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Stocks Nearing SupportStocks Nearing ResistanceStock Broke Resistance
Crossed Above Central LineCrossed Below Central LineNarrowing Bollinger Band
Break Out of Narrow RangeStocks Nearing Weekly SupportStocks Nearing Weekly Resistance
Stock Broke Weekly ResistanceStock Broke Weekly SupportCrossed Above Weekly Central Line
Crossed Below Weekly Central LineNarrowing Weekly Bollinger BandWeekly Break Out of Narrow Range
Stocks Nearing Monthly SupportStocks Nearing ResistanceStock Broke Monthly Resistance
Stock Broke Monthly SupportCrossed Above Monthly Central LineCrossed Below Monthly Central Line
Narrowing Monthly Bollinger BandMonthly Break Out of Narrow Range 

Technical Analysis - Breakout By Bollinger Bands Support- Hong Kong Stocks

NameSymbolCurrent PriceLower BandUpper BandMiddle BandBelow Lower Band for daysView In ChartOther Recent Patterns
EFT Solutions Holdings Ltd80620.40.00.4630.525961.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
New City Development Group Ltd4560.30.00.31550.3264091.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Tan Chong International Ltd6932.63.02.6342.663931.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
China Uptown Group Co Ltd23300.2280.00.23530.2413031.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Ningbo WanHao Holdings Company Ltd82490.2250.00.242850.2594671.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Yantai North Andre Juice Co Ltd22183.94.03.9744.047591.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Neo Telemedia Ltd81670.1610.00.19390.2150651.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Win Hanverky Holdings Ltd33220.81.00.97851.101352.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Zhong Fa Zhan Holdings Ltd4750.991.01.1131.229982.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
AMS Public Transport Holdings Ltd771.31.01.33751.374312.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Ltd1180.4650.00.497750.5264682.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Binhai Investment Co Ltd28861.522.01.56851.609622.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Infinity Financial Group (Holdings) Ltd11520.3150.00.42350.5207683.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
Changmao Biochemical Engineering Co Ltd9540.81.00.8470.8922113.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
dbxt FTSE C50 Shs -1C- Capitalisation3007332.0323.0350.14377.7013.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
MediNet Group Ltd81610.0740.00.085550.09667614.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..
abc Multiactive Ltd81310.180.00.196550.2129874.0View In ChartsMore Patterns..

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