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Volume Shockers of Hong Kong Stocks

NameSymbolSectorCurrent PricePrevious PriceAverage Volume (in thousands)Todays Volume (in thousands)% Jump
Lee Hing Development Ltd 68 InvestmentBrokerage_National5.835.8451000 2122.22
Zhejiang Prospect Co Ltd 8273 TrucksAndOtherVehicles1.531.715818272 K 1619.56
Carnival Group International Holdings Ltd 996 DepartmentStores0.710.7151256 K875 M 1607.12
Bauhaus International (Holdings) Ltd 483 DepartmentStores1.761.34727271172 K 1511.51
Madison Wine Holdings Ltd 8057 TobaccoProducts_Other2.011.911660 K22792 K 1272.65
Huishang Bank Corporation Ltd 3698 MoneyCenterBanks3.763.72302 K28636 K 1143.94
Hengshi Mining Investments Ltd 1370 SteelAndIron2.272.181913 K22143 K 1057.01
China Polymetallic Mining Ltd 2133 IndustrialMetalsAndMinerals0.30.2953583 K41035 K 1045.14
CCID Consulting Co Ltd 8235 InformationTechnologyServices0.310.36583636900 K 976.09
dbxt MSCI SING Shs -2C- Capitalisation 3065 InvestmentBrokerage_National9.9810.048408000 852.38
dbxt CSI300 MAT Shs -1D- Distribution 3062 InvestmentBrokerage_National4.024.04192218000 836.52
Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Holdings Company Ltd 6189 GeneralBuildingMaterials5.115.0818590168 K 803.71
Tristate Holdings Ltd 458 ApparelStores1.71.5616636143 K 762.59
Telecom Service One Holdings Ltd 8145 Semiconductor_BroadLine2.01.9176363626 K 719.77
China Information Technology Development Ltd 8178 InformationTechnologyServices0.140.1296081 K48216 K 692.86
Hong Kong Jewellery Holding Ltd 8048 Appliances0.1130.13856727446 K 686.22
Tai Ping Carpets International Ltd 146 IndustrialEquipmentAndComponents2.292.1618909147 K 677.41
China Uptown Group Co Ltd 2330 Appliances0.2550.2626727204 K 663.27
HSI Exchange Traded Units 2833 InvestmentBrokerage_National260.8260.644073318 K 621.76
Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Holdings Ltd 897 ApparelStores0.3950.3751758 K12674 K 620.89
Zhong Fa Zhan Holdings Ltd 475 ApparelStores1.131.06266 K1914 K 618.32
Powerleader Science & Technology Group Ltd 8236 InformationTechnologyServices2.862.9517000122 K 617.65
Jinmao Investments and Jinmao (China) Investments Holdings Ltd 6139 RealEstateDevelopment4.03.99435 K3097 K 610.80
Beautiful China Holdings Co Ltd 706 ComputerBasedSystems0.1020.1031611 K11100 K 588.86
Modern Media Holdings Ltd 72 Publishing_Periodicals1.071.0717272118 K 583.19
Far East Hotels & Entertainment Ltd 37 ResortsAndCasinos0.520.472137 K14584 K 582.22
NameSymbolSectorCurrent PricePrevious PriceAverage Volume (in thousands)Todays Volume (in thousands)% Jump
Tsaker Chemical Group Ltd 1986 Chemicals_MajorDiversified3.155.87903 K5971 K 561.12
Tai Kam Holdings Ltd 8321 GeneralBuildingMaterials7.88.08142 K940 K 560.71
On Real International Holdings Ltd 8245 Semiconductor_BroadLine0.2390.30525951 K170 M 558.36
ArtGo Mining Holdings Ltd 3313 SteelAndIron1.01.041180 K7523 K 537.30
Nameson Holdings Ltd 1982 ApparelStores1.491.61885 K11744 K 522.90
Kinetic Mines and Energy Ltd 1277 SteelAndIron0.3050.3502 K3112 K 519.47
Golden Wheel Tiandi Holdings Co Ltd 1232 GeneralBuildingMaterials0.630.59542 K3340 K 515.62
Allied Properties (HK) Ltd 56 RealEstateDevelopment1.751.71367 K8370 K 512.22
China Properties Group Ltd 1838 GeneralBuildingMaterials1.871.76342 K2096 K 511.81
Tan Chong International Ltd 693 TrucksAndOtherVehicles2.422.4243227258 K 496.85
China Automation Group Ltd 569 InformationTechnologyServices1.191.16182 K1064 K 481.93
Tiangong International Co Ltd 826 SteelAndIron0.680.681891 K11000 K 481.42
China Bio Cassava Holdings Ltd 8129 Appliances0.1010.116869 K95620 K 466.83
Brilliance Worldwide Holdings Ltd 8312 ApparelStores0.930.92141 K800 K 465.92
Glory Land Co Ltd (Guorui Properties Ltd) 2329 RealEstateDevelopment2.432.43635 K3570 K 461.62
Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Ltd 116 DepartmentStores19.0219.22434 K2400 K 452.63
NIRAKU GC HOLDINGS INC. 1245 PersonalServices1.11.041705 K9216 K 440.47
CMMB Vision Holdings Ltd 471 BusinessServices0.360.3556730 K36341 K 439.92
AMS Public Transport Holdings Ltd 77 Trucking1.511.5148368258 K 433.41
Asiaray Media Group Ltd 1993 Publishing_Periodicals2.672.6727613146 K 428.74
DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Co Ltd 6889 PersonalServices14.5212.8682 K3605 K 428.23
Sino Resources Group Ltd 223 PersonalServices0.2080.2056543 K34440 K 426.30
Inno-Tech Holdings Ltd 8202 InformationTechnologyServices0.630.633281 K17260 K 425.97
BMO HK BK ETF Shs Exchange Traded Fund 3143 InvestmentBrokerage_National8.348.35578130200 422.40

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