181464 KView Other Patterns
Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Co Ltd921DepartmentStores10.528.82 / 20-Dec-1711.38 / 15-Jan-182519 KView Other Patterns
CGN Meiya Power Holdings Co Ltd1811WaterUtilities1.11.05 / 20-Dec-171.19 / 03-Jan-182610 KView Other Patterns
Good Friend International Holdings INC2398PersonalServices2.22.02 / 20-Dec-172.38 / 04-Jan-18126 KView Other Patterns
Pantronics Holdings Ltd1611Semiconductor_BroadLine1.11.03 / 18-Jan-181.19 / 10-Jan-18111 KView Other Patterns
Noble House (China) Holdings Ltd8246ResortsAndCasinos0.3050.27 / 28-Dec-170.33 / 28-Dec-17164 KView Other Patterns
LifeTech Scientific Corporation1302DrugRelatedProducts1.951.8 / 02-Jan-182.11 / 09-Jan-1812734 KView Other Patterns
Eyang Holdings (Group) Co Ltd117Semiconductor_BroadLine1.341.02 / 22-Dec-171.45 / 18-Jan-18159 KView Other Patterns
CIMC Enric Holdings Ltd3899IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents7.676.14 / 20-Dec-178.3 / 15-Jan-186906 KView Other Patterns
Kong Shum Union Property Management (Holding) Ltd8181PersonalServices0.3650.305 / 20-Dec-170.395 / 05-Jan-188112 KView Other Patterns
Chongqing Machinery & Electric Co Ltd2722IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.850.79 / 27-Dec-170.92 / 12-Jan-183095 KView Other Patterns
New Ray Medicine International Holding Ltd6108DrugRelatedProducts0.4250.365 / 19-Jan-180.46 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Sage International Group Ltd8082TelecomServices_Domestic0.170.135 / 28-Dec-170.184 / 04-Jan-18820 KView Other Patterns
Parkson Retail Group Ltd3368DepartmentStores1.090.86 / 04-Jan-181.18 / 12-Jan-185631 KView Other Patterns
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd1929ApparelStores8.18.07 / 19-Jan-188.77 / 04-Jan-184839 KView Other Patterns
Xinyi Glass Holdings Ltd868Semiconductor_BroadLine10.889.1 / 20-Dec-1711.78 / 08-Jan-1814039 KView Other Patterns
China Weaving Materials Holdings Ltd3778ApparelStores0.60.55 / 22-Dec-170.65 / 02-Jan-1891272View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
South China (China) Ltd413InvestmentBrokerage_National0.30.275 / 03-Jan-180.325 / 09-Jan-18532 KView Other Patterns
Combest Holdings Ltd8190InformationTechnologyServices0.060.06 / 19-Jan-180.065 / 03-Jan-18182 KView Other Patterns
Green Energy Group Ltd979TelecomServices_Domestic0.480.425 / 28-Dec-170.52 / 18-Jan-181181 KView Other Patterns
China Lilang Ltd1234ApparelStores6.926.1 / 27-Dec-177.5 / 12-Jan-18737 KView Other Patterns
Come Sure Group (Holdings) Ltd794Lumber_WoodProduction1.070.94 / 27-Dec-171.16 / 05-Jan-18770 KView Other Patterns
China Assurance Finance Group Ltd8090InvestmentBrokerage_National0.950.9 / 17-Jan-181.03 / 03-Jan-183938 KView Other Patterns
Chuan Holdings Ltd1420GeneralBuildingMaterials0.4150.395 / 12-Jan-180.45 / 27-Dec-17619 KView Other Patterns
Nan Hai Corporation Ltd680InvestmentBrokerage_National0.2490.214 / 20-Dec-170.27 / 02-Jan-1839266 KView Other Patterns
Tai Ping Carpets International Ltd146IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.541.5 / 05-Jan-181.67 / 11-Jan-1832636View Other Patterns
Real Nutriceutical Group Ltd2010DrugRelatedProducts0.2950.27 / 22-Dec-170.32 / 04-Jan-182480 KView Other Patterns
China Rare Earth Holdings Ltd769Appliances0.590.55 / 02-Jan-180.64 / 09-Jan-185865 KView Other Patterns
Synergy Group Holdings International Ltd1539Appliances1.651.28 / 18-Jan-181.79 / 19-Jan-18681 KView Other Patterns
China Healthcare Holdings Ltd673InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1410.134 / 08-Jan-180.153 / 27-Dec-17484 KView Other Patterns
Global International Credit Group Ltd1669InvestmentBrokerage_National0.940.9 / 19-Jan-181.02 / 16-Jan-18158 KView Other Patterns
World-Link Logistics (Asia) Holding Ltd8012Trucking1.291.22 / 18-Jan-181.4 / 05-Jan-181311 KView Other Patterns
Zhejiang Prospect Co Ltd8273TrucksAndOtherVehicles1.41.22 / 09-Jan-181.52 / 27-Dec-171545View Other Patterns
China ZhongDi Dairy Holdings Company Ltd1492MeatProducts0.70.68 / 17-Jan-180.76 / 16-Jan-1890090View Other Patterns
Hong Kong Food Investment Holdings Ltd60Beverages_SoftDrinks1.051.0 / 12-Jan-181.14 / 10-Jan-18137 KView Other Patterns
Coslight Technology International Group Ltd1043Appliances3.142.96 / 21-Dec-173.41 / 29-Dec-17735 KView Other Patterns
Comtec Solar Systems Group Ltd712Semiconductor_BroadLine0.290.285 / 19-Jan-180.315 / 10-Jan-182151 KView Other Patterns
ZMFY Automobile Glass Services Ltd8135Appliances0.580.405 / 20-Dec-170.63 / 17-Jan-18216 KView Other Patterns
Bossini International Holdings Ltd592DepartmentStores0.4050.405 / 19-Jan-180.44 / 05-Jan-18341 KView Other Patterns
Yadea Group Holdings Ltd1585TrucksAndOtherVehicles2.542.44 / 17-Jan-182.76 / 02-Jan-182753 KView Other Patterns
Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Ltd2342TelecomServices_Domestic1.51.46 / 17-Jan-181.63 / 05-Jan-188605 KView Other Patterns
Kwong Man Kee Group Ltd8023GeneralBuildingMaterials0.460.415 / 08-Jan-180.5 / 15-Jan-18429 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
China State Construction International Holdings Ltd3311GeneralBuildingMaterials11.510.3 / 20-Dec-1712.5 / 12-Jan-1811574 KView Other Patterns
Zhongtian International Ltd2379InformationTechnologyServices1.151.03 / 22-Dec-171.25 / 17-Jan-1818636View Other Patterns
China Energine International (Holdings) Ltd1185TelecomServices_Domestic0.40.335 / 22-Dec-170.435 / 16-Jan-183411 KView Other Patterns
Biostime International Holdings Ltd1112DepartmentStores48.5545.5 / 15-Jan-1852.8 / 02-Jan-18994 KView Other Patterns
Fujikon Industrial Holdings Ltd927Appliances1.371.34 / 11-Jan-181.49 / 05-Jan-18232 KView Other Patterns
Deson Development International Holdings Ltd262GeneralBuildingMaterials0.2850.265 / 03-Jan-180.31 / 04-Jan-18872 KView Other Patterns
Starlite Holdings Limited403Publishing_Periodicals0.570.56 / 19-Jan-180.62 / 10-Jan-18172 KView Other Patterns
Kaisun Energy Group Ltd8203DepartmentStores0.2850.27 / 10-Jan-180.31 / 12-Jan-18311 KView Other Patterns
Sunrise (China) Technology Group Ltd8226Appliances0.2850.219 / 20-Dec-170.31 / 28-Dec-1725512 KView Other Patterns
Zhejiang Tengy Environmental Technology Co., Ltd1527WasteManagement4.784.6 / 15-Jan-185.2 / 05-Jan-1864181View Other Patterns
China Lumena New Materials Corp67Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.251.25 / 19-Jan-181.36 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Tianjin Jinran Public Utilities Co Ltd1265WaterUtilities0.680.66 / 21-Dec-170.74 / 18-Jan-181586 KView Other Patterns
Megalogic Technology Holdings Ltd8242Semiconductor_BroadLine0.1580.128 / 21-Dec-170.172 / 16-Jan-184270 KView Other Patterns
Li Ning Company Ltd2331DepartmentStores6.436.06 / 20-Dec-177.0 / 12-Jan-185237 KView Other Patterns
Zhejiang Shibao Company Limited1057TrucksAndOtherVehicles2.592.48 / 18-Jan-182.82 / 09-Jan-181043 KView Other Patterns
Nanjing Panda Electronics Company Ltd553Semiconductor_BroadLine4.394.1 / 27-Dec-174.78 / 15-Jan-18437 KView Other Patterns
OOH Holdings Ltd8091Publishing_Periodicals0.1350.119 / 10-Jan-180.147 / 29-Dec-17321 KView Other Patterns
China Huirong Financial Holdings Ltd1290InvestmentBrokerage_National1.351.22 / 20-Dec-171.47 / 02-Jan-181080 KView Other Patterns
Tianneng Power International Ltd819Semiconductor_BroadLine7.526.5 / 20-Dec-178.19 / 29-Dec-174481 KView Other Patterns
China Oilfield Services Ltd2883MajorIntegratedOilAndGas9.097.38 / 22-Dec-179.9 / 12-Jan-1815661 KView Other Patterns
Zhengye International Holdings Co Ltd3363Lumber_WoodProduction2.021.93 / 27-Dec-172.2 / 29-Dec-1744454View Other Patterns
Global Tech (Holdings) Ltd143InvestmentBrokerage_National0.280.25 / 16-Jan-180.305 / 17-Jan-189212 KView Other Patterns
China Oceanwide Holdings Ltd715DepartmentStores0.560.52 / 11-Jan-180.61 / 21-Dec-171712 KView Other Patterns
Min Xin Holdings Ltd222InvestmentBrokerage_National5.485.1 / 20-Dec-175.97 / 29-Dec-17185 KView Other Patterns
C.P. Lotus Corporation121InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1230.11 / 20-Dec-170.134 / 11-Jan-181135 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Imagi International Holdings Ltd585DepartmentStores0.670.58 / 27-Dec-170.73 / 02-Jan-18119 KView Other Patterns
MOBI Development Co Ltd947ComputerBasedSystems1.451.43 / 18-Jan-181.58 / 05-Jan-183032 KView Other Patterns
Solomon Systech (International) Ltd2878Semiconductor_BroadLine0.390.375 / 21-Dec-170.425 / 11-Jan-185293 KView Other Patterns
Genting Hong Kong Ltd678ResortsAndCasinos1.671.66 / 19-Jan-181.82 / 22-Dec-17300 KView Other Patterns
Sino Credit Holdings Ltd628GeneralBuildingMaterials1.00.82 / 02-Jan-181.09 / 18-Jan-18395 KView Other Patterns
O-Net Communications (Group) Ltd877TelecomServices_Domestic5.334.36 / 20-Dec-175.81 / 15-Jan-184610 KView Other Patterns
China Hengshi Foundation Co Ltd1197GeneralBuildingMaterials2.222.21 / 12-Jan-182.42 / 28-Dec-1731818View Other Patterns
Luye Pharma Group Ltd2186DrugRelatedProducts6.765.45 / 20-Dec-177.37 / 15-Jan-1825712 KView Other Patterns
China National Building Material Company Ltd3323GeneralBuildingMaterials7.836.28 / 20-Dec-178.54 / 09-Jan-1857530 KView Other Patterns
Golden Eagle Retail Group Ltd3308DepartmentStores9.269.11 / 19-Jan-1810.1 / 10-Jan-18188 KView Other Patterns
Fu Shou Yuan International Group Ltd1448HealthCarePlans6.286.13 / 20-Dec-176.85 / 28-Dec-173737 KView Other Patterns
China Environmental Energy Investment Ltd986Appliances0.3850.38 / 19-Jan-180.42 / 02-Jan-18652 KView Other Patterns
NIRAKU GC HOLDINGS INC.1245PersonalServices0.770.69 / 20-Dec-170.84 / 08-Jan-18524 KView Other Patterns
China National Culture Group Ltd745GeneralBuildingMaterials0.0220.019 / 21-Dec-170.024 / 04-Jan-1817699 KView Other Patterns
K & P International Holdings Ltd675Appliances1.11.05 / 19-Jan-181.2 / 08-Jan-1844000View Other Patterns
United Photovoltaics Group Ltd686WaterUtilities0.990.96 / 21-Dec-171.08 / 05-Jan-189009 KView Other Patterns
China Energy Development Holdings Ltd228ResortsAndCasinos0.0990.091 / 27-Dec-170.108 / 02-Jan-1810442 KView Other Patterns
Jinchuan Group International Resources Co Ltd2362Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.311.07 / 20-Dec-171.43 / 15-Jan-1814194 KView Other Patterns
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Ltd670Trucking6.315.1 / 20-Dec-176.89 / 08-Jan-1829564 KView Other Patterns
Ngai Hing Hong Co Ltd1047Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.870.77 / 22-Dec-170.95 / 12-Jan-1836454View Other Patterns
Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Ltd1446Beverages_SoftDrinks0.650.63 / 18-Jan-180.71 / 27-Dec-17776 KView Other Patterns
Vixtel Technologies Holdings Ltd8342InformationTechnologyServices1.31.09 / 20-Dec-171.42 / 09-Jan-18592 KView Other Patterns
MicroPort Scientific Corp853DrugRelatedProducts8.777.5 / 29-Dec-179.58 / 15-Jan-184439 KView Other Patterns
Hong Kong Life Sciences and Technologies Group Limited8085DrugRelatedProducts0.0970.095 / 16-Jan-180.106 / 17-Jan-1816285 KView Other Patterns
ENN Energy Holdings Ltd2688WaterUtilities53.2551.15 / 10-Jan-1858.2 / 03-Jan-183717 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Chanjet Information Technology Co Ltd1588InformationTechnologyServices10.3210.3 / 19-Jan-1811.28 / 03-Jan-1855781View Other Patterns
UBA Investments Ltd768InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1180.101 / 19-Jan-180.129 / 05-Jan-18717 KView Other Patterns
Colour Life Services Group Co Ltd1778GeneralBuildingMaterials5.235.09 / 29-Dec-175.72 / 09-Jan-182140 KView Other Patterns
China Financial Leasing Group Ltd2312InvestmentBrokerage_National0.160.153 / 04-Jan-180.175 / 21-Dec-171980 KView Other Patterns
New City Development Group Ltd456RealEstateDevelopment0.320.295 / 05-Jan-180.35 / 29-Dec-17223 KView Other Patterns
China Shanshui Cement Group Ltd691GeneralBuildingMaterials6.296.28 / 19-Jan-186.88 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co Ltd658IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents12.349.86 / 20-Dec-1713.5 / 29-Dec-179866 KView Other Patterns
Av Concept Holdings Limited595Semiconductor_BroadLine0.530.5 / 16-Jan-180.58 / 05-Jan-181204 KView Other Patterns
Weiqiao Textile Company Ltd2698ApparelStores4.553.91 / 28-Dec-174.98 / 15-Jan-182229 KView Other Patterns
Universe International Holdings Ltd1046Appliances0.740.71 / 18-Jan-180.81 / 18-Jan-182568 KView Other Patterns
Chia Tai Enterprises International Ltd3839Biotechnology2.432.38 / 05-Jan-182.66 / 21-Dec-1798863View Other Patterns
Prosper Construction Holdings Ltd6816GeneralBuildingMaterials0.4750.45 / 17-Jan-180.52 / 05-Jan-18102 KView Other Patterns
LT Commercial Real Estate Ltd112RealEstateDevelopment4.644.6 / 19-Jan-185.08 / 03-Jan-18278 KView Other Patterns
China Investment Development Ltd204InvestmentBrokerage_National0.0210.018 / 29-Dec-170.023 / 05-Jan-1814755 KView Other Patterns
China Billion Resources Ltd274DepartmentStores0.0210.019 / 09-Jan-180.023 / 12-Jan-1822294 KView Other Patterns
China South City Holdings Limited1668RealEstateDevelopment2.11.94 / 20-Dec-172.3 / 09-Jan-1823229 KView Other Patterns
Koradior Holdings Ltd3709ApparelStores8.396.0 / 20-Dec-179.19 / 28-Dec-1790818View Other Patterns
King Stone Energy Group Ltd663DrugRelatedProducts0.1780.162 / 22-Dec-170.195 / 29-Dec-171683 KView Other Patterns
Tibet 5100 Water Resources Holdings Ltd1115Beverages_SoftDrinks3.343.26 / 19-Jan-183.66 / 02-Jan-184851 KView Other Patterns
Youyuan International Holdings Ltd2268Lumber_WoodProduction3.343.07 / 15-Jan-183.66 / 21-Dec-178722 KView Other Patterns
Capinfo Co Ltd1075InformationTechnologyServices0.520.485 / 27-Dec-170.57 / 04-Jan-18564 KView Other Patterns
Biosino Bio-Technology and Science Incorporation8247BusinessServices2.082.04 / 04-Jan-182.28 / 15-Jan-189000View Other Patterns
Ningbo WanHao Holdings Company Ltd8249Appliances0.260.24 / 18-Jan-180.285 / 28-Dec-17104 KView Other Patterns
IDT International Ltd167Semiconductor_BroadLine0.2280.219 / 21-Dec-170.25 / 02-Jan-18271 KView Other Patterns
NewOcean Energy Holdings Limited342Semiconductor_BroadLine2.071.73 / 20-Dec-172.27 / 09-Jan-181777 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Wisdom Holdings Group1661TelecomServices_Domestic0.930.69 / 28-Dec-171.02 / 19-Jan-188930 KView Other Patterns
Joyce Boutique Holdings Ltd647DepartmentStores0.310.255 / 21-Dec-170.34 / 09-Jan-181427 KView Other Patterns
CL Group (Holdings) Ltd8098InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1550.151 / 16-Jan-180.17 / 08-Jan-1857727View Other Patterns
China Digital Culture (Group) Ltd8175InformationTechnologyServices0.620.49 / 21-Dec-170.68 / 15-Jan-183846 KView Other Patterns
CCID Consulting Co Ltd8235InformationTechnologyServices0.310.29 / 27-Dec-170.34 / 08-Jan-1878181View Other Patterns
Astrum Financial Holdings Ltd8333InvestmentBrokerage_National0.310.275 / 03-Jan-180.34 / 22-Dec-171073 KView Other Patterns
China Industrial Securities International Financial Group Ltd8407InvestmentBrokerage_National1.241.15 / 21-Dec-171.36 / 29-Dec-17735 KView Other Patterns
Guangshen Railway Co Ltd525Trucking5.374.66 / 20-Dec-175.89 / 10-Jan-188433 KView Other Patterns
PW Medtech Group Ltd1358DrugRelatedProducts1.651.37 / 21-Dec-171.81 / 19-Jan-181237 KView Other Patterns
Global Energy Resources International Group Ltd8192InformationTechnologyServices0.360.35 / 18-Jan-180.395 / 02-Jan-181067 KView Other Patterns
Hanny Holdings Ltd275ComputerBasedSystems0.1130.099 / 28-Dec-170.124 / 10-Jan-1843700 KView Other Patterns
Great China Properties Holdings Ltd21RealEstateDevelopment0.1950.18 / 29-Dec-170.214 / 29-Dec-1755188View Other Patterns
TK Group (Holdings) Ltd2283IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents5.134.42 / 20-Dec-175.63 / 02-Jan-18373 KView Other Patterns
Extrawell Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd858DrugRelatedProducts0.2050.191 / 16-Jan-180.225 / 02-Jan-181624 KView Other Patterns
Playmates Toys Ltd869DepartmentStores1.231.13 / 11-Jan-181.35 / 16-Jan-181575 KView Other Patterns
China Automotive Interior Decoration Holdings Ltd48ApparelStores0.1230.113 / 29-Dec-170.135 / 20-Dec-171472 KView Other Patterns
Regal Hotels International Holdings Ltd78ResortsAndCasinos5.615.57 / 19-Jan-186.16 / 29-Dec-17684 KView Other Patterns
China MeiDong Auto Holdings Ltd1268TrucksAndOtherVehicles2.652.23 / 21-Dec-172.91 / 10-Jan-182514 KView Other Patterns
Xinchen China Power Holdings Ltd1148WaterUtilities1.121.02 / 21-Dec-171.23 / 09-Jan-181496 KView Other Patterns
CGN Mining Company Ltd1164Biotechnology0.610.6 / 19-Jan-180.67 / 02-Jan-182257 KView Other Patterns
HL Technology Group Ltd1087IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.3550.34 / 16-Jan-180.39 / 04-Jan-181423 KView Other Patterns
Cheung Wo International Holdings Ltd9TelecomServices_Domestic0.3550.25 / 28-Dec-170.39 / 12-Jan-1816511 KView Other Patterns
CPMC Holdings Ltd906Beverages_SoftDrinks5.985.57 / 16-Jan-186.57 / 28-Dec-173457 KView Other Patterns
China Silver Group ltd815Gold2.332.23 / 18-Jan-182.56 / 08-Jan-183119 KView Other Patterns
Mongolian Mining Corp975SteelAndIron0.2320.197 / 29-Dec-170.255 / 11-Jan-1811881 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Styland Holdings Ltd211InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1210.118 / 19-Jan-180.133 / 27-Dec-173909 KView Other Patterns
Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd Co6869PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies36.133.15 / 20-Dec-1739.7 / 03-Jan-182394 KView Other Patterns
Xingye Copper International Group Ltd505Gold0.80.8 / 19-Jan-180.88 / 29-Dec-17320 KView Other Patterns
Hong Kong Jewellery Holding Ltd8048Appliances0.10.076 / 21-Dec-170.11 / 05-Jan-18484 KView Other Patterns
Oriental Unicorn Agricultural Group Ltd8120DrugRelatedProducts0.10.09 / 16-Jan-180.11 / 17-Jan-185521 KView Other Patterns
Dahe Media Co Ltd8243Publishing_Periodicals0.40.35 / 21-Dec-170.44 / 09-Jan-18327 KView Other Patterns
Active Group Holdings Ltd1096DepartmentStores0.30.28 / 10-Jan-180.33 / 29-Dec-172847 KView Other Patterns
Christine International Holdings Ltd1210ResortsAndCasinos0.60.58 / 22-Dec-170.66 / 11-Jan-18126 KView Other Patterns
Sunfonda Group Holdings Ltd1771TrucksAndOtherVehicles1.31.25 / 04-Jan-181.43 / 20-Dec-17139 KView Other Patterns
Beijing Development (Hong Kong) Ltd154ResortsAndCasinos1.10.97 / 21-Dec-171.21 / 10-Jan-181122 KView Other Patterns
CCT Land Holdings Ltd261InformationTechnologyServices0.010.01 / 19-Jan-180.011 / 09-Jan-18299 MView Other Patterns
China Properties Investment Holdings Ltd736Appliances0.040.033 / 03-Jan-180.044 / 16-Jan-1810887 KView Other Patterns
Creative Energy Solutions Holdings Ltd8109Appliances0.020.016 / 20-Dec-170.022 / 08-Jan-1822568 KView Other Patterns
Allied Cement Holdings Ltd1312GeneralBuildingMaterials0.50.48 / 10-Jan-180.55 / 02-Jan-182990 KView Other Patterns
China ITS (Holdings) Co.1900InformationTechnologyServices0.50.47 / 20-Dec-170.55 / 04-Jan-181187 KView Other Patterns
Oriental Press Group Ltd18Publishing_Periodicals0.90.89 / 19-Jan-180.99 / 20-Dec-17634 KView Other Patterns
HNA Infrastructure Co Ltd357Trucking7.387.22 / 16-Jan-188.12 / 29-Dec-17192 KView Other Patterns
Poly Property Group Co Ltd119InvestmentBrokerage_National4.163.99 / 22-Dec-174.58 / 09-Jan-1818930 KView Other Patterns
Hing Lee (HK) Holdings Ltd396DepartmentStores0.690.54 / 29-Dec-170.76 / 05-Jan-18322 KView Other Patterns
Bingo Group Holdings Ltd8220Appliances0.0690.068 / 18-Jan-180.076 / 08-Jan-181096 KView Other Patterns
Strong Petrochemical Holdings Ltd852MajorIntegratedOilAndGas1.281.27 / 17-Jan-181.41 / 28-Dec-17536 KView Other Patterns
China Fortune Financial Group Ltd290GeneralBuildingMaterials0.1770.16 / 10-Jan-180.195 / 02-Jan-189969 KView Other Patterns
Perfect Shape (PRC) Holdings Ltd1830DrugRelatedProducts1.181.17 / 19-Jan-181.3 / 20-Dec-17688 KView Other Patterns
AGTech Holdings Ltd8279PersonalServices1.181.15 / 19-Jan-181.3 / 08-Jan-182590 KView Other Patterns
Modern Beauty Salon Holdings Ltd919DrugRelatedProducts0.2950.26 / 05-Jan-180.325 / 08-Jan-18275 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
i-CABLE Communications Ltd1097TelecomServices_Domestic0.2260.215 / 20-Dec-170.249 / 05-Jan-1811926 KView Other Patterns
Jia Yao Holdings Ltd1626PackagingAndContainers2.161.99 / 28-Dec-172.38 / 22-Dec-1798090View Other Patterns
Larry Jewelry International Company Ltd8351ApparelStores0.490.42 / 28-Dec-170.54 / 08-Jan-187222 KView Other Patterns
Greenheart Group Ltd94Semiconductor_BroadLine0.980.95 / 19-Jan-181.08 / 22-Dec-171119 KView Other Patterns
Labixiaoxin Snacks Group Ltd1262Beverages_SoftDrinks0.440.425 / 10-Jan-180.485 / 20-Dec-17985 KView Other Patterns
Alltronics Holdings Ltd833Semiconductor_BroadLine2.442.35 / 20-Dec-172.69 / 21-Dec-171177 KView Other Patterns
Neptune Group Ltd70Appliances0.390.36 / 20-Dec-170.43 / 28-Dec-17487 KView Other Patterns
China National Materials Co Ltd1893IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents6.525.25 / 20-Dec-177.19 / 09-Jan-188225 KView Other Patterns
Four Seas Mercantile Holdings Ltd374Beverages_SoftDrinks3.53.21 / 22-Dec-173.86 / 17-Jan-1814909View Other Patterns
Hong Kong Education (Int'l) Investments Ltd1082PersonalServices0.680.475 / 20-Dec-170.75 / 04-Jan-183551 KView Other Patterns
WING TAI INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LTD876Appliances0.340.315 / 18-Jan-180.375 / 29-Dec-174305 KView Other Patterns
V.S. International Group Ltd1002IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.290.28 / 19-Jan-180.32 / 28-Dec-17495 KView Other Patterns
Daisho Microline Holdings Ltd567InvestmentBrokerage_National0.290.241 / 21-Dec-170.32 / 29-Dec-17531 KView Other Patterns
Thelloy Development Group Ltd8122GeneralBuildingMaterials0.580.51 / 22-Dec-170.64 / 08-Jan-185327 KView Other Patterns
King's Flair International (Holdings) Ltd6822DepartmentStores1.061.0 / 18-Jan-181.17 / 11-Jan-18627 KView Other Patterns
Manfield Chemical Holdings Ltd1561Chemicals_MajorDiversified2.122.0 / 27-Dec-172.34 / 20-Dec-17205 KView Other Patterns
Lee's Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd950DrugRelatedProducts9.156.61 / 22-Dec-1710.1 / 15-Jan-181406 KView Other Patterns
Silver Grant International Industries Ltd171RealEstateDevelopment1.541.23 / 03-Jan-181.7 / 10-Jan-186215 KView Other Patterns
Northeast Electric Development Company Limited42Appliances1.541.54 / 19-Jan-181.7 / 15-Jan-18672 KView Other Patterns
Sinco Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd6833DrugRelatedProducts0.770.51 / 20-Dec-170.85 / 17-Jan-1816978 KView Other Patterns
Universal Medical Financial & Technical Advisory Services Company Ltd2666HealthCarePlans7.37.11 / 21-Dec-178.06 / 05-Jan-1814804 KView Other Patterns
Zhejiang Yonglong Enterprises Co Ltd8211ApparelStores0.240.22 / 08-Jan-180.265 / 21-Dec-1755000View Other Patterns
Crosstec Group Holdings Ltd3893PersonalServices0.0960.093 / 17-Jan-180.106 / 27-Dec-17820 KView Other Patterns
Union Medical Healthcare Ltd2138DrugRelatedProducts3.743.57 / 11-Jan-184.13 / 15-Jan-18775 KView Other Patterns
VST Holdings Ltd856InformationTechnologyServices4.54.24 / 09-Jan-184.97 / 22-Dec-171528 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Talent Property Group Ltd760Semiconductor_BroadLine0.0860.083 / 03-Jan-180.095 / 03-Jan-182646 KView Other Patterns
Zheda Lande Scitech Ltd8106TelecomServices_Domestic0.430.4 / 09-Jan-180.475 / 08-Jan-1835681View Other Patterns
FDB Holdings Ltd8248GeneralBuildingMaterials0.860.54 / 05-Jan-180.95 / 18-Jan-1817640 KView Other Patterns
Sinopec Kantons Holdings Ltd934MajorIntegratedOilAndGas4.774.74 / 19-Jan-185.27 / 03-Jan-183594 KView Other Patterns
Top Spring International Holdings Ltd3688RealEstateDevelopment3.913.88 / 19-Jan-184.32 / 21-Dec-171067 KView Other Patterns
Wanguo International Mining Group Ltd3939SteelAndIron1.811.74 / 16-Jan-182.0 / 05-Jan-181666 KView Other Patterns
Boer Power Holdings Ltd1685IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.91.4 / 22-Dec-172.1 / 10-Jan-181544 KView Other Patterns
China LNG Group Ltd931PersonalServices1.711.22 / 21-Dec-171.89 / 19-Jan-1815340 KView Other Patterns
Shenyang Public Utility Holdings Co Ltd747WaterUtilities0.380.36 / 16-Jan-180.42 / 10-Jan-18522 KView Other Patterns
SDM Group Holdings Ltd8363PersonalServices0.380.345 / 27-Dec-170.42 / 05-Jan-1848909View Other Patterns
China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Ltd1101IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.2850.285 / 19-Jan-180.315 / 11-Jan-183183 KView Other Patterns
China Zhongsheng Resources Holdings Ltd2623SteelAndIron0.1140.106 / 12-Jan-180.126 / 17-Jan-184349 KView Other Patterns
JF Household furnishings Ltd776BusinessServices5.024.85 / 15-Jan-185.55 / 05-Jan-18103 KView Other Patterns
Kerry Properties Ltd683RealEstateDevelopment33.632.9 / 20-Dec-1737.15 / 09-Jan-181600 KView Other Patterns
Yichang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co Ltd1558DrugRelatedProducts30.2523.85 / 20-Dec-1733.45 / 15-Jan-181306 KView Other Patterns
Ahsay Backup Software Development Company Ltd8290ComputerBasedSystems0.0850.075 / 28-Dec-170.094 / 11-Jan-18430 KView Other Patterns
Vietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing (Holdings) Ltd422IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.4250.41 / 17-Jan-180.47 / 09-Jan-18288 KView Other Patterns
Meitu, Inc1357InformationTechnologyServices11.79.82 / 21-Dec-1712.94 / 12-Jan-1836498 KView Other Patterns
Oi Wah Pawnshop Credit Holdings Ltd1319PersonalServices0.330.32 / 19-Jan-180.365 / 20-Dec-174086 KView Other Patterns
China City Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Co Ltd1522Trucking0.660.63 / 18-Jan-180.73 / 09-Jan-182559 KView Other Patterns
Wan Kei Group Holdings Ltd1718GeneralBuildingMaterials0.660.58 / 05-Jan-180.73 / 15-Jan-18463 KView Other Patterns
China ZhengTong Auto Services Holdings Ltd1728TrucksAndOtherVehicles8.017.08 / 20-Dec-178.86 / 11-Jan-1818888 KView Other Patterns
GR Properties Ltd108RealEstateDevelopment1.131.06 / 18-Jan-181.25 / 20-Dec-173006 KView Other Patterns
Sincere Watch (Hong Kong) Ltd444ApparelStores0.1130.104 / 17-Jan-180.125 / 04-Jan-184571 KView Other Patterns
Silverman Holdings Ltd1616ApparelStores0.750.71 / 10-Jan-180.83 / 29-Dec-174110 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
IRICO Group Electronics Co Ltd438Semiconductor_BroadLine0.750.72 / 19-Jan-180.83 / 28-Dec-17978 KView Other Patterns
Vincent Medical Holdings Ltd1612IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.750.64 / 03-Jan-180.83 / 18-Jan-18857 KView Other Patterns
PME Group Ltd379IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.0560.055 / 18-Jan-180.062 / 09-Jan-182796 KView Other Patterns
CNC Holdings Ltd8356IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.0560.051 / 02-Jan-180.062 / 09-Jan-182084 KView Other Patterns
Janco Holdings Ltd8035Trucking0.280.27 / 19-Jan-180.31 / 16-Jan-18215 KView Other Patterns
Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Ltd1049InvestmentBrokerage_National0.3250.3 / 21-Dec-170.36 / 20-Dec-17556 KView Other Patterns
Anacle Systems Ltd8353InformationTechnologyServices0.650.6 / 18-Jan-180.72 / 29-Dec-1765181View Other Patterns
Shanghai Zendai Property Ltd755InformationTechnologyServices0.1390.113 / 21-Dec-170.154 / 19-Jan-1827303 KView Other Patterns
Shougang Fushan Resources Group Ltd639Gold1.761.57 / 21-Dec-171.95 / 09-Jan-1810900 KView Other Patterns
Jutal Offshore Oil Services Ltd3303MajorIntegratedOilAndGas2.132.0 / 20-Dec-172.36 / 12-Jan-181187 KView Other Patterns
China Fire Safety Enterprise Group Ltd445IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.370.35 / 10-Jan-180.41 / 11-Jan-188028 KView Other Patterns
China Binary Sale Technology Ltd8255InformationTechnologyServices0.740.5 / 28-Dec-170.82 / 18-Jan-18520 KView Other Patterns
BEP International Holdings Limited2326Appliances0.1560.148 / 20-Dec-170.173 / 11-Jan-188282 KView Other Patterns
LVGEM (China) Real Estate Investment Co Ltd95RealEstateDevelopment3.212.69 / 27-Dec-173.56 / 08-Jan-186049 KView Other Patterns
AVIC International Holding (HK) Ltd232GeneralBuildingMaterials0.550.425 / 21-Dec-170.61 / 18-Jan-1834721 KView Other Patterns
Meike International Holdings Ltd953ApparelStores0.550.45 / 20-Dec-170.61 / 09-Jan-181629 KView Other Patterns
Smartac Group China Holdings Ltd395Chemicals_MajorDiversified0.110.106 / 18-Jan-180.122 / 05-Jan-182724 KView Other Patterns
Heritage International Holdings Ltd412RealEstateDevelopment0.320.305 / 20-Dec-170.355 / 12-Jan-18972 KView Other Patterns
E Lighting Group Holdings Ltd8222DepartmentStores0.2190.2 / 03-Jan-180.243 / 20-Dec-17696 KView Other Patterns
CAA Resources Ltd2112SteelAndIron1.731.65 / 27-Dec-171.92 / 04-Jan-181550 KView Other Patterns
Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Co Ltd2298ApparelStores2.642.61 / 19-Jan-182.93 / 04-Jan-181255 KView Other Patterns
ELL Environmental Holdings Ltd1395WasteManagement0.360.35 / 18-Jan-180.4 / 09-Jan-18657 KView Other Patterns
China Solar Energy Holdings Ltd155InvestmentBrokerage_National0.180.17 / 19-Jan-180.2 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Applied Development Holdings Ltd519Semiconductor_BroadLine0.720.65 / 27-Dec-170.8 / 10-Jan-1815693 KView Other Patterns
Century Sunshine Group Holdings Ltd509MeatProducts0.270.207 / 28-Dec-170.3 / 15-Jan-186601 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Neway Group Holdings Ltd55Publishing_Periodicals0.540.485 / 27-Dec-170.6 / 15-Jan-18281 KView Other Patterns
A8 New Media Group Ltd800InformationTechnologyServices0.540.44 / 21-Dec-170.6 / 15-Jan-1810845 KView Other Patterns
Sky Forever Supply Chain Management Group Ltd8047Appliances0.540.5 / 10-Jan-180.6 / 29-Dec-173774 KView Other Patterns
China Overseas Grand Oceans Group Ltd81DepartmentStores4.324.02 / 21-Dec-174.8 / 08-Jan-1814149 KView Other Patterns
Fortune Sun (China) Holdings Ltd352RealEstateDevelopment0.990.75 / 29-Dec-171.1 / 18-Jan-18140 KView Other Patterns
China Kangda Food Co Ltd834Beverages_SoftDrinks0.90.89 / 18-Jan-181.0 / 27-Dec-17148 KView Other Patterns
Haier Healthwise Holdings Ltd348DepartmentStores0.0810.065 / 20-Dec-170.09 / 09-Jan-183243 KView Other Patterns
Wealth Glory Holdings Ltd8269DepartmentStores0.1620.12 / 02-Jan-180.18 / 04-Jan-181856 KView Other Patterns
Hua Lien International (Holding) Co Ltd969DepartmentStores0.1340.119 / 12-Jan-180.149 / 27-Dec-171178 KView Other Patterns
Freetech Road Recycling Technology (Holdings) Ltd6888WasteManagement0.4450.41 / 05-Jan-180.495 / 20-Dec-171481 KView Other Patterns
TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd1070Semiconductor_BroadLine4.03.62 / 05-Jan-184.45 / 15-Jan-184087 KView Other Patterns
Sincere Co Ltd244DepartmentStores0.3550.31 / 27-Dec-170.395 / 05-Jan-182074 KView Other Patterns
The United Laboratories International Holdings Ltd3933DrugRelatedProducts6.96.0 / 20-Dec-177.68 / 12-Jan-186966 KView Other Patterns
Sandmartin International Holdings Ltd482TelecomServices_Domestic0.1150.111 / 19-Jan-180.128 / 19-Jan-181815 KView Other Patterns
China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Ltd1317HealthCarePlans9.278.2 / 20-Dec-1710.32 / 09-Jan-1815139 KView Other Patterns
CSR Corporation Ltd1766TrucksAndOtherVehicles7.927.82 / 17-Jan-188.82 / 05-Jan-1849928 KView Other Patterns
L&A International Holdings Ltd8195ApparelStores0.0440.039 / 20-Dec-170.049 / 19-Jan-184409 KView Other Patterns
Crown International Corporation Ltd727InvestmentBrokerage_National1.321.29 / 19-Jan-181.47 / 22-Dec-176926 KView Other Patterns
Energy International Investments Holdings Ltd353ApparelStores0.1670.16 / 09-Jan-180.186 / 20-Dec-171927 KView Other Patterns
Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co Ltd719DrugRelatedProducts8.267.53 / 20-Dec-179.2 / 10-Jan-18746 KView Other Patterns
China Information Technology Development Ltd8178InformationTechnologyServices0.1310.126 / 18-Jan-180.146 / 02-Jan-189996 KView Other Patterns
Synertone Communication Corporation1613TelecomServices_Domestic0.0960.087 / 15-Jan-180.107 / 29-Dec-172030 KView Other Patterns
Magnum Entertainment Group Holdings Ltd2080ResortsAndCasinos1.921.68 / 20-Dec-172.14 / 19-Jan-18331 KView Other Patterns
The Wharf (Holdings) Ltd4InvestmentBrokerage_National30.526.1 / 20-Dec-1734.0 / 10-Jan-189137 KView Other Patterns
Unity Investments Holdings Ltd913InvestmentBrokerage_National0.0610.051 / 27-Dec-170.068 / 04-Jan-182152 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co Ltd2289DrugRelatedProducts8.968.6 / 18-Jan-189.99 / 15-Jan-1831590View Other Patterns
First China Financial Network Holdings Ltd8123InformationTechnologyServices0.0780.074 / 19-Jan-180.087 / 21-Dec-171492 KView Other Patterns
Sino Prosper (Group) Holdings Ltd766Gold0.1210.104 / 22-Dec-170.135 / 16-Jan-181063 KView Other Patterns
Beautiful China Holdings Co Ltd706ComputerBasedSystems0.0690.053 / 27-Dec-170.077 / 02-Jan-1812462 KView Other Patterns
Skyfame Realty (Holdings) Ltd59TelecomServices_Domestic3.883.28 / 20-Dec-174.33 / 05-Jan-187344 KView Other Patterns
Hengxin Technology Ltd1085TelecomServices_Domestic2.242.21 / 19-Jan-182.5 / 09-Jan-18425 KView Other Patterns
Golden Power Group Holdings Ltd8038Semiconductor_BroadLine0.860.85 / 18-Jan-180.96 / 03-Jan-18185 KView Other Patterns
Media Asia Group Holdings Ltd8075ResortsAndCasinos0.2060.177 / 28-Dec-170.23 / 27-Dec-17524 KView Other Patterns
Jiangsu NandaSoft Technology Co Ltd8045ComputerBasedSystems0.2230.213 / 19-Jan-180.249 / 08-Jan-18180 KView Other Patterns
China Child Care Corporation Ltd1259DepartmentStores0.1970.191 / 18-Jan-180.22 / 11-Jan-186569 KView Other Patterns
Xingfa Aluminium Holdings Ltd98IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals4.964.95 / 18-Jan-185.54 / 20-Dec-1780727View Other Patterns
EverChina Int'l Holdings Company Ltd202RealEstateDevelopment0.1790.175 / 19-Jan-180.2 / 05-Jan-185585 KView Other Patterns
3SBio Inc1530DrugRelatedProducts16.0213.82 / 21-Dec-1717.9 / 12-Jan-187759 KView Other Patterns
Changshouhua Food Co Ltd1006Beverages_SoftDrinks3.833.55 / 27-Dec-174.28 / 15-Jan-18180 KView Other Patterns
Ding He Mining Holdings Ltd705IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals0.0340.034 / 19-Jan-180.038 / 08-Jan-185292 KView Other Patterns
China Dredging Environment Protection Holdings Ltd871PersonalServices0.340.265 / 27-Dec-170.38 / 19-Jan-181497 KView Other Patterns
Da Sen Holdings Group Ltd1580Lumber_WoodProduction0.680.65 / 03-Jan-180.76 / 05-Jan-183110 KView Other Patterns
China Yu Tian Holdings Ltd8230GeneralBuildingMaterials0.510.49 / 05-Jan-180.57 / 29-Dec-17595 KView Other Patterns
Feiyu Technology International Co Ltd1022InformationTechnologyServices0.930.88 / 18-Jan-181.04 / 27-Dec-171457 KView Other Patterns
Sheung Yue Group Holdings Ltd1633GeneralBuildingMaterials0.4650.45 / 18-Jan-180.52 / 03-Jan-18466 KView Other Patterns
Shengli Oil & Gas Pipe Holdings Ltd1080MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.380.355 / 16-Jan-180.425 / 27-Dec-173517 KView Other Patterns
Vision Fame International Holding Ltd1315GeneralBuildingMaterials0.380.3 / 04-Jan-180.425 / 10-Jan-1818064 KView Other Patterns
Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd1868Appliances0.760.73 / 19-Jan-180.85 / 29-Dec-17530 KView Other Patterns
China Ludao Technology Company Ltd2023Chemicals_MajorDiversified1.521.43 / 11-Jan-181.7 / 02-Jan-18331 KView Other Patterns
Travel Expert (Asia) Enterprises Ltd1235ResortsAndCasinos0.590.56 / 02-Jan-180.66 / 17-Jan-1831590View Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
MIE Holdings Corp1555MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.590.54 / 04-Jan-180.66 / 15-Jan-182831 KView Other Patterns
China Yurun Food Group Ltd1068Beverages_SoftDrinks1.260.76 / 22-Dec-171.41 / 17-Jan-1813894 KView Other Patterns
Flat Glass Group Co Ltd6865GeneralBuildingMaterials2.351.49 / 22-Dec-172.63 / 15-Jan-184686 KView Other Patterns
Xinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Co Ltd3833IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals1.090.98 / 20-Dec-171.22 / 12-Jan-181618 KView Other Patterns
Ju Teng International Holdings Ltd3336Appliances2.432.26 / 20-Dec-172.72 / 09-Jan-184359 KView Other Patterns
Kasen International Holdings Ltd496ApparelStores1.341.25 / 29-Dec-171.5 / 15-Jan-183983 KView Other Patterns
Xinjiang Tianye Water Saving Irrigation System Company Ltd840WaterUtilities0.750.7 / 12-Jan-180.84 / 12-Jan-18268 KView Other Patterns
Kith Holdings Ltd1201PackagingAndContainers1.251.22 / 19-Jan-181.4 / 03-Jan-18314 KView Other Patterns
Sundart Holdings Ltd1568GeneralBuildingMaterials4.54.2 / 21-Dec-175.04 / 02-Jan-18446 KView Other Patterns
Cosmopolitan International Holdings Ltd120InvestmentBrokerage_National1.00.85 / 21-Dec-171.12 / 09-Jan-1819212 KView Other Patterns
EFT Solutions Holdings Ltd8062InformationTechnologyServices0.50.47 / 19-Jan-180.56 / 02-Jan-18405 KView Other Patterns
Dorsett Hospitality International Ltd2266ResortsAndCasinos1.331.04 / 20-Dec-171.49 / 19-Jan-18328 KView Other Patterns
Seamless Green China (Holdings) Ltd8150InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1330.121 / 17-Jan-180.149 / 21-Dec-173159 KView Other Patterns
Nameson Holdings Ltd1982ApparelStores3.152.95 / 17-Jan-183.53 / 22-Dec-175155 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Tonva Petrochemical Co Ltd1103MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.580.54 / 20-Dec-170.65 / 29-Dec-1743229 KView Other Patterns
Culture Landmark Investment Ltd674ResortsAndCasinos0.290.237 / 03-Jan-180.325 / 18-Jan-187125 KView Other Patterns
Glory Flame Holdings Ltd8059GeneralBuildingMaterials0.580.55 / 11-Jan-180.65 / 02-Jan-189093 KView Other Patterns
New Media Group Holdings Ltd708Publishing_Periodicals2.982.95 / 19-Jan-183.34 / 05-Jan-184786 KView Other Patterns
Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd1165Semiconductor_BroadLine0.410.395 / 20-Dec-170.46 / 09-Jan-1810505 KView Other Patterns
Art Textile Technology International Co Ltd565ApparelStores0.410.39 / 15-Jan-180.46 / 20-Dec-17748 KView Other Patterns
China Ground Source Energy Industry Group Ltd8128InformationTechnologyServices0.1390.128 / 17-Jan-180.156 / 05-Jan-181189 KView Other Patterns
Wuxi Sunlit Science and Technology Company Ltd1289IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.452.39 / 19-Jan-182.75 / 05-Jan-1885500View Other Patterns
Sun.King Power Electronics Group Ltd580Semiconductor_BroadLine1.631.6 / 16-Jan-181.83 / 21-Dec-172287 KView Other Patterns
Shougang Concord Technology Holdings Ltd521Semiconductor_BroadLine0.3650.36 / 22-Dec-170.41 / 02-Jan-1813979 KView Other Patterns
Denox Environmental & Technology Holdings Ltd1452IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.4450.385 / 21-Dec-170.5 / 17-Jan-18221 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Rui Kang Pharmaceutical Group Investments Ltd8037DrugRelatedProducts1.860.92 / 27-Dec-172.09 / 15-Jan-181554 KView Other Patterns
Southeast Asia Properties & Finance Ltd252RealEstateDevelopment4.24.2 / 19-Jan-184.72 / 10-Jan-18909View Other Patterns
Kai Shi China Holdings Company Ltd1281RealEstateDevelopment2.182.04 / 29-Dec-172.45 / 21-Dec-17132 KView Other Patterns
China Rundong Auto Group Ltd1365TrucksAndOtherVehicles3.223.04 / 17-Jan-183.62 / 02-Jan-18244 KView Other Patterns
Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd2007RealEstateDevelopment17.0412.64 / 21-Dec-1719.16 / 11-Jan-1892296 KView Other Patterns
Cowell e Holdings Inc1415InvestmentBrokerage_National2.572.51 / 27-Dec-172.89 / 03-Jan-184639 KView Other Patterns
China Tontine Wines Group Ltd389TobaccoProducts_Other0.1280.113 / 28-Dec-170.144 / 05-Jan-181917 KView Other Patterns
Pacific Plywood Holdings Ltd767PersonalServices0.360.35 / 18-Jan-180.405 / 05-Jan-182133 KView Other Patterns
China All Access (Holdings) Ltd633InformationTechnologyServices2.481.94 / 21-Dec-172.79 / 10-Jan-181546 KView Other Patterns
IMAX China Holding Inc1970Publishing_Periodicals23.222.1 / 17-Jan-1826.1 / 03-Jan-18515 KView Other Patterns
Heng Fai Enterprises Ltd185InvestmentBrokerage_National0.280.265 / 19-Jan-180.315 / 10-Jan-18851 KView Other Patterns
Cinderella Media Group Ltd550Publishing_Periodicals2.321.71 / 20-Dec-172.61 / 09-Jan-18372 KView Other Patterns
OTO Holdings Ltd6880HealthCarePlans1.681.25 / 02-Jan-181.89 / 29-Dec-17297 KView Other Patterns
Hypebeast Ltd8359InformationTechnologyServices0.320.285 / 09-Jan-180.36 / 22-Dec-174556 KView Other Patterns
Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co Ltd3898IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents47.4545.9 / 18-Jan-1853.4 / 27-Dec-174159 KView Other Patterns
Varitronix International Ltd710Semiconductor_BroadLine5.174.68 / 20-Dec-175.82 / 12-Jan-181760 KView Other Patterns
Binhai Investment Co Ltd2886WaterUtilities1.591.55 / 20-Dec-171.79 / 02-Jan-18278 KView Other Patterns
China Polymetallic Mining Ltd2133IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals0.1190.11 / 22-Dec-170.134 / 11-Jan-183504 KView Other Patterns
Season Pacific Holdings Ltd8127ApparelStores0.4350.3 / 21-Dec-170.49 / 16-Jan-184060 KView Other Patterns
Ausupreme International Holdings Ltd2031Beverages_SoftDrinks0.3950.375 / 18-Jan-180.445 / 09-Jan-18409 KView Other Patterns
APT Satellite Holdings Ltd1045TelecomServices_Domestic3.713.32 / 20-Dec-174.18 / 09-Jan-18579 KView Other Patterns
Mascotte Holdings Ltd136PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies0.3550.335 / 21-Dec-170.4 / 09-Jan-18358 MView Other Patterns
Hidili Industry International Development Ltd1393SteelAndIron0.3150.213 / 27-Dec-170.355 / 10-Jan-183782 KView Other Patterns
Proview International Holdings Ltd334ComputerBasedSystems1.021.01 / 19-Jan-181.15 / 04-Jan-183416 KView Other Patterns
Elegance Optical International Holdings ltd907DepartmentStores1.951.75 / 05-Jan-182.2 / 28-Dec-17824 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
Regent Pacific Group Ltd575TelecomServices_Domestic0.390.36 / 22-Dec-170.44 / 04-Jan-1820306 KView Other Patterns
China CBM Group Co Ltd8270MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.070.062 / 16-Jan-180.079 / 12-Jan-18512 KView Other Patterns
Sinocom Software Group Ltd299InformationTechnologyServices0.70.032 / 09-Jan-180.79 / 11-Jan-183351 KView Other Patterns
Hong Kong Finance Group Ltd1273InvestmentBrokerage_National0.7620.77 / 19-Jan-180.86 / 03-Jan-1871000View Other Patterns
Asia Resources Holdings Ltd899Trucking0.1010.1 / 18-Jan-180.114 / 20-Dec-172155 KView Other Patterns
Shanghai Industrial Urban Development Group Ltd563Trucking2.021.75 / 20-Dec-172.28 / 10-Jan-1820231 KView Other Patterns
Integrated Waste Solutions Group Holdings Ltd923Lumber_WoodProduction0.1320.122 / 16-Jan-180.149 / 21-Dec-17939 KView Other Patterns
AID Partners Capital Holdings Ltd8088InformationTechnologyServices0.0310.028 / 21-Dec-170.035 / 19-Jan-183860 KView Other Patterns
South East Group Ltd726Appliances0.2090.202 / 17-Jan-180.236 / 03-Jan-183129 KView Other Patterns
Newtree Group Holdings Ltd1323DepartmentStores0.4250.415 / 19-Jan-180.48 / 20-Dec-176542 KView Other Patterns
BaWang International (Group) Holdings Ltd1338DepartmentStores0.270.19 / 27-Dec-170.305 / 20-Dec-1711205 KView Other Patterns
Fittec International Group Ltd2662Semiconductor_BroadLine5.865.65 / 18-Jan-186.62 / 20-Dec-17994 KView Other Patterns
Southgobi Resources Ltd1878SteelAndIron1.311.23 / 20-Dec-171.48 / 11-Jan-18239 KView Other Patterns
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.2238TrucksAndOtherVehicles17.5817.18 / 20-Dec-1719.88 / 03-Jan-1821347 KView Other Patterns
China Smartpay Group Holdings Ltd8325InvestmentBrokerage_National1.071.02 / 19-Jan-181.21 / 21-Dec-171157 KView Other Patterns
Yueshou Environmental Holdings Ltd1191InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1680.159 / 18-Jan-180.19 / 02-Jan-189129 KView Other Patterns
Wang On Group Ltd1222PersonalServices0.1220.118 / 27-Dec-170.138 / 03-Jan-1835011 KView Other Patterns
Chaoyue Group Ltd147Publishing_Periodicals0.4950.42 / 02-Jan-180.56 / 09-Jan-181322 KView Other Patterns
iOne Holdings Ltd982Publishing_Periodicals0.1750.172 / 19-Jan-180.198 / 22-Dec-172011 KView Other Patterns
Celebrate International Holdings Ltd8212DrugRelatedProducts0.190.17 / 22-Dec-170.215 / 12-Jan-182144 KView Other Patterns
Rosan Resources Holdings Ltd578ApparelStores0.1520.149 / 16-Jan-180.172 / 09-Jan-18227 KView Other Patterns
Huabao International Holdings Ltd336InformationTechnologyServices5.694.66 / 21-Dec-176.44 / 11-Jan-185310 KView Other Patterns
Pearl Oriental Oil Ltd632InvestmentBrokerage_National0.2650.237 / 27-Dec-170.3 / 16-Jan-184862 KView Other Patterns
Wai Chi Holdings Company Ltd1305Semiconductor_BroadLine1.211.2 / 19-Jan-181.37 / 17-Jan-1887590View Other Patterns
Addchance Holdings Ltd3344ApparelStores0.340.33 / 19-Jan-180.385 / 22-Dec-1713727 KView Other Patterns
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PriceOne Month Low/ DateOne Month High/ dateAverage Volume (K)Other patterns
China Resources Enterprise Ltd291Beverages_SoftDrinks30.9525.85 / 20-Dec-1735.05 / 15-Jan-188574 KView Other Patterns
HC International Inc2280TelecomServices_Domestic5.355.2 / 20-Dec-176.06 / 05-Jan-182153 KView Other Patterns
Techtronic Industries Co Ltd669Appliances50.046.4 / 20-Dec-1756.65 / 09-Jan-184122 KView Other Patterns
Qunxing Paper Holdings Co Ltd3868Lumber_WoodProduction2.0181.817 / 19-Jan-182.287 / 19-Jan-180View Other Patterns
Wai Chun Group Holdings Ltd1013Appliances0.0450.043 / 18-Jan-180.051 / 05-Jan-185804 KView Other Patterns
Wanda Hotel Development Co Ltd169GeneralBuildingMaterials1.351.28 / 15-Jan-181.53 / 17-Jan-183164 KView Other Patterns
Chaowei Power Holdings Ltd951Appliances4.353.66 / 21-Dec-174.93 / 29-Dec-177582 KView Other Patterns
Ground Properties Co Ltd989TelecomServices_Domestic1.81.73 / 17-Jan-182.04 / 03-Jan-181823 KView Other Patterns
Grand T G Gold Holdings Ltd8299ComputerBasedSystems0.0150.014 / 19-Jan-180.017 / 02-Jan-1826772 KView Other Patterns
China Wood Optimization (Holding) Ltd8099Lumber_WoodProduction2.021.91 / 27-Dec-172.29 / 09-Jan-182102 KView Other Patterns
China Wood Optimization (Holding) Ltd1885Lumber_WoodProduction2.021.91 / 27-Dec-172.29 / 09-Jan-182102 KView Other Patterns
Beijing Capital International Airport Co Ltd694Trucking11.8211.5 / 12-Jan-1813.4 / 08-Jan-1818375 KView Other Patterns
China Dynamics (Holdings) Ltd476InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1570.147 / 12-Jan-180.178 / 22-Dec-172238 KView Other Patterns
Asia Energy Logistics Group Ltd351Semiconductor_BroadLine0.1420.138 / 16-Jan-180.161 / 29-Dec-171678 KView Other Patterns
Nanfang Communication Holdings Ltd1617IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals5.04.62 / 27-Dec-175.67 / 03-Jan-181832 KView Other Patterns
Samsonite International S.A1910ApparelStores33.9533.8 / 18-Jan-1838.5 / 20-Dec-172981 KView Other Patterns
China U-Ton Holdings Ltd6168TelecomServices_Domestic0.970.94 / 20-Dec-171.1 / 29-Dec-172417 KView Other Patterns
Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan High Technology Corporation Ltd8301Semiconductor_BroadLine0.970.82 / 20-Dec-171.1 / 08-Jan-182004 KView Other Patterns
Amber Energy Ltd90MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.970.94 / 18-Jan-181.1 / 02-Jan-18244 KView Other Patterns
Noble Century Investment Holdings Ltd2322GeneralBuildingMaterials0.670.66 / 18-Jan-180.76 / 03-Jan-18501 KView Other Patterns
China Haisheng Juice Holdings Co Ltd359