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Volume Shockers of Hong Kong Stocks

NameSymbolSectorCurrent PricePrevious PriceAverage Volume (in thousands)Todays Volume (in thousands)% Jump
Champion Technology Holdings Limited 92 TelecomServices_Domestic0.0750.072118 M1983 M 1579.27
World Houseware (Holdings) Ltd 713 DepartmentStores0.780.661917 K30232 K 1476.84
Value Tw ETF Shs Exchange-Traded Fund TWN 3060 InvestmentBrokerage_National40.5540.35508400 1427.27
Tern Properties Co Ltd 277 RealEstateDevelopment4.64.6245426000 959.49
CSOP Cn Ult ST Shs Exchange-Traded Fund -HKD Counter- 3122 InvestmentBrokerage_National173.8171.315150 900.00
Hailan Holdings Ltd 2278 GeneralBuildingMaterials3.963.964094000 878.00
Century Sage Scientific Holdings Ltd 1450 InformationTechnologyServices0.480.41561 K5186 K 823.67
Code Agriculture (Holdings) Ltd 8153 Appliances0.2220.212594 K23230 K 795.24
Chinese Food and Beverage Group Ltd 8272 ApparelStores0.020.02325882 K230 M 791.34
Ground Properties Co Ltd 989 TelecomServices_Domestic1.781.781239 K10440 K 742.46
NetDragon Websoft Inc 777 InformationTechnologyServices22.8520.851007 K8470 K 740.71
China Ruifeng Renewable Energy Holdings Ltd 527 Semiconductor_BroadLine0.70.71084 K8816 K 713.07
Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Holdings Ltd 897 ApparelStores0.380.353307 K25917 K 683.61
CHTC Fong's Industries Co Ltd 641 IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.182.11211 K1644 K 678.48
China Financial Leasing Group Ltd 2312 InvestmentBrokerage_National0.1170.123838 K28500 K 642.43
South China Financial Holdings Ltd 619 TelecomServices_Domestic0.0590.05535335 K252 M 613.39
dbxt MSCI TAIW Shs -1C- Capitalisation 3036 InvestmentBrokerage_National215.0214.6140975 596.43
RoadShow Holdings Ltd 888 TrucksAndOtherVehicles0.960.892324 K16088 K 592.14
Ju Teng International Holdings Ltd 3336 Appliances2.963.163250 K21682 K 566.96
VST Holdings Ltd 856 InformationTechnologyServices2.12.02677 K4491 K 562.53
Yusei Holdings Ltd 96 Appliances2.42.447727316 K 562.10
Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd 2008 TelecomServices_Domestic1.181.13502 K3112 K 519.25
Besunyen Holdings Co Ltd 926 DepartmentStores0.630.581330 K8187 K 515.56
CW Group Holdings Ltd 1322 IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.351.32454 K2772 K 510.04
Jinhui Holdings Company Ltd 137 Trucking1.131.0141727252 K 503.93
CPMC Holdings Ltd 906 Beverages_SoftDrinks3.93.721549 K9247 K 496.87
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PricePrevious PriceAverage Volume (in thousands)Todays Volume (in thousands)% Jump
Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Ltd 737 Trucking4.674.782248 K13262 K 489.94
Xingye Copper International Group Ltd 505 Gold0.80.79864 K5042 K 483.24
China Lilang Ltd 1234 ApparelStores5.85.34907 K5101 K 461.84
Finet Group Ltd 8317 InformationTechnologyServices0.750.76188 K1052 K 459.31
Excel Development (Holdings) Ltd 1372 GeneralBuildingMaterials7.27.284058470 K 459.14
CSOP Cn Ult ST Shs Exchange-Traded Fund -CNY Counter- 83122 InvestmentBrokerage_National148.45148.35950 455.56
Odella Leather Holdings Ltd 8093 ApparelStores1.982.0388 K2150 K 453.87
Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Ltd 80737 Trucking3.984.0249886276 K 453.26
MIE Holdings Corp 1555 MajorIntegratedOilAndGas0.710.682762 K15144 K 448.28
Kong Shum Union Property Management (Holding) Ltd 8181 PersonalServices0.1810.184564 K24760 K 442.46
Wai Chun Mining Industry Group Co Ltd 660 ApparelStores0.080.08222437 K120 M 436.20
First Mobile Group Holdings Ltd 865 TelecomServices_Domestic0.1560.1541396 K7446 K 433.04
Wai Chun Group Holdings Ltd 1013 Appliances0.040.03720148 K106 M 427.58
Singamas Container Holdings Ltd 716 IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.561.3910884 K56870 K 422.47
Far East Holdings International Ltd 36 ComputerBasedSystems0.620.66510 K2667 K 421.98
HSBC China Drag Units 820 InvestmentBrokerage_National9.9710.02214 K1104 K 414.63
I.T Limited 999 DepartmentStores4.213.95538 K2770 K 414.41
Hua Lien International (Holding) Co Ltd 969 DepartmentStores0.1310.136348 K1748 K 402.17
Wison Engineering Services Co Ltd 2236 IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.00.95603 K3002 K 397.36
China Sandi Holdings Ltd 910 ApparelStores0.270.26635 K3076 K 384.05
Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Company Ltd 1385 Appliances5.184.98163 K782 K 378.39
Asia Financial Holdings Ltd 662 MoneyCenterBanks4.424.358166276 K 374.50
Mascotte Holdings Ltd 136 PhotographicEquipmentAndSupplies0.1180.109123 M582 M 372.93
Luoyang Glass Company Ltd 1108 GeneralBuildingMaterials4.564.251167 K5358 K 358.77

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