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Volume Shockers of Hong Kong Stocks

NameSymbolSectorCurrent PricePrevious PriceAverage Volume (in thousands)Todays Volume (in thousands)% Jump
Value Tw ETF Shs Exchange-Traded Fund TWN3060InvestmentBrokerage_National42.541.752118334001476.96
GreaterChina Professional Services Ltd8193PersonalServices0.0460.04116254 K181 M1017.59
E Fd CSI 100 A Shs Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-83100InvestmentBrokerage_National40.8540.15791883000948.24
Sino Media Holdings Ltd623Publishing_Periodicals1.921.72705 K6205 K779.92
Value China ETF Units3046InvestmentBrokerage_National48.047.145727401 K777.38
Infinity Financial Group (Holdings) Ltd1152ApparelStores0.3150.325997 K7220 K624.10
Harvest Cn A 50 Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-83136InvestmentBrokerage_National14.7814.1212908600566.67
Jiangsu NandaSoft Technology Co Ltd8045ComputerBasedSystems0.1980.19893272606 K549.71
Tan Chong International Ltd693TrucksAndOtherVehicles2.62.6323727150 K532.19
Directel Holdings Ltd8337TelecomServices_Domestic0.040.05121 K740 K507.46
Kenford Group Holdings Ltd464Appliances1.671.56240 K1372 K469.92
Harvest Cn A 50 Shs Exchange Traded Funds -HKD Counter-3136InvestmentBrokerage_National18.3618.28289016400467.47
China Uptown Group Co Ltd2330Appliances0.2280.23551090264 K416.74
MediNet Group Ltd8161HealthCarePlans0.0740.075559 K2880 K414.70
Modern Media Holdings Ltd72Publishing_Periodicals0.60.6233909174 K413.14
Tiangong International Co Ltd826SteelAndIron1.391.389236 K43406 K369.93
SiS Mobile Holdings Ltd1362Semiconductor_BroadLine1.551.4940545188 K363.68
dbxt MSCI THAI Shs -2C- Capitalisation3092InvestmentBrokerage_National217.4216.4280312350340.60
U-Home Group Holdings Ltd2327DrugRelatedProducts0.3850.331342 K5886 K338.28
King Stone Energy Group Ltd663DrugRelatedProducts0.180.1681992 K8602 K331.75
1010 Printing Group Ltd1127Publishing_Periodicals1.361.35136 K564 K311.70
Lee Hing Development Ltd68InvestmentBrokerage_National6.06.0368115000307.50
Winto Group (Holdings) Ltd8238Publishing_Periodicals0.0890.0836877 K145 M295.02
Mir As CSI 300 Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter-83127InvestmentBrokerage_National13.5213.32384515000290.12
Legend Strategy International Holdings Group Company Ltd1355ResortsAndCasinos0.810.86251 K958 K280.98
dbxt MSCI TAIW Shs -1C- Capitalisation3036InvestmentBrokerage_National228.8223.023348875280.25
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PricePrevious PriceAverage Volume (in thousands)Todays Volume (in thousands)% Jump
Hoifu Energy Group Ltd7MoneyCenterBanks1.170.98869 K3260 K275.02
Mir As CSI 300 Shs Exchange Traded Fund -HKD Counter-3127InvestmentBrokerage_National16.7416.46492718400273.45
China Aluminum Cans Holdings Ltd6898Aluminum1.061.0672272266 K268.05
Sino Golf Holdings Ltd361DepartmentStores0.260.271780 K6500 K265.17
Junefield Department Store Group Ltd758GeneralBuildingMaterials0.2320.212187 K632 K237.48
SPDR FTSE GC Trust Units3073InvestmentBrokerage_National43.5542.4916329400220.86
K. H. Group Holdings Ltd1557GeneralBuildingMaterials1.681.611001 K3152 K214.60
E Fund Citi Cn Exchange Traded Fund -CNY Counter-82808InvestmentBrokerage_National106.45106.8548150212.50
Melbourne Enterprises Ltd158RealEstateDevelopment187.0184.010003000200.00
WLS Holdings Ltd8379GeneralBuildingMaterials0.360.3623683 K70410 K197.29
Wuyi International Pharmaceutical Co Ltd1889DrugRelatedProducts0.250.2491886 K5385 K185.44
China Bio Cassava Holdings Ltd8129Appliances0.030.039087 K25120 K176.44
Fulum Group Holdings Ltd1443ResortsAndCasinos0.930.91451 K1242 K175.11
Magnum Entertainment Group Holdings Ltd2080ResortsAndCasinos1.711.77363 K964 K165.50
HSI Exchange Traded Units2833InvestmentBrokerage_National31.631.05499 K1299 K160.26
Nanjing Sample Technology Co Ltd1708Semiconductor_BroadLine23.822.843818113 K157.88
Besunyen Holdings Co Ltd926DepartmentStores0.510.53000 K7445 K148.10
ETS Group Ltd8031TelecomServices_Domestic0.840.873690990000143.84
Wai Chun Mining Industry Group Co Ltd660ApparelStores0.0670.06312842 K31280 K143.57
China Flavors and fragrances company Ltd3318DrugRelatedProducts1.811.76160 K389 K142.94
China CBM Group Co Ltd8270MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.070.068497 K1200 K141.36
Shun Cheong Holdings Ltd650Appliances1.351.261057 K2418 K128.68
Neo Telemedia Ltd8167ResortsAndCasinos0.1610.193499 K7896 K125.65
Cypress Jade Agricultural Holdings Ltd875Beverages_SoftDrinks0.030.02915679 K35060 K123.60


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