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3 Day Above 13 day EMA3 Day Below 13 day EMA5 Day Above 20 day EMA
5 Day Below 20 day EMA13 Day Above 34 day EMA13 Day Below 34 day EMA
15 Day Abv 50 DayEMA15 Day below 50 Day EMA20 Day Above 50 day EMA
20 Day Below 50 day EMA15 Day Above 100 day EMA15 Day Below 100 day EMA
50 Day Above 100 Day EMA50 Day Below 100 Day EMA50 Day Above 200 Day EMA

Screening of 50 days EMA crossing below 200 day EMA in Hong Kong Stock Exchange

NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
Cabbeen Fashion Ltd2030View In ChartsApparelStores2.1911822-Jan-18
Varitronix International Ltd710View In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine3.76119016-May-17
China Coal Energy Co Ltd1898View In ChartsSteelAndIron3.6411329-Jan-18
Henderson Investment Ltd97View In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment0.6611919-Jan-18
Ground Properties Co Ltd989View In ChartsTelecomServices_Domestic1.69138626-Jul-16
Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Ltd306View In ChartsTrucking4.38121307-Apr-17
Qinhuangdao Port Co Ltd3369View In ChartsTrucking2.3119311-May-17
Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd460View In ChartsDrugRelatedProducts2.7712018-Jan-18
Jacobson Pharma Corporation Ltd2633View In ChartsDrugRelatedProducts1.871345NA
Meitu, Inc1357View In ChartsInformationTechnologyServices9.972285NA
Chongqing Iron & Steel Co Ltd1053View In ChartsSteelAndIron1.5524411-Dec-17
China Hanking Holdings Ltd3788View In ChartsSteelAndIron1.0126807-Nov-17
CITIC Ltd267View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National11.1421326-Jan-18
KVB Kunlun Financial Group Ltd8077View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.5229921-Sep-17
China Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd606View In ChartsMeatProducts3.421722-Jan-18
Bank of Zhengzhou Co Ltd6196View In ChartsMoneyCenterBanks4.483801-Feb-18
Shinhint Acoustic Link Hldgs Ltd2728View In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.6933521-Dec-17
Solomon Systech (International) Ltd2878View In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.3437101-Nov-17
Asia Energy Logistics Group Ltd351View In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.14320713-Apr-17
China All Access (Holdings) Ltd633View In ChartsInformationTechnologyServices2.2931622-Jan-18
Pizu Group Holdings Ltd8053View In ChartsInformationTechnologyServices0.45334323-Sep-16
Winsway Enterprises Holdings Ltd1733View In ChartsSteelAndIron0.8331424-Jan-18
CT Environmental Group Ltd1363View In ChartsWasteManagement1.4131030-Jan-18
MTR Corp Ltd66View In ChartsTrucking40.9324222-Feb-17
Xingye Copper International Group Ltd505View In ChartsGold0.7638710-Oct-17
Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co Ltd2607View In ChartsDrugRelatedProducts19.7632608-Jan-18
NameSymbolView In ChartsSectorCurrent PriceCrossover For DaysGap Between COPrevious CO Date
PYI Corporation Ltd498View In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials0.152310708-Sep-17
CHTC Fong's Industries Co Ltd641View In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents1.84324024-Feb-17
Capxon International Electronic Company Ltd469View In ChartsAppliances0.3931523-Jan-18
China Yurun Food Group Ltd1068View In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks1.013702-Feb-18
Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd1089View In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks1.623492NA
Regal Hotels International Holdings Ltd78View In ChartsResortsAndCasinos4.97335605-Sep-16
China Reinsurance (Group) Corp.1508View In ChartsPropertyAndCasualtyInsurance1.7731129-Jan-18
The Bank of East Asia23View In ChartsMoneyCenterBanks32.85442131-May-16
SiS Mobile Holdings Ltd1362View In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine1.5541324-Jan-18
Shougang Concord Technology Holdings Ltd521View In ChartsSemiconductor_BroadLine0.30549820-Sep-17
Xinming China Holdings Ltd2699View In ChartsRealEstateDevelopment1.1419209-May-17
Shun Ho Technology Holdings Ltd219View In ChartsTelecomServices_Domestic2.8244704-Dec-17
Jinhui Holdings Company Ltd137View In ChartsTrucking1.0342508-Jan-18
China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Ltd3969View In ChartsTrucking6.042310-Jan-18
Dickson Concepts (International) Ltd113View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National2.84436916-Aug-16
Tanrich Financial Holdings Ltd812View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National0.2542803-Jan-18
GF Securities Co Ltd1776View In ChartsInvestmentBrokerage_National15.2241126-Jan-18
Qingling Motors Co Ltd1122View In ChartsTrucksAndOtherVehicles2.554831-Jan-18
Colour Life Services Group Co Ltd1778View In ChartsGeneralBuildingMaterials4.5542409-Jan-18
Ka Shui International Holdings Ltd822View In ChartsIndustrialEquipmentAndComponents0.4647723-Oct-17
MOBI Development Co Ltd947View In ChartsComputerBasedSystems1.17410412-Sep-17
Hop Hing Group Holdings Ltd47View In ChartsBeverages_SoftDrinks0.199433928-Sep-16
Datang International Power Generation Co Ltd991View In ChartsWaterUtilities2.334930-Jan-18


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