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Bearish Engulfing FormationBearish Harami Formation Dark Cloud cover Formation
Three Dark CrowsThree Outside DownThree Inside Down
Evening Doji StarAbandoned Baby BearishBearish GapDown Formation

Report on Hong Kong Stocks with Evening Star Formation

NameSymbolCurrent PricePattern DateIn UptrendDown TrendVolume JumpVolume Fall
Manulife Financial Corp 945136.823/02/2017falsefalsefalsetrue
Power Assets Holdings Ltd 667.1514/02/2017truefalsefalsefalse
Swire Pacific Ltd 1978.116/01/2017truefalsefalsetrue
Power Assets Holdings Ltd 667.1512/01/2017truefalsefalsefalse
China Motor Bus Co Ltd 26109.508/11/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
VTech Holdings Ltd 30392.602/11/2016truefalsefalsetrue
dbxt MSCI USA Shs -1C- Capitalisation 3020479.430/09/2016truefalsetruefalse
HS FCI50 ETF Units 2838174.319/08/2016truefalsetruefalse
Standard Chartered PLC 288872.318/07/2016truefalsefalsetrue
Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd 196.3508/07/2016falsefalsefalsefalse
HS FCI50 ETF Units 2838174.324/06/2016falsefalsetruefalse
HS FCI50 ETF Units 2838174.322/03/2016truefalsetruefalse
HSI Exchange Traded Units 2833249.026/01/2016falsefalsefalsetrue
CSOP Cn5Y Tr Bd Shs Exchange Traded Funds -CNY Counter- 83199104.723/12/2015truefalsefalsefalse
China Mobile Limited 94186.403/12/2015falsefalsefalsetrue
Manulife Financial Corp 945136.827/10/2015truefalsefalsetrue
SPDR Gold Trust Shs ETF 2840924.029/09/2015truefalsetruefalse
CLP Holdings Ltd 281.3523/09/2015falsefalsefalsefalse
dbxt MSCI MALAY Shs -2C- Capitalisation 308287.121/09/2015truefalsetruefalse
Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd 103861.5519/08/2015falsefalsefalsefalse
dbxt MSCI INDO Shs -2C- Capitalisation 3099112.107/08/2015falsefalsefalsetrue
Tencent Holdings Ltd 700228.030/04/2015truefalsefalsefalse
dbxt MSCI KOREA Shs -1C- Capitalisation 2848507.526/03/2015truefalsefalsetrue

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