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ADX Screener - A trend Stength Indicator in Hong Kong Stock Exchange

ADX Bullish Divergence- Long term

Name / Symbol Current Price / ADX View In Chart Other Patterns
Zhejiang Shibao Company Limited / 1057 9.0/ 27.48View in ChartsOther Patterns
China WindPower Group Ltd / 182 0.395/ 20.07View in ChartsOther Patterns
ENN Energy Holdings Ltd / 2688 37.3/ 34.81View in ChartsOther Patterns

Very Strong Trending Stocks By Weekly ADX Indicator

Name / Symbol Current Price / ADX View In Chart Other Patterns
Starbucks Corp / 4337 58.0/ 99.80View in ChartsOther Patterns
WLS Holdings Ltd / 8379 0.0/ 99.36View in ChartsOther Patterns
Amgen Inc / 4332 444.0/ 98.24View in ChartsOther Patterns
Intel Corp / 4335 290.0/ 96.52View in ChartsOther Patterns
Heritage International Holdings / 2924 1.4/ 94.48View in ChartsOther Patterns

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